Pizza, Apparel, Dates (8/23/2016)

Men of Duncan Hall,

(I understand it is now Wednesday, but I composed this on Tuesday) Happy First Day of Classes! Happy Tuesday! While there are cultural debates regarding the popularity of this day in the week—the Greeks consider Tuesday an unlucky day (the fall of Constantinople was on a Tuesday) but the Jews think that Tuesday is particularly lucky (“it was good” was referenced twice on this day in the creation story)—the Duncan hall weekly email usually comes on Tuesday; so for better or worse, you can decide on the significance of today! Here we go...

Duncan Hall Faculty Fellow: Dr. Victoria Goodrich
First Year Students had a great intro meeting with Professor Victoria Goodrich, or just Victoria, on Monday. Here is her contact information if anyone want to reach out to her for additional resources:  Side note: Duncan Hall now has a baby shower commissioner!!!

State of Duncan Hall Mandatory Meetings
For those who did not make Monday nor Tuesday Hall meetings, we will have a make up session on Wednesday at 9:30pm in the Chapel.

Wednesday Pizza Party in the Courtyard
Hopefully the weather will hold out for our gathering tomorrow. Starting around 5pm tomorrow afternoon, all highlanders are invited to join the community in the courtyard for some fellowship. BYOYG: Bring Your Own Yard Games. IF it rains, then we'll have it in the 24. Gluten Free Pizzas will be available, just ask the Rector.

Duncan Hall ass Schedule
Duncan Hall celebrates Mass Sunday - Thursday at 9pm in the St. Walter's Chapel. Tuesday is Duncan Doughnut Mass!

pcoming Events and Initiatives
WestFest: Friday September 2nd 2pm -5pm
Duncan Ryan Week: September 3rd - September 9th
Duncan SYR Dance: Saturday September 9th
The Highlander Grillle: Grand Opening Monday  ugust 29th


Key/Card Acces: Currently your room key will open the front and parking lot exterior doors. Starting next week, you can only access the dorm via swipe card access. If your card does not let you into Duncan Hall, then let me know. You should have access to all residential dorms as well, but it will be more stable next week.

To check your PIN, go to

aint Michael's aundry - uncan Hall pick ups: hursda morning, highly recommend dropping your laundry at the bottom of the staircase Wednesday night. Delivery will be Monda mornings.

Mai - UPS and FedEx will deliver to your doors. USP will deliver to the mailroom and hall clerks will deliver packages. Remember to check your mail boxes regularly. ***If USPS gets delivered to ND after 10AM, then it will be at Duncan Hall the next day.

Tras Room and Trash ans - lease read the Trash Room Etiquette outside the trash rooms. If your room does not have a trash can or recycling bin, then let me know. We can get you one.

you can see, it takes a while to write these weekly newsletter so I would really appreciate it if you read them.  Before I go, one more thing, have you ever wondered why Noah was such a good businessman? Well, he floated his stock while everyone else was being liquidated! Have a good week!

eace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen,
Rector of Duncan Hal



March Madness, Retreat, BBQ (3/15/2016)


Happy Ides of March! As you know, this date became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.  This year, we need to be aware of all the upsets that will occur in the NCAA Basketball Tournament; that's why it's called March MADNESS!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Thus, all the gifs this week are dedicated to Dunk City! Let's the madness begins:

Duncan Hall Tournament Challenge
Enter the dorm wide bracket challenge for bragging rights! May the best man Nguyen!
ESPN Link or
Group: Highlander Challenge '16
Password: Duncan

Duncan Hall Annual Overnight Retreat
Our annual retreat at the Geneva Center will be April 1st and 2nd this year. Please sign up here. Cost is $10.

Donut Mass and Memorial Mass for Theresa
Donut Mass resumes tonight at 9pm. Invite your friends.  Duncan Hall will join the Notre Dame community on Wednesday evening for Theresa Sagartz' Memorial Mass at the Basilica at 9pm. Walk over at 8:30pm from the lobby. Fr. Mark, I believe, will host Cards and Snacks starting at 10pm.

Man Hour Social
Saint Paddy's Poker Night at 10pm on Thursday. Prize: $10 Highlander Grille Credit.

What I Learned at ND
Student Body President, Bryan Ricketts, will present at What I Learned at ND on Friday at 4pm. All are welcome. 

Off-Campus BBQ Saturday
Duncan Hall President Emeritus, Luke Kiefer, invites all Highlanders to his home at 502 N. Notre Dame Ave for a BBQ on Saturday from 4pm-6pm. Please RSVP here so Luke knows how much food to purchase.

Palm Sunday
Holy Week begins this Sunday with Palm Sunday. We will gather in the 24Hr Lounge to read the Gospel, bless the palms, then process to the Chapel.  East Sunday Mass ONLY at the Basilica.

Housing Updates
Lottery Drawing: Tuesday March 29th after Hall Council.
Specialty Room Applications: Tuesday March 29th - Sunday April 3rd.
Room Picks: Tuesday April 5th from starting at 10:30pm until we finish.  Must be present to pick your room.

Hall Council at 10pm
Come for some treats! and Room Picks 101 for those who are confused with the algorithm.

Duncan Athletics
Soccer came back from behind to beat O'Neill 2-1 last night. Basketball Playoffs tonight at 7pm. Soccer plays again on Thursday at 10pm vs. Alumni.

That's all the announcements for this week, but one more thing as we anticipate March Madness, St. Peter and Satan were having an argument one day about basketball. Satan proposed a game to be played on neutral grounds between a select team from the heavenly host and his own hand-picked boys. “Very well,” said the gatekeeper of Heaven. “But you realize that we’ve got all the good players and the best coaches.” “I know, and that’s all right,” Satan answered unperturbed. “We’ve got all the refs.”

