Meet the Welcome Team


Seamus McConville - Seamus McConville is a rising Junior majoring in Accounting and English with a minor in fulfilling every single California stereotype ever. Easily recognized by his perfect flow and undeniable swagger, Seamus is arguably the swaggiest Highlander of Duncan Hall. The most prestigious award he recently received was titled "Most Likely to Own over 12 Hawaiin Shirts". It is framed in his room. Seamus lives in the best place in the world, Orange County, California (much better than Los Angeles County where Chuey is from) and often wonders why he left. Seamus believes whole heartededly that there is no problem that a nice burrito and a sunny day at the beach can't fix. When at Notre Dame, Seamus spends his time walking backwards (he is a tour guide), hugging everyone (he was President of kiND Club last year), and overcommitting himself. You can often find Seamus skating through campus on warm days--it is rumored he can get from one side of campus to the other in less than one song on his phone while skating. This summer, Seamus is spending his life savings in six weeks (remarkable, right?) through Notre Dame's London study abroad program. He sincerely hopes he doesn't pick up an accent during his time across the pond. Seamus is super stoked to be living in the 1B super quad with Chuey and two other Duncan Juniors this upcoming year and wants to invite all incoming freshmen to reach out to him with any questions or if they simply just have a desire to kick back and have a casual conversation with a chill dude. His number is 949-533-2617 and his email is He can't wait to chill with you in August.


Chuey Palacios - Chuey Palacios is a junior majoring in Finance and Economics. Chuey is lucky enough to live in the best city in the best state, Long Beach, California; about 30 minutes south of Los Angeles. Chuey is a die hard Dodgers fan and the newest fan of the 2016 superbowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams. Chuey is involved in many activites around Duncan including interhall baseball and football. He is also going to be studying abroad in Toledo, Spain in his spring semester, so he will be spending his free time this summer watching telenovelas to help brush up on his spanish. Chuey is pumped to be the Welcome Weekend Co-Captain with his fellow cali bro Seamus, who will also be his roommate in the 1b super quad. Chuey encourages any and all freshmen to reach out to him if they have any questions about Notre Dame, Duncan Hall, or anything else you feel like. His email is and his phone number (562) 537-0061. 





Jake Gillespie - Born and raised this side of the Mississippi, Jake “Does Not Have A Conference Center Named After Him” Gillespie enjoys long walks on the beach, attending local farmers markets, and the occasional gentlemen’s game of Quidditch on his yearly retreat to the depths of his imagination. A mediocre-at-best architecture student hailing from the greater Chicago metropolitan area — specifically, Winfield for those of you who can distinguish between the seemingly endless suburban names — Jake is also skilled in the art of the semicolon; furthermore, Jake can be found in section Tri-Beta next year, and can be reached by carrier pigeon or cellular communications at (630) 207-5490. If you ever care to contemplate the apparent banality of our post-industrialized society, go out for a cold, crisp cup of horchata from a local South Bend taperia on a toasty Indiana summer’s afternoon, or explore and plot the mathematical limits of the dance floor only to proceed to break said “limits”, just holler at your friend Ol’ Jake.





Micah Rensch - Micah is a rising sophomore majoring in Finance and Philosophy (or Sociology). He is from Omaha, Nebraska – home of the world’s best zoo, the College World Series, and plenty of other relevant things. Though he bleeds blue and gold, his first love, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, holds a special place in his heart. He will be the co-commissioner for the Duncan Highrise this upcoming year, (i.e. He knows how to party).  He will be living in room 350 and invites you to come up for a chat. Most of his free time is spent shucking corn and fixing broken tractors. If you ever want to join, or just talk about random stuff, feel free to shoot him a text at 402-210-0163. 





Cam Nolan- Cam “The Independent Variable” Nolan hails from Alpharetta, Georgia, and his heart bleeds the colors of the Georgia State Flag: red, white, and blue.  He is a mechanical engineering major well known for his “4.0 smile” but not his GPA. An avid participant in the Notre Dame Bengal Bouts Boxing, he’ll probably pressure you into joining, too. He is spending the summer of 2016 in Bangladesh teaching children English, so if you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to give him a holler and he’ll buy you a famous Bengali Coffee. Living in room 350 (aka “Nhat’s Nightmare), feel free to stop by anytime or shoot him a text at 678-654-5127.




Matthew Heeder - Matthew "Heat" Heeder (the gentleman on the bottom in the picture) is a rising sophomore double majoring in Mathematics and Spanish (and yet somehow he has virtually no knowledge of how to discuss math in Spanish) and pursuing a minor in Education, Schooling, and Society. He will be Duncan Hall’s Liturgical Commissioner this year, he sports one of the most bland wardrobes around, and he enjoys a wide variety of out of class activities. If you ever wish to spark his interest, invite him to a nearby Mass, a game of Spikeball, a rousing conversation about nothing, or a discussion about why Detroit sports are unsurpassed in their mediocrity. Matt boasts a collection of a wide variety of water bottles (9 ± 2) and he foolishly applied his (lack of) physics knowledge by accidentally dropping one of those water bottles two stories inside the Jordan Hall of Science (one of the many ways he has been scarred in that building), thoroughly causing everyone on the second floor a heart attack. Matt will be living in 212 next year, consistently coming up as the second-coolest of the three residents of the room (far less cool than Chong Zhang, but far cooler than Mark Hershey). Should you wish to contact him with any comments or questions, you are highly encouraged to do so at or (517) 898-3073.



