Men of Duncan Hall,

Many of you are in the midst of finals so here's all you need to know for the rest of the semester:


Christmas Break Check List
All of you should have gotten the Christmas Break Check List from your RAs. All roommates need to sign it and the last person to leave, stick it out on your door. Make sure you check out properly. The kitchen's refrigerator is available should you need to store anything.

Christmas Break Cleaning
Once again, the house keepers will enter your room to wash all sinks, mirrors (and private bathrooms if applicable). Please remove all personal belongings around the sink area. They will not move your belongings so if there's too much stuff around the sinks, they can not clean your them.

Housekeepers Appreciation
We are still collecting donations for our housekeepers in the lobby.

Winter Bike Storage
From the NDSP newsletter, they can store your bicycle in the stadium for the winter. 
Location: Bring bike to the Football stadium, new tunnel across from Legends parking lot
Dates: December 12th to December 16th, 3:30pm-7:30pm
Bikes will be released in the Spring. Contact will be made via email with release dates

Basement Storage Hours
The Staff will open the basement storage this week. If you can't make these hours, then ask someone to grab your stuff for you:
Tuesday 8pm-8:30pm
Wednesday 8pm-8:30pm
Thursday 8pm-8:30pm

Coming Back Early?
Sacred Heart Parish Center can put you up for a night or two if you have already booked your flight to return in January. ALL residence halls open on Sunday January 15th at 9AM.

Candy Making on Friday around 8PM
Fr. Mark continues his tradition of candy making in his apartment on the Friday of Finals.  Join us this Friday around 8pm for some candy making.


Study Breaks
Tuesday: Doughnut Mass and Pizzas at 10pm, brought you by Hall Council  
Wednesday: Snacks and Junk Food in the 24 at 10pm
Thursday: Study break in the 24 at 10pm
Friday: Candy making with Fr. Mark 8pm

Peace be with you gentlemen. (May the Force be with you!)

Nhat Nguyen