Peace Brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Debate, Blood Drive, InterHall Sports (2/23/2016)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Ten days until spring break!!! I am sure you are enjoying the craziness that is term papers and multiple choice exams.  A few study tips from the Internet: chew gum while test-taking to pump oxygen to the brain, listen to jazz music to "relieve boredom," and turn your course material into rhymes for ideal memorization.  If you do happen to have a free moment, however, check out all the Duncan Happenings this week.  We can't promise A's on papers, but we can offer a little bit of peace of mind. 

Make Duncan Great, Again
Following Hall Council, Vice President Emeritus, Sean Himel, and two-time VP candidate, Radoslaw Nabrzyski, will moderate the Duncan Hall Election debate. It should be a great evening. Pizza will be served.

Election Ballots
The election ballots will be emailed to your inbox after the debate and close within 24 hours. All current members of the community are eligible to vote, please exercise your civil duty.

Blood Drive Wednesday
Please sign up to donate blood if you are able. Later in the semester, Duncan Hall will participate in The Bald and the Beautiful to raise money for cancer research. Cancer patients in chemo treatment need lots of blood. Walk ins are welcome but sign ups are encouraged. 

Housing Updates

  • Housing Applications close THIS Friday! We have 112 guys who have not responded.
  • Public Lottery will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd.
  • Pull-ins will drop to the bottom of the lottery list; however, your lottery number will not be affected unless you are applying for a specialty room (5/6 man, quads, or triples) with more than one pull-ins.
  • Room Picks has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th from 7pm-9pm.

Spring InterHall Sports
Soccer Try Outs: Tomorrow, Wednesday at 10:30pm in Loftus!
Tomorrow night, Wednesday 2/24, @10:30pm on Loftus Sports field, Duncan will be holding the first session of Interhall Soccer tryouts. We will have a walk over from Duncan @10:15pm so be in the lobby a little before that time. Duncan has had a history of being one of the best dorms for Interhall Soccer so come out and bring your A-game. There will be two teams, an A and a B team that we will form after tryouts. This means that no one will be cut. This year, Cornelius McGrath and Matthew Millay will be your captains. Please come out and attend the first night of tryouts so we can look to win a championship this year! Bring cleats, shinguards, and whatever else you need to play soccer. "Cheers mates" - Cornelius (and Matt).

Lacrosse Sign Ups end Wednesday
Interhall Lacrosse signups are now available on IMLeagues. Interested players simply need to sign up for "Duncan Hall" under "IHM-3" 

Spring Breakers
For security and emergency purposes, if you are staying for spring break, please let us know by filling out this form.

That's all for us this afternoon, but one more thing, many chapels around campus have bat problems. The rectors have called the exterminator several times but can't seem to get rid of them. (True Story!) Here at Duncan, we don't have any bat problems because Fr. Mark confirmed them all so they quit coming! Come to Mass! Sunday - Thursday at 9pm.

May God watch over your studies and your stress level.

Peace Brothers,



JPW, The Feve, Applications (2/16/2016)

Men of Duncan,

We are more than halfway through February! During these busy weeks, remember to get some sleep! Sleep is very essential to the body, perhaps even more than working out and healthy diet.  The sleeping brain is very active; not passive as you may think.  Sleep improves your well-being because it protects against stress, anxiety, and even depression; cognitive because it benefits learning and memory, decision making and creative problem solving; physical health because it helps regulate the immune system, repairs damaged tissue, and optimizes physical abilities; and finally, sleep improves emotional stress. Even with 20 more minutes a day, you will start to see performances increase. Recommended nap time is 90 minutes so your brain can go through the whole sleep cycle, or no more than 30 minutes so you don't fall into a deep stage 4 sleep and waking up more tired than you want. In addition, community is very important because no man is an island! Read on to see all the stress-free events that are happening in Duncan Hall this week:

Junior Parents Weekend
Duncan Hall is hosting a JPW Luncheon this Saturday (2/20) from 12:30pm-2pm in the Duncan 24 Hour Lounge. All juniors and your loved ones are welcome. 

NO Social Gatherings and Visiting Hours (Parietals) end at Midnight throughout the weekend. Please see the attached memo.

While the juniors and their parents are lunching in the 2-4 for Junior Parents Weekend, we will be having the FIRST EVER DUNCANWIDE SMASH TOURNAMENT! It will be held THIS Saturday, Feb 20th at 2 PM. To sign up for the tournament click here! We will be having at least two TV’s going simultaneously, so it’s guaranteed to be a ~~~wild~~~ time. Food TBD. 
—RA’s Michael and Jay

Holy Cross House Friday
As a follow up to the "What's Next?" challenge during the MLK Day celebrations, Duncan and Ryan Halls are visiting the Holy Cross House on Friday from 2:30pm - 4pm.  The Holy Cross House is where retired Holy Cross Priests reside. We're aware of Fr. Ted's contributions to Notre Dame and the world; however, there are many more great and holy men like him who reside in the Holy Cross House that helped built Notre Dame into the great institutions that exists, most of whom are often forgotten in the busyness of our daily lives.  Come to hear some great stories! Then at 4pm, we will return to Ryan Hall for pizzas and conversations. We will meet in the lobby at 2:15pm to carpool across the Lakes. I hope many of you can join us for all or part of the event and find it meaningful.

The Feve and Thursday Nights
As most of you know, "Club Fever announced in a Facebook post Saturday that two forms of identification will be required for entrance." As a result, the staff speculates that many students will no longer be going to "The Feve" on Thursday nights.  I want to remind everyone that Thursday night is a week night and the dorm environment should maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to studies; strictly enforced.  In addition, we have mass in Duncan Hall from 9pm-9:30pm on Thursdays, please be respectful and mindful of the celebration.

Man Hour with Fr. Mark
Man Hour will feature Fr. Mark's culinary skills on Thursday at 10pm. Come and learn how to cook, and the caveat is you will then eat what you cooked.

