Hall Staff


Duncan Hall Staff works together to ensure that Duncan Hall is a healthy, safe, and vibrant community.  


Meet the Staff

Nhat Nguyen

Nhat Nguyen is a former seminarian who graduated with a Master of Arts in Theology from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, America’s First Catholic Seminary. He spent two years discerning the diocesan priesthood with the Diocese of Richmond and has come to realize that "there’s something about Mary." He began his theological studies at Saint Mary’s and his pastoral assignments included: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Nazareth, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Anne. He could not be more affirmed to be working at a university that carries the name of Notre Dame, Our Lady. Prior to the seminary, Nhat graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from James Madison University, where he was also a Division I student-athlete on the varsity wrestling team and a three-time All-State wrestler. He became the Assistant Catholic Campus Minister at JMU after graduation, and the following year was promoted to be the Catholic Campus Minister at Roanoke College. Nhat hails from Roanoke, Virginia, where his family of nine settled in 1993 from Vietnam. 

When asked to reflect on this invitation to serve in the formation of Notre Dame undergraduate students, Nhat answered: “It’s the ‘American Story.’ Our family is a first-generation immigrant family who came to the United States in 1993, and we identified ourselves with Notre Dame because of its Catholicity, tradition, and values. To be a part of this University is my ‘American Dream.’ I believe that my passion for service and love for ministry will prepare me to meet the rigorous demands of being Rector. My many years of ministerial work have given me a genuine empathy, which enables me to connect well and personally with others, and a deep desire to be a man for others in the likeness of Christ.”

Brian Stoyell-Mulholland
Assistant Rector

Brian is a 3rd Year Mathematician in the PhD program, but don't hold that against him. Brian has lived a variety of places including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, and Washington State. He considers himself a Jersey boy cause he pumps his fist, but not his gas. Besides Notre Dame football, he is hoping for Eli Manning to take the Giants to the Super Bowl this year. He graduated in 2013 from West Chester near Philadelphia. Brian was training to become a police officer, until mathematics arrested his mind. As you might be able to tell from the previous sentence, he also likes bad puns. As an avid competitor, feel free to challenge Brian to any board game or sport. Brian also wishes to bring back the Glory Days of NBC Thursday Nights, meaning Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock.



Dom Dascoli
Assistant Rector

Dom is a first year MBA candidate in the Mendoza College of Business. After completing his undergrad at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dom took a job with Deloitte Consulting and has been traveling the country working with retail companies to improve their businesses. Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, Dom is a southern man at heart enjoying his overly biased wardrobe toward warm weather, love of ACC sports, and his egregious use of the phrase y’all. When actually getting to enjoy some time at home and not traveling, Dom loves to cook, play the guitar, and do pretty much everything possible related to being outdoors and playing sports (except soccer…just can’t figure that one out). As an avid golfer, he is extremely excited to be a part of the Duncan community, and to get to proudly wear the Highlander Green Jacket!


Fr. Mark Thesing
Priest In-Residence

Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C. Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C. is serving as the first In- Residence Priest for Duncan Hall. Formerly the Rector of Keenan Hall for six years, Fr. Mark has much experience in residential life at Notre Dame. During the day, he will work as Business Manager for the Mendoza College of Business. Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Fr. Mark has two brothers, two sisters, and thirteen nieces and nephews. He also sponsors a weekly game of poker in his room after daily Mass.



Lukas O'Donnell
Resident Assistant, 1A

Lukas Lyons O’Donnell hails from Saint Charles, Illinois, or as they say at Notre Dame, just outside of Chicago.  He is currently studying Finance and Political Science, and looks forward to being a proud member of section 1A.  For the last two years, Lukas has served as Duncan Hall’s Green Blazer Commissioner, mainly because his overall leprechaun physique looks great in green.  Outside of Duncan, he plays tuba (that’s the big shiny one) in the Band of the Fighting Irish, bassoon in the Orchestra, and is planning his wedding for next June.  Over the summer, he worked at EY in Chicago in their Risk Advisory service unit (whatever that actually means).  Much like Rudy, while God did not bestow him with natural athletic ability, He did give him an extroverted personality and a loud voice, which is just as helpful.  In his free time, Lukas loves watching classic NBC comedies, intense political and cultural debates, and eating chicken patties in the dining hall.  He also loves lending a helping hand, so if you need anything, please feel free to reach out at 630-945-7249 or lodonnel@nd.edu ! 



Frankie Wamsley
Resident Assistant, 1B

Making up part of the 15% of people in Florida who are not old, retired or financially successful, Frankie Wamsley grew up the young, studly pool boy in sunny & 75° Tampa, FL. As such, he truly feels the pain of new Duncan Highlanders coming from tropical climates (aka NOT the midwest). Indiana winter is definitely an adjustment, and there might be several instances where you ask yourself, "Why am I here?" , "Why does campus only have 1 giant snowball fight?" , "Can Reckers just deliver it to my room?!". Don't fret though, Frankie wants you to know that he is here to help get you through these dark and snowy times (probably with gallons of hot chocolate). In the legendary words of life role model and hobbit-style Rudy, Samwise Gamgee --  "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!" -- Frankie is a psych major, peace studies and business economics minor, and the proud leader of Section 1B! He spent Spring semester of his junior year studying abroad in Ireland and brought back loads of charm, wit, and wisdom from that experience. On campus, Frankie has kind of done a little bit of everything. For example, during his freshman year he DJ'ed under the alias Frankie B for WSND (Notre Dame's other radio station) at super weird hours of the night where no one listened except overnight truckers and his mom. Frankie is always down to chat or listen to music, and his door is always open. Feel free to pick his vast array of Notre Knowledge at any time either in person, via 813-731-8578, or at fwamsley@nd.edu ! The way he sees it, a section is like a bunch of Frodos setting out on an epic journey of self-discovery and fellowship...and Frankie is the Sam who will help get them there!



