To All the Men of Duncan,

Happy First Day of Class! FDOC! (doesn't sound as good as LDOC but it is the FDOC.) Three Quick Items:

Hall Council
Hall Council resumes tonight at 10pm in the 24! It will be a brief hall council; nonetheless, come to be with your brothers and hear what Max and Randy have in store for the rest of their presidency. Brotherhood, Community, Respect!

Doughnut Mass
Duncan Hall Doughnut Mass resumes tonight at 9pm. All are welcome.

Hall Meeting
B-Side Hall Meeting meets tomorrow at 10pm. We moved it from 9:30pm to 10pm to avoid potential conflict with the ND vs FSU basketball game. Go Irish! Whose who missed Monday will need to attend on Wednesday.

Highrise Tshirt Contest
Winner gets free admissions to the Highrise. To Submit, drop your designs in this folder with your name as the file name. 2017 HighriseTShirts Folder.

Please submit your designs by Sunday January 22nd. Here's some samples from last year.

That's all for this week; short and sweet!

Peace brothers,