Duncan Hall Blood Drive
Mark your calendar for the Duncan Hall Blood Drive next Wednesday from 12:30pm-4:30pm in the Duncan 24.  Sign up for an appointment here. Spread the words.

Housing Updates
Housing Application for 2016-2017 is open. Visit for more information.
Room Picks will occur after Easter Break, between March 28th-April 6th.

Hall Election
Reminder that Hall President/VP, Senator, and SUB Rep applications are due tonight at Midnight. We will hold a debate next Tuesday after Hall Council.

Welcome Weekend Team
The application for Welcome Team is available here. Let me know if you have any questions.

Duncan Athletics
Section Basketball Playoffs: This Weekend.
A Team Interhall Basketball:

B Team Interhall Basketball:

Interhall Hockey:

I understand that it's a very long email so if you've read the whole thing, then see me for a gift! Other than that, one more thing, in the 1940s, when Pope John 23rd was still an archbishop and the papal nuncio, or ambassador, in Paris, he was at an elegant dinner party, seated across from a woman wearing a low-cut dress that exposed a good deal of cleavage. Someone turned to him and said, "Your Eminence, what a scandal! Aren't you embarrassed that everyone is looking at that woman?" And he said, "Oh no, everyone is looking at me, to see if I'm looking at her."

Have a good week boys.




Kisses, Election, Lent (2/9/2016)

Men of Duncan,

Since we no longer have to watch the Carolina's dabs, basketball season officially starts now! But there's a lot to look forward to as well, like the season of Lent AND Kissing Friday! You thought the ashes were the coolest part of the beginning of Lent?!  Across the pond in England, the Friday following Ash Wednesday has traditionally been deemed as Kissing Day.  Throughout the holiday, schoolboys were entitled to kiss any girl without fear of punishment or rejection.  Unfortunately for you fellas, the holiday was discontinued in the 1940s.  Ironically, the production of Hershey Kisses was also stopped in the 1940s.  From 1942-1949, no Hershey kisses were sold in order to ration the silver foil used for wrappers.  While Ducan Hall might not be able to supply you with a sweetheart or endlessly satisfy your sweet tooth, we do have plenty of opportunities for you to receive and spread a little Christian Love.  Read on to see how we're ringing in the Lenten season in the upcoming week.


Highrise Saturday
ABSOLUTELY no social gatherings on Saturday February 13, 2016 from 6pm-3am. Sister Mary Lynch from McGlinn Hall will be the "Rector-on-Duty" should you need anything. In addition, NDSP Officer Anthony Clark will also be on duty in the Duncan 24 Hour Lounge throughout the evening. You are welcome to host your guests in Duncan; however, the expectation is NO SOCIAL GATHERINGS when the Duncan Hall Staff is not around. I will be very disappointed and embarrassed if we inconvenient our guests-on-duty with incidents other than emergencies.

Hall Election
After Hall Council tonight, there's an interest meeting for those who are considering to run for President/VP, Senator, and SUB Representative. Let's make Duncan great! Application is attached.

Campus Climate Survey
Half of you received a University's survey, Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey, please take a moment to fill it out. It is very important to create Christian community here at Notre Dame. Thank you for your feedback.

Donut Mass Tonight
Looks like we're going to get a pretty big crowd so come early for a seat, and then offer it up for our guests!

Ash Wednesday
Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday; we will have Mass at 9pm. In addition, all able Catholics are encouraged to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Man Hour Thursday
Be on a look out for Man Hour flyers.

Duncan Hall Blood Drive
Mark your calendar, we will be having a Blood Drive on Wednesday, Feb. 24th in the Duncan 24 Hour Lounge.

That's all for this week.  Hopefully, you'll be able to attend some of the festivities throughout the week despite the massive amounts of mid-semester work.  And one more thing, if you are feeling a tad overwhelmed, I recommend increasing your dosage of Hershey kisses.  Chocolate is known to release extra endorphins, increase memory, and, in large doses, help you stay awake and alert...and you thought the Kissing Friday was the coolest part of this email?!

Have a good week gentlemen.
Peace be with you,
Nhat Nguyen



Professors, New Year, Announcements (2/2/2016)

Men of Duncan,

Happy Groundhog Day, and Super Bowl Week, if that's a thing!  This year, February will be rung in to the sound of 76,976 football fans cheering in the Levi's stadium.  These fans (and millions more across the nation) will also be celebrating by indulging in limitless amounts of chips and dip.  Aside from Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day for eating in America.  While you're chowing down on all that caloric goodness, perhaps you can share these interesting facts with your fellow football fans: 1) No Super Bowl has ever been scoreless at halftime.  2) No coach has ever won more than two consecutive Super Bowl games.  3) No Super Bowl has been a shut-out, though some teams have left the game having scored only three points.  Even if the upcoming game doesn't break any of these records, I wish you all a weekend of record-breaking fun!  In spirit of all this excitement, Duncan Hall will be having all sorts of fun this week.  Details are as follows: 

Invite Your Favorite Professor Dinner

February 25th from 6pm-8pm. We still have 12 spots for the catered dinner. Please sign up by Friday so you will have enough time to invite your professor(s). Here's the link to sign up:

Chinese New Year Super Bowl

To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, join us in the Duncan 24 Hour Lounge for a Super Bowl 50 gamewatch with Chinese Food! Should be ready by 6pm. All are welcome and food will go fast!

Super Bowl Sunday Mass

Sunday's Mass will be celebrated at 3pm in the St. Walter's Chapel. FYI, Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday, Lent begins next week!

Instead of Man Hour...

Join us Thursday at 10pm in the chapel for our spirituality pillar. We will talk about the Liturgy of the Hours, the Church's rhythm of prayer, and conclude with Night Prayer.

Highrise Ticket Sales

A detailed Highrise email was sent out yesterday. Refer to Rector's Corner at for all the details. Last week to sign up.