Emmett Wilmes
Resident Assistant, 2A

Emmett Wilmes is from Foristell, Missouri, which is about 45 minutes west of St. Louis.  He is proud to be the men of Duncan Hall, especially the fantastic men of Duncan 2A.  Emmett is a senior mechanical engineering major, who, just like his peers, spends about 75% of his free time complaining about how much work he has to do.  Emmett served as Duncan's Intrahall Athletic Commissioner his sophmore year, a true testament that he is far more athletic than Steve "The Girthquake" Treacy.  Emmett is also the President of the University of Notre Dame Club Baseball team and enjoys watching America's pastime all the time.  Emmett enjoys reading (a recent favorite is The Brothers Karamazov) and playing the sports ball.  Please feel free to contact anytime for any reason at (636)-887-6940 or at ewilmes@nd.edu.



Brian Mukhaya
Resident Assistant, 2B

Brian Mukhaya hails from the town of Kakamega on the western part of Kenya but currently resides in Jersey City, NJ or as ND people understand, a suburb of New York. He is currently a senior studying Accounting and International Development Studies and will be in charge of 2B. Brian served as Duncan Hall's Veep last year and is very excited for the new role. You can find him on any Saturday morning watching the English Premier League (Go United!), Formula 1 or the HSBS Rugby World Sevens Series. He is also an avid fan of one too many African writers and is currently trying to learn Spanish, Farsi and French using Duolingo. For the past two summers, Brian has interned at Deloitte and says the favorite part of it all was the free Wall Street Journal subscriptions and free lunch. He also does research on entrepreneurship on the side, so if you have a Facebook-like idea, he will exchange one Chipotle burrito for it. He can be reached at 201-936-3317, bmukhaya@nd.edu and in true millenial fashion on Instagram (@bobrizzy4), Twitter (@obrizzy707) and Snapchat!


Ethan Clendening
Resident Assistant, 3A

Armed with some mad chopsticks skills and a newly acquired appreciation for breathable air, Ethan Clendening will be making his highly anticipated return to South Bend this fall after a semester in Beijing and can’t wait to serve as the 3A RA! Ethan’s a Financial Economics and Chinese double major and hails from the small town of Franklin, Indiana, where “Drive Your Tractor to School Day” was an actual thing that happened in real life. Since he’s a lifelong Hoosier, he’ll be your go-to guy for any and all questions you might have as you migrate to Indiana, including: “Did I just see an Amish guy?” “Wait, there’s no In-N-Out here?” and “Where is Indiana?” (Answers: probably, nope, I think by Canada somewhere maybe idk?) Ethan spent the summer of 2015 interning at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires and this past summer out in Seattle with Microsoft—so if you give him $100 he can totally get you a free Xbox Live subscription! In his spare time he enjoys co-captaining the Duncan indoor volleyball team, playing violin in the ND symphony, watching The Americans, and cheering on the increasingly mediocre Indianapolis Colts. He’s always here to help, so if you need anything before or after arriving in the Bend, don’t hesitate to reach out at 317-474-7261 or dclenden@nd.edu!



Steve Treacy
Resident Assistant, 3B

Steve, also lovingly known by many as “Big Steve,” “The Girthquake,” or “Emmett’s More Athletic Friend,” is a Science-Business major hailing from Glastonbury, Connecticut. Coming off of a semester “studying” abroad in Dublin, Ireland, Steve is excited to come back home to Duncan Hall and claim his birthright as RA of Section 3B. 
Outside of the classroom, Steve is what Ron Burgundy would call “Kind of a Big Deal” in the realm of Notre Dame intramural sports. After a brief stint playing football overseas in the Irish American Football League, Steve is returning for his swan-song season as Captain of the mighty Duncan Highlanders football team. In addition to his excellence on the gridiron, Steve was also voted the Bookstore Basketball tournament’s MVP in 1985 (Seriously, look it up), and holds the title of being Duncan Hall Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion two years in a row.
Steve, who has been told he resembles “a young Patrick Swayze,” “1991 Brett Favre,” and “one of the vampires from Twilight,” can also be found doing photography for the athletic department, quoting obscure movies and YouTube videos, and playing NCAA Football 14 on Xbox360. This summer, Steve will be doing photography for Under Armour in Baltimore, Maryland. Upon graduating, Steve plans on going to dental school and marrying Taylor Swift. If you want to contact him for any reason, whether it be academics, faith, or to have a good cry over the latest dead Game of Thrones character, he can be reached at 860-372-0515 or streacy1@nd.edu.