Chris Lembo - Chris Lembo, an international economics and applied math double major, hails from the greatest state in the world: Arizona. Apart from having a legendary Yakarma, he truly embraces the Duncan hall spirit by sitting on the throne of the class of 2019’s funds, managing the class' money so that the rest of the class can enjoy themselves and build a better community. He currently resides in 3A (tri-alpha) and is more than willing to have a conversation with anyone on just about any topic. A true renaissance man. 


Mark Hershey - Mark “insert nickname” Hershey is a rising sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. A true New Yorker: ‘nuf said. That means Mets and Jets. Soccer is his game; Real Madrid his passion. The complete gentleman, but not too keen on holding doors open for members of the same sex. A man of many nicknames including: Creature, Birdman, the Human Flyswatter, Funky Bunch, and Kisses. Those who’ve been watching his pick-up basketball have even been known to call him “league bound” until his recent Bookstore performance where everything fell apart. Stuck in a mid-life crisis, you can identify him by his supreme ‘Dad’ style of dress and quick temper. It’s been rumored that he will be living in room 212 next year with Chong ‘all things in style’ Zhang known to sport the newest J’s and flyest foams. Matt Heeder will be sleeping on the floor. Feel free to stop by for a game of 2K, FIFA or NFL Street (PS2). You may also SMS Text Message him at (914) 920-1761, however, he prefers hand-written letters.


Josh Dunlap - He has crossed the point of no return- on several occasions.  Mosquitos refuse to bite him purely out of respect. If he were to pat you on the back, you would list it on your resume.  If opportunity knocks, and he’s not home, opportunity waits.  Josh "The Big Fundamental" Dunlap is a rising sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who will be pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Business Economics.  Josh participates in many on-campus activities including the Economics Club as well as being employed at the University Phone Center.  Josh has many varying interests including, but not limited to, basketball, baseball, football, and last but not least, the lovely ladies of Notre Dame. Next year Josh will be taking his talents to the 5 man, otherwise known as room 230.  In the 5 man there is always an open door policy, so feel free to stop by anytime and say hello.  This summer, Josh will be studying abroad in China, so unless you want to pay the international messaging fee, don’t reach out to him until about June 20th.  After June 20th, feel free to text or call him anytime with any questions or concerns you may have (Cell: 412-953-5583).  He is very outgoing and is looking forward to meeting all the incoming freshmen!



Conor Hogan - Conor “Hulk” Hogan is a rising sophomore that hails from Philadelphia, the greatest sports city in America, who majors in finance and political science. Known for having the most attractive twitching on campus, he’s also incredibly talented in the areas of basketball, soccer, FIFA, and football. However, his main area of expertise is in the lovely women of Ryan Hall. He will next year be the commissioner for Duncan and Ryan Week along with the handsome "Femaleless Ryan Fitz", so knowing as all of you will need help with talking to these lovely ladies, he’s your man to come to. He was selected with the first overall pick in the rooming draft to live in the 5 man next year, otherwise known as room 230. The 5 man will have an open door policy, so feel free to stop in at any time.  He can also be reached for questions and interviews at 484-366-7936.




Anthony Di Falco - Anthony Di"d he lose his ID again"  Falco is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Photography. Anthony calls Lincoln Park, New Jersey his home, and he swears, “It’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.” When he was asked to provide a fun fact, he responded, “Tell them about that time I made it to Jordan in like five minutes -- crazy stuff dude.” If he wasn’t giving off super chill vibes around Duncan or throwing recommendations onto the aux last semester, Anthony was probably traveling with the Notre Dame Ski Team. He swears that he placed first every weekend, but the legitimacy of that remains highly disputed among his fellow Highlanders (because he didn’t). He will be living in the 3A quad (rooms 301 & 303) next year and encourages everyone to stop by whenever (because he doesn’t have any friends). His Twitter game is “fire” but you’ll have to earn that privilege through some charming texts at (973) 934-2224.

Ryan Fitzgerald - Ryan “Peaked in High School” Fitzgerald is a sophomore from Aspen, Colorado living in the 5-man. Double majoring in Architecture and Hanging Out, he can be found sitting around complaining about all the “fresh pow days” he’s missing out on back in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. He may not be the smoothest of guys, but his looks and athletic talents are enough to catch the eyes of many. If you’re looking for a cool guy to go play sports with, he’s not the guy for you. He’s a stone cold winner who refuses to lose. Don’t ask him about high school, because he loves to talk about how cool he was. Although he may seem frightening, Ryan has an emotional side. If you need a shoulder to cry on or some bad lady-advice, he’s your guy.  Deep down, all he really wants is to find his one true love. Hit him up on Instagram (@ryan_p_fitz) for some photos of high school sports, puppies, and all the dudes under the sun.  Ryan won’t be doing anything fancy this summer because “Aspen is cooler than everything else”. His cellphone number is (970)-319-2096 and he would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have. 