Tuesday Happenings

Donut Mass at 9pm: Presentation of the Lord.

Hall Council at 10pm tonight. Mystery night- will there be food, fun games, snacks, or all the above? Come and find out.

Hockey Highlights

Hall Election

The Election Commissioner, Luke Morley, will host an info session NEXT Tuesday (2/9) after Hall Council for those interested in running for Hall President/VP, Senator, and SUB Rep. All classes are eligible to run, expect seniors of course.

Public Announcements Attached.

That's all for this week, folks.  Hopefully, the excitement of this weekend will continue throughout February at Duncan Hall.  Enjoy these few days off from school and all of those chips and dip, but one more thing...a man dies and goes to heaven and St. Peter asks him to give an account of his bravery. So the man explains, "I was refereeing this important match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield. The score was 0-0 and there was only one more minute of play to go in the second half when I awarded a penalty against Liverpool at the Kop end." "Yes," responded St. Peter, "I agree that was a real act of bravery. Can you perhaps tell me when this took place?" "Certainly," the man replied, "about three minutes ago."

Peace boys,



Everything Highrise and Buses

Men of Duncan,

This is the last week to sign up for the Highlander Highrise! As you know, the Highrise is on Saturday February 13, 2016. We will depart from Duncan Hall around 5:30pm on Saturday and return around 2am on Sunday morning. 

Sign up at ; Closes Sunday (2/7) at midnight or when maxed out at 324 (6 buses).

The Highrise Commissioners will start collecting money tonight. (Please sign up prior to payment to make the process more efficient.)

Location: Lobby

Monday, February 1st: 9-10pm
Tuesday, February 2nd: After Hall Council
Wednesday, February 3rd: 9-10pm
Thursday, February 4th: 9-10pm
Friday, February 5th: 3-4pm
Sunday, February 7th: 2-2:45pm

$90 cash or check ($45 singles)
$93 credit card (due to processing fee)
$110 for off-campus Highlanders and their dates. ($113 credit card)
Rector Funds is available to those who quality or financial aid packages can help cover the cost. Anyone who wants to go, should be able to attend! See rector.

$10/each or $15/two.
Limited quantity because we have to submit orders before sign up ends. Will be delivered to your door before the Highrise.

Bus Sign Up Instructions
We will use Google Form to sign up for the buses this year! (Thank You Phil Shiu!) The form will open on Sunday at 10pm. See Instructions for details. This is what it will look like after you sign up.

Check out the pictures from last year:

Get Excited! Let me know if you have any questions.

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Memorial Service, More Highrise, Forms and Surveys (1/26/2016)

Men of Duncan,

As January comes to a close, we enter the shortest month of the year, February, yet it is one of the busiest months in the academic year! This February happens to be a leap year with 29 days rather than 28, an occurrence every four years. For those who was born on Feb. 29, you get to celebrate your birthday on your actual birthday this year. While it doesn't mean you're 1/4 younger than your peers, you do have 3/4 times the difficulties celebrating your birthday. Speaking of celebrations, we have lots of celebrations coming up at Duncan Hall:

Ping Pong Tournament
Immediately after Hall Council tonight, we will host a Ping Pong Tournament. One game to 15 by 2. Winner gets $10 to the Highlander Grille. Must be present to participate and win.

Saturday Memorial Service
Fr. Mark invites the Duncan Hall community to Dr. Jack Thesing's Memorial Service on Saturday January 30th at 9:30am in the Basilica. Fr. Mark's father was cremated and Saturday marks two months after his death; he will reside here on campus in Cedar Grove Cemetery.  All are invited to the reception after the service in the LaFortune Ballroom as well. Walkover from the lobby at 9:15am on Saturday with your Green Blazers if you have one.

Pajamas Breakfast with Ryan Hall
The Brother-Sister Commissioners have planned another Pajamas Breakfast at Duncan Hall for this Sunday January 31st from 10am - 12pm.  Come one, come all. Check out the pictures from last semester:

Highrise Updates
The schedule for the Highrise is attached. Sign Up Here or at; deadline is Sunday February 7th. The Highrise commissioners will be collecting money from Feb. 1st to 7th in lobby. Cash, Checks payable to Duncan hall, or Credit. Buses Sign Ups start Monday, Feb. 8th.

Highrise TShirt Colors
Some of you expressed the desire for more color variations and Ryan Fitzgerald, winner of the design, is open to the idea.  Vote here. Ends Wednesday at midnight so we can get the designs to the vendor.

Invite Your Favorite Professor
In an effort to integrate the academia and residential life, Duncan Hall will host an "Invite Your Favorite Professor (Catered) Dinner" in Duncan Hall on February 25, 2016 from 6pm-8pm. This special opportunity offers 15 Highlanders to host their favorite professors in our home to show them our gratitude. If you are interested, please fill out this form. If we have more than 15 people interested, then we will draw a lottery.  Please do not ask your professors until you are confirmed by the rector.

Junior Parents Weekend
Attention all juniors: Duncan Hall is hosting a JPW Luncheon on Saturday, February 21st of JPW Weekend; thus, for us to plan accordingly, please RSVP for your family. Thanks!

Remember, Donut Mass at 9pm tonight and Laundry Pick Up early tomorrow so drop it off tonight. That's all in terms of announcements, but before I go, one more thing... a fish swims into a wall and says, "DAM!"

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



FitBit, Highrise Updates, Hall Council (1/19/2016)


Happy Duncan Rector's Newsletter Tuesday. We are still settling into the newness of the new year and for those who are into new year's resolutions but have given up on them, good news! Rector is accepting FitBit friends requests:  Duncan Hall is stepping into the fittest dorm on campus this year. Speaking of friendly competitions, read on to see how you can assert dominance this week in Duncan Hall:

Highrise TShirt Designs Contest
The designs are in and the polls are open. Vote for your Highrise T-Shirt here. Voting ends on Friday January 22nd.

