The Green Blazer

The Green Blazers began as a Duncan Hall tradition in the winter of 2013. With only one year in the books, Tradition may seem like a strong word, especially given Notre Dame’s prowess and history in the passing on of customs. Alas, as the University’s newest Men’s dorm, one can hardly accept the most striking quality of our community to be the size and pristine condition of our bedrooms. The Green Blazer Project was initiated by Josh Whelan to oppose this association and to tangibly align itself with the already growing reputation of Duncan as a classier community that enjoys luxurious amenities and golf course view.

The Inaugural Green Blazer Ceremony was held February 21, 2013 in the Duncan Hall Main Lounge and each participating Highlander was called forth to receive their own green sport coat embroidered with the Duncan Hall Crest. The blazers were placed on each gentleman as he came forward by one of three beautiful ladies, another integral part of the tradition. The vibrant and uniform color of the Blazers unifies Highlanders one and all under the motto of Community, Brotherhood, and Respect and continues to build notoriety, spirit, and pride in a young dorm on an old campus.