Louis Holtz - Louis Holtz is a rising sophomore from Minneapolis, Minnesota (the greatest state in the union) who will be majoring in finance. Louis is passionate about two things in life: His beautiful Cockapoo Leo and his hockey sty. Likely to be named captain of the Duncan Hall hockey team next year (despite logging an average of maybe five minutes per game), he has high hopes that next year’s team will finally clinch the championship the boys deserve. This upcoming year Louis will be kickin’ it in section 3B (A? No one really knows) in room 307. Up for an acoustic jam sess? His room is the room. His door will always be open anytime you want to talk about puppies, Minnesota sports (*tears*), or anything in between. E-mail me ( or call me (612-868-4344) if you have any questions. G'Irish!


Kwan Yoon -Kwan "Big Calves" Yoon is a rising sophomore majoring in Architecture. Born in South Korea, he moved to Rochester, New York when he was only 2 months old. Although his accent is non-existent, his looks and actions scream Asian. Holding up to the Asian stereotype, he is a black belt in Tae-KWAN-do. So if you have some beef with other halls, hit him up (Rates start at $15 cash or Highlander Grille credit). Commonly mistaken with the starting Notre Dame Football kicker, Justin Yoon, Kwan wishes he was on the same athletic ability as him. For whatever athletic ability he does have, Kwan utilizes it as a member of the Duncan hall soccer team with his huge calves boasting a whopping 1 whole goal. Living in room 234, he will have to stay up long nights as the 5 man next door plays their pump up “studying” music. If not up all night in his room, he will be battling his architecture projects and pulling all nighters in the dungeon of Bond Hall, most likely with his fellow Arkie comrade, Ryan “Peaked in High School” Fitzgerald. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kwan in his second room, the gym in the basement of Duncan Hall, where he gets #swole in search of the coveted #gainz every man so desires. Or just text him at 585-857-6529, that works too. Kwan is honored to be a part of the Duncan Highlander Welcome Weekend team and looks forward to meeting you all!


Stephen Kilbourn - Stephen "Gino's Roommate" Kilbourn is a rising sophomore majoring in Classics. Just because he has a boring major and hails from Indianapolis doesn't mean Stephen hasn't had his fair share of thrills. He once took a trip to the ER for eating a (quite large) ghost pepper, had a brush with death after he consumed 5 liters of water in an hour, has more than once covered his entire upper torso in peanut butter, and once ate 22 scrambled eggs in one sitting. He's what you might call a "wild card." This 2016-17 year, he will likely be serving as some sort of tutor on campus, so hit him up if you've got paper-writing, Calc, or Physics queries. He'll be taking three language courses next semester and will have no Tuesday or Thursday classes. So you might not see him much on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, but that still leaves four days every week that he is down to chill. He will be residing in room 339 with two of the finest ethnically Italian jabronis Duncan has to offer: Signors Gino "Try Hard" Domel and Andre "Knocks and Then Just Walks in Seriously What the Heck Andre" Monteleone. Stop in sometime; you can talk clinical psychology, Franz Kafka, or whatever kids are into these days. If you should care to contact Stephen any time before you arrive on campus, you may email him at or text him at 317-756-7459. Seriously do hit him up, by the bye, if you're in the Indy area this summer. That would be good to do.


Andre Monteleone - Andre “Dre” Monteleone is a sophomore Biology major straight out of Cold Spring Harbor, New York on Long Island. If Andre is not seen talking about how great Long Island is, he can be found getting beat by Connor Hogan in FIFA or by Josh Dunlap in NBA Blacktop. Other interests include baseball, soccer, and all things  Andre will be academic commissioner for the dorm next year and has big plans. For most of the summer, Andre will be on Long Island as there is no better place to be. Commonly mistaken to be Chris Lembo’s twin, Andre will be taking his talents, only a few, to 3B room 339. Feel free to stop by any time in the year if you have questions about class, majors, or life in general and definitely text me over the summer with any questions at (516)-497-1172. Andre is extremely honored to be introducing you guys to the best dorm in the best university in the world!








Luke Rafferty - Luke Rafferty is a rising sophomore studying (struggling with) Mechanical Engineering. He reigns from the City of Champions, Heart of the American Revolution, and pride of the Northeast: Boston, Massachusetts. His loyalties lie with Tom Brady and all things Red Sox. Luke will be living in room 307 with Hank Assaf and fellow welcome week ambassador Louis Holtz (try to have a more Notre Dame name). Luke is a member of the Bengal Bouts Boxing Club and the Apparel Commissioner for the dorm. He is always willing to talk or hangout. He can be reached at or 774-255-0041 anytime after July 10th when he returns from studying abroad in London.