Highrise Sign ups
You can now start signing up for the Highrise; last day to sign up is Monday Feb. 8th.  If you qualify for Rector Fund, then let me know. If you are unsure, then we can always check. Fill out this form to sign up.

Hall Council and the Grille
Hall Council resumes this evening in the 24 at 10pm.  Those who attend Hall Council will get a token for a $1 off the Highlander Grille. Limit one per person and item must be more than a $1. There may also be an Ice Hockey Video Highlights (3-0 Win) from last night!!! (Maybe...if I get around to it!)

Donut Mass Tonight
Fun Fact: Donut is an American invention; Doughnut is the preferred spelling. Anyways Duncan Donut Mass continues tonight: Mass at 9pm, followed by Donuts and fellowship. Invite your friends.

Man Hour - Pool Tournament. Prize: Duncan TShirt. 
Man Hour continues with a social this Thursday at 10pm in the 24.  Be present to participate in the Man Hour Pool Tournament for a Duncan T-Shirt and Bragging Rights.

Prayer and Faith Opportunities
EM Training
Fr. Mark and the Liturgical Commissioners will offer an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist training on Sunday at 8pm before 9pm Mass. Campus Ministry is also offering EM Training on Wednesday at 8pm in the Basilica. 

Evening Prayer
Several folks have been gathering daily (M-Th) at 8:45pm in the chapel for evening prayer. All are welcome. Mass is also celebrated daily at 9pm in the Chapel.

Eucharist Adoration with Campus Ministry
The Blessed Sacrament is exposed on Monday - Thursday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm in the Coleman-Morse chapel.  Anyone is free to come visit at any time but CM also has a sign-up sheet for students who would like to commit to a half hour every week.  This sign-up sheet is accessible online at  Additionally, if anyone has questions, email Alex White at

Have a wonderful week boys. Keep moving, stay warm, eat healthy, and hydrate! 

Nhat Nguyen, Rector



To New Beginnings (1/13/2016)

Highlanders (Remember to "load all images" on mobile for the gifs),

Welcome home. Thank you to all those who made meetings last night and earlier tonight.  I believe we had good conversations and clear expectations as we start the second semester. Those who had conflicts or did not make it, I will email you shortly for a make up.  Anyways, one thing that will not change this semester is the Duncan Hall weekly emails, now I know they traditionally go out on Tuesdays so many of you may be waiting in vigil, but I wanted to wait until after our Hall Meeting this week. Here it is:

Semester Highlights
Here are some dates that I mentioned at the Hall Meeting so mark your calendars:

  • Jan 18th: MLK Celebration
  • Feb 10th: Ash Wednesday
  • Feb 13th: Highrise
  • Feb 21st: JPW
  • Feb 23rd: Hall Election
  • Feb  25th: Invite your Favorite Professor Dinner
  • March 5th-13th: Spring Break
  • March: Room picks
  • March 25th-28th: Easter Break
  • April 1st/2nd: Duncan Hall Retreat
  • April: Bald and the Beautiful
  • April 16/17th: Duncan Classic
    • Masters Week (10th-17th)
  • April 27th: Last Day of Class

These don't even include the weekly events like Masses, Tuesdays Duncan Donut Mass, Hall Council, Wednesdays Cards & Snacks with Fr. Mark, Thursdays Man Hour, Interhall/Section Sports, and Mini-Tournaments.  Lots going on second semester.

MLK Celebrations-Sunday Midnight
Why is diversity important? I believe it is because we live in America-the most diverse country in the world, and that's something to be proud of and to celebrate! Thus, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day offers us an opportunity to celebrate our US history and heritage.  Please join the Notre Dame Community on Sunday for a midnight candle light service and a march from the Hesburgh Library to the Grotto to the dining hall. Weather is going to be pretty bad, but we will be in solidarity with one another. Two words: Free Food! Worth it!

Highrise Update
The Highlander Highrise will be on Saturday February 13, 2014.  That's four weeks away. You can start signing up next week and we will collect money starting February 1st: $90 for couples and $45 for singles. (I went solo last year, no shame; I had a great time!)  If you are eligible for Rector Funds, then let me know so we can get you on the list. Here's pictures from last year so get excited!!!

Highrise T-Shirt Contest
Remember to submit your Highrise t-shirt designs to the google drive by Monday, February 18th. Voting begins next week from Tuesday (2/19) - Friday (2/22). Winner will get free tickets to the Highrise ($90 value), not to mention your design will be worn all over campus. Addition info: (Duncan Hall)Highlander Highrise or simply Highrise. Date: Feb. 13, 2016. Location: 99th floor of Willis Tower with 103rd SkyDeck in downtown Chicago. (Best dance on campus, off campus)

Duncan Hall Belt
The apparel commissioners are planning to roll out some more apparel for the spring semester. One item they have in mind is Duncan Hall Belt and they want to survey the hall for interest as well as designs.  Check it out!


Side Doors: All the side doors (parking lot, McGlinn, and the field) tend to drag snow as they open and close during the snowy months; thus, if you could pull or push them shut before proceeding so the door alarms do not go off, that would be most helpful. Thank you for your cooperation.
Shoes in the Hallways: We understand that it is wet outside so feel free to dry your shoes in the hallways but remember to clear the hallways by final rounds.  If your shoes are out during final rounds, hall staff will move them in your room or in front of your doors so be careful when you exit your rooms in the morning. 

That's all for this week boys. I hope you got your POWERBALL tickets.  The jackpot is an insane $1.5 billion! I didn't win over the weekend so I did what a sane person did, I played again hoping for different results!

Peace boys,
Nhat Nguyen, Rector



Happy New Year, Go Irish, Highrise (1/1/2016)


Happy New Year. Now that Notre Dame is on most people's mind (kicks off in t-minus 15 minutes and Nick Watskins is making his first ND start at cornerback), let's talk about Duncan Hall. A few reminders as we start the new year!

Highrise in Downtown ChiTown
Highlander Highrise is on Saturday Feb. 13th. Tickets are $90 for couples and $45 singles. In addition, we are having a Highrise T-Shirt design contest! Winners get free admission to the Highrise.  Submission due Monday January 25th and voting will occur that week.  Drop your submission in this shared folder.(Your name as file name.)

TownHall Meeting
Once again, we will start the new semester with an all-hall meeting in the chapel.

A-Side: Tuesday, January 12th at 8pm
B-Side: Wednesday, January 13th at 8pm

Attendance is required. Tell your RAs if you have a conflict. We will make it worth your while.

Residential Halls open at 9am on Sunday January 10th.
You will not have card access to the dorms until Sunday Jan. 10th at 9am so please avoid coming back early. 

Remember your Keys

Happy New Year and Go Irish!!!

Live Large and Prosper Brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Celebrations, Decorations, Collections (12/08/2015)


Happy Year of Mercy! Pope Francis opened the Holy Door at St. Peter's Basilica this morning, marking the beginning of the Jubilee of Mercy: "The Holy Door will become a Door of Mercy through which anyone who enters will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons, and instills hope." While we are at the mercy of our professors and finals in the coming week, know that there is hope! "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies." (Shawshank Redemption.) My hope for you is as it has always been: to be successful! Read on to see how to can be successful during this Advent season:

Holy Day of Obligation and Donut Mass
All are welcome and encouraged to celebrate Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception--it refers to the condition that the Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady, Notre Dame) was free from original sin from the very moment of her conception in the womb of her mother, Saint Anne. Mass will be celebrated at 9pm in the Chapel.  Tonight is also Donut Mass and Fr. Mark's first time back to Duncan Hall since his father's passing. Community. Brotherhood. Respect.

Christmas Decorations
The Notre Dame Cheerleaders will be judging our section decorations on Thursday starting around 7:30pm.  Get excited and creative.  Winning section gets a free pizza party during one of the reading days.  Good pizzas too! All decorations must be down before Christmas break. 

Man Hour Holiday Celebration
Rector is hosting Man Hour's White Elephant Gifts Exchange in his apartment on Thursday at 10pm.  "Generally, white elephant parties need a minimum of six participants. With a larger group, game play may be more protracted. White elephant parties have been known to result in playful rivalries between players trying to get sought-after items." Please keep gifts to less than $10. There will be cookies, milk, and light finger foods. Duncan 24Hr Lounge is reserved for Iron Sharpens Iron for their Christmas party on Thursday from 10pm-midnight. 

Green Blazers Thursday
To celebrate the last day of classes, the Green Blazer Commissioners declare this Thursday a Duncan Green Blazer Day! Green goes well with Christmas colors and weather is in the mid 50s on Thursday.

Reading Days and Finals
Throughout Reading Days and Final Exams, the following regulations will be in effect in all residence hall:

  • Midnight Parietals
  • No social gatherings
  • No formal programming
  • Extended 23-hour quiet hours with one designated "loud hour" as a hall-wide /section study break

The atmosphere in the halls on these days should one EXCLUSIVELY OF STUDY AND REST. No activity, at any time, should interfere with this atmosphere.  Everyone has the right to sleep and study.

Monday Loud Hour and Study Break
On Monday, our Health and Wellness Commissioner, Cam Nolan, will host a smoothie night in the 24 at 9pm. Free smoothies to help you in all your studying needs.

Everything Christmas Break
Duncan Hall closes on Saturday December 19th, please plan on checking out by 12pm. There is a $50 late check out after 2pm.
You will receive the attached check out list under your door later this week.
Residence Halls officially open at 9am on Sunday, January 10, 2016.  NO residents are permitted to arrive before that time. 
No one will be in the dorm over break, so remember your medications and passports if you are traveling. No one will be here to retrieve them for you if you forget. 
The housekeepers will clean all mirrors and sinks, as well as private bathrooms over break.

Annual Christmas Collection for our Housekeepers
Bridget and Emina have been very good to us. It's time to show them our appreciation. There's a collection box in the lobby or give your donations to your RAs. Thanks men!

Food Collection
Starting Friday, there will be large boxes outside each of the trash rooms to collect nonperishable foods for the Catholic Worker, Food Bank, and Center for the Homeless. We want to reduce food waste in the dorm.

That's all boys. Good luck with the last week of the semester and know of my prayers for all of you. My doors are always open so feel free to drop in anytime. 

Peace be with you always!

Nhat Nguyen



Thesings, Family, Ice Hockey (12/1/2015)


It is with sympathy that I inform you that Fr. Mark's father, Dr. Jack Thesing, died at 11:15pm last night with his wife of 62 years and children at his bedside.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers. As a community, we have had a few losses of loved ones this year, but know that you are not alone; we are stronger together. If I can be of any support to you, please let me know. In addition, Campus Ministry offers Grief Support should you need support during times of sorrow.  As a brotherhood, we can share with each other our highs and lows; and here's how we are celebrating the season of Advent:

Pray for the Thesings
Fr. Mark has generously been praying for us daily; thus, please take a moment to sign the signature frame in the lobby to return our prayers to him and his family.

Adopt a Family
We are still collecting donations for our adopted family, The Campbells. It ends tonight after Hall Council. Donate what you can but please sign the card for them.

Duncan Donut Mass
The Donut Commissioners are purchasing "donut holes" for tonight and the money saved will be donated to the Adopt-a-Family collection. Fr. Mark Demott, CSC, will be our presider; he was with us a few weeks ago.

Games Night with Professor Goodrich
Duncan Hall's faculty fellow, Professor Goodrich, will come to Duncan Hall on Thursday at 8:30pm to play some board games with us. Come for study break, stress relief, FREE FOOD and ask her how to best prepare for finals. Thursday starting at 8:30pm.

Fr. Ted Talks: Ed Hums
All are invited to join Campus Ministry for the first in a series of "Fr. Ted Talks" on Dec. 3 at 8:30 p.m. at Reckers. This first talk will feature Mendoza professor and Lyons Hall faculty-in-residence Ed Hums. Professor Hums will share a reflection on a personal litany of saints who have served as models and guides in his life. As a respected voice in business and a long-time Notre Dame faculty member, professor Hums brings a great deal of experience and wisdom to our campus about living an integrated life of faith. Smoothies will be served.
Inline image 1

Daily Mass Schedule for the first week of Advent
Tuesday Donut Mass: Fr. Mark Demott, CSC
Wednesday: Fr. Kevin Grove, CSC
Thursday: Fr. Terry Ehrman, CSC

Don't forget, Hall Council tonight at 10pm.

That's all for this last full week of the semester! Peace be with you throughout the month of December!

Peace brothers,


Special Announcements:


It's that time of year again--the time where we show campus how damn good we look padded from head to toe in gear which is merely an extension of the rock-hard bodies we sport underneath. That's right, it's Highlander Hockey season. If you enjoy the smell of sweat and the taste of victory, make sure you sign up here ASAP:

For freshmen who aren't familiar with interhall hockey here are some of the basics: full hockey equipment is required (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, shin guards, gloves, skates, and protection for the family jewels), there is no contact, we have SICK jerseys, and we're pretty frickin' good (read: we're bringing home the ship this year.)

If you have any questions, contact me <> or Will Niermeyer ,>.

Your fearless leader,
Josh Dempsey



Happy Thanksgiving (11/24/2015)


Before we all put South Bend out of sight and out of mind for the rest of the week, here's some very important information I think you would like to know that 1) turkeys actually originated in the Eastern United States and Mexico; 2) the long piece of skin that dangles from a turkey's neck is known as its "wattle"; and 3) Americans will consume 675 million pounds of this white meat on Thursday (vegetarians, I apologize).  Of course, we should all remember that there is more to the holiday than gravy and cranberry sauce.  For that reason, I wish you all a most safe, rejuvenating, and exciting holiday season with good family and friends.  Before you peace out, though, I suggest that you read on:

Thanksgiving Breakers
Again, if you are here for Thanksgiving, please fill out this form. Also see Thanksgiving Break Security memo.

Dining Hall Hours
North Dining Hall will host a festive Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday and operates on limited hours over break. SDH will be closed until Sunday.

Windows and Doors
Remember to shut your windows and lock your doors over break. With the winter settling in, remember to shut your windows to prevent pipes from freezing thus causing floods. Also, remember your keys when you return!

Adopt a Family
We will extend the collection for Adopt-a-Family until Tuesday after break.

Board Games Night
Mark your calendar for Thursday December 2nd for Game Night with Professor Victoria Goodrich, Duncan Hall Faculty Fellow.

Duncan Mass
Mass resumes Sunday at 9pm. Our numbers have been a little low in recent weeks so hopefully Thanksgiving Break will enkindle in us a renewed spirit as we celebrate a new liturgical year.

Okay, all done.  Have a joyous break celebrating Thanksgiving.

Peace brothers,



Break, Tryouts, Dance (11/17/2015)


As of today, there are 39 days until Christmas, 8 days until Thanksgiving, and 7 days until Thanksgiving break!.  All of these numbers add up to 1 crazy conclusion: there are 32 days left in the fall semester.  While that number (which translates to 768 hours) may seem like both an eternity and a mere moment, there is no need to fear.  Duncan Hall has plenty of activities to distract you from homework, inspire you in faith, and help you make the most of the remaining days of autumn at Notre Dame.

Thanksgiving Breakers
Those who are staying for Thanksgiving, please fill out this form so we know who's in the dorm in case of an emergency.

InterHall Basketball Tryouts
Coach Jay LaFave and Coach Emmett Wilmes will be hosting tryouts for Duncan Hall Interhall Basketball  A-Team on Saturday at 1pm in The Rock. We will have multiple teams so all are invited to try out.

What I Learned at ND
The series continue this Friday featuring Duncan's very own Michael Wajda!

Ballroom Dancing (Wo)Man Hour
The Ballroom Dancing Club will host a ballroom dance lesson here at Duncan Hall on Thursday at 10pm. No experiences necessary and invite your lady friends. It's also never too early to prepare for the Highlander Highrise, Feb. 13, 2016.

"Themed" Masses
Tuesday Donut Mass and Wednesday Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark after Mass. Come for Jesus and stay for fellowship.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy the remaining hours of World Peace Day!  Please pray for France.

Peace brothers,



Blazers, Thanksgiving, Family (11/10/2015)


Today marks the two-week stretch before Thanksgiving Break!  14 more days until we are released from the binds of syllabus deadlines and midterms.  While that time frame may seem a tad daunting, keep in mind that 14 is a actually a most spectacular number.  Historically speaking, this number has been associated with tons of random fun.  In 1914, a feminist used a meat chopper to destroy a famous painting, Mother's Day became an official national holiday, and Henry Ford sold over 200,000 automobiles.  As for the future, in 2024, there will be a total solar eclipse, Mars One hopes to establish the first human settlement on Mars, and the Earth's population is expected to reach eight billion.  Therefore, throughout the next 14 days, Duncan Hall is pulling out all the stops to make sure that we all have some historically good times.  

Happenings This Week:

9pm: Duncan Donut Mass
10pm: Hall Council
10:30pm: RA Info Session

8pm: Green Blazer Ceremony: Those who ordered a green blazer are encouraged to come. Suggested Dress Code from the Commissioners: slacks, button up shirts and perhaps a tie. All are welcome. Come support one another.
9pm: Mass, then Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark.

5pm: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner with Pangborn in the Duncan 24.
9pm: Mass
10pm: Man Hour with Nhat on Healthy Relationships. There will be food.

Parents Weekend -- Everyone is invited!
Green Blazer Friday!
12pm: Lunch with Professor Victoria Goodrich, Duncan Hall's faculty fellow.
5pm: Cookout in the Duncan Courtyard
7:30pm-9pm: Adoration in the Duncan Chapel

11am: Brunch in the Duncan 24 for families to mingle
3:30pm: Gamewatch in the 24 for those who are not going to the game. Wear your Green Blazers!

11am: Family Mass Sunday morning followed by coffee and donuts in the Duncan 24.
NO 9PM Mass!

It's a busy week but I wish you all an enjoyable and low-stress week. Have a happy fortnight!!!

Peace brothers,



Blaze(r), RA, Wedding Crashers (11/03/2015)


Happy November! So far it seems like November has warmer weather than October...only in South Bend! Today happens to be Election Day! Why do we vote on a Tuesday in November? According to the Internet, most Americans worked in the farming industry in the 1800s when the current Election Day was set so Congress picked November for elections as a time after the harvest but before weather made travel cumbersome. Tuesday was picked so voters had a day between church services and Election Day to get to the county seat to vote! Another interesting fact from the Internet is that Election Day was a big day for drinking because buying votes with booze was a custom in the 1700-1800s.  In 1758, George Washington spent his entire campaign budget on booze! While Duncan Hall does not use booze to woo anyone, the newsletters; however, come out every Tuesdays.

Duncan Donut Mass
Speaking of Tuesdays, Duncan Donut Mass is happening every Tuesdays at 9pm. Following Tuesday daily Mass, we will gather in the 24 Hr Lounge for some fellowship. All are welcome.

Parents Weekend
Duncan Hall welcomes our parents next weekend for the Wake Forest Weekend. If you know your family is coming, please invite them to Duncan Hall. We will have a cookout on Friday afternoon, brunch on Saturday, and Mass at 11am followed by Coffee and Donuts. Please RSVP at

RA Info Session
Next Tuesday (11/10) after Hall Council, there will be an RA info session for those interested in applying for hall staff. Current RAs will be available for Q&A. All those studying abroad are encouraged to attend. Application will be available in December and interviews begin in February. Only Juniors can apply, but all are welcome to attend the info session.

Green Blazer Ceremony
The Green Blazer Ceremony is tentatively set for next Wednesday (11/11) at 8pm. If you ordered a blazer, your RA will induct you. The event should only take about 30 minutes.

Extra Duncan Apparel
All apparel orders should have been picked up or delivered. I understand sweat pants sizes are being fixed. If there's an error on your order, please email Matthew Williams at  We also have some extras if you would like to purchase them.  See Rector for inventory. 

Schedule Change
No Man Hour this Thursday, resumes next Thursday.
No First Friday Adoration this Friday, happening next Friday.

Wedding Crashers
Former Duncan Hall AR, Robby Kiley, is getting married this Saturday at 11am in the Basilica.  If you would like to join, please meet in the lobby around 10:45am with your green jackets if you have one. I imagine Robby would appreciate the support.

That's all for this week boys. Remember, voting is a right so exercise it and drinking is reserved for those 21 and older so don't break the law.  Have great Zombies Week.

Peace brothers,



Donuts, Apparel, Poker (10/27/2015)


Welcome back from fall break! I hope you were able to get the R&R that you needed. Only four more weeks until Thanksgiving break! So for better or worst, the second half of the semester will go a lot faster than the first few months. Campus, however, is as beautiful as ever so remember to stop and "smell the roses..." Meanwhile, Duncan Hall is fun as ever.

Duncan Donuts Mass
All are invited to attend Duncan Donuts Mass on Tuesdays at 9pm. After mass in the chapel, all are invited for fellowship with donuts in the 24.

Duncan Apparel and Blazers
Most apparel are in and can be picked up at Hall Council tonight. The Green Blazers will be in sometime next week and we will hopefully have it for the last football game against Wake Forest, which is also senior night and Duncan Hall Parents Weekend. Green Blazer Ceremony TBA.

Check Your Mailboxes
Remember to check your mailboxes. The mail clerks delivered a lot of small packages in your mailboxes over fall break.

Nhat's Office Hours
Here's my November schedule to make myself available to you. You can always drop in as well. 

Man Hour
We will have our social event on Thursday evening at 10pm: Men and Poker, with Thursday Night Football. Come for some fellowship and win a Duncan Apparel item. 

That's all for this week. Welcome Back!

Peace brothers,



Grotto, Fall Break, Surveys (10/13/2015)


As midterm week is winding down, I hope you can start to see the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Raymond Twomey Duncan, an American entrepreneur, vintner, husband, father, grandfather, and highlander, has encountered the perpetual light! Let us continue to celebrate that joy as a Duncan Family this week:

Grotto Visit
A few guys have planned a Grotto Visit on Thursday at 8pm to honor Raymond T. Duncan; the funeral will be Thursday. If you have 10-15 minutes on Thursday night to light a candle for him, please join us at the Grotto at 8pm.

Everything Fall Break
Fall Breakers
If you are staying for Fall Break, please fill out this survey so we know who's in the dorm. North Dining Hall will be open with limited hours over fall break.

Traveling Plans
Many of us are traveling on the same route this break. Thus, if you feel comfortable sharing your rides, then use this travel board to offer rides or catch a ride. Feel free to edit.

Fall Break Inspections
Just a heads up that NDSP and NDFD will be inspecting rooms for health and safety concerns over break.  Remember your KEYS because your room will be locked upon return. I highly recommend locking your rooms anyway.

Fall Break starts this weekend so parietals will be at MIDNIGHT both Friday and Saturday.

Man Hour
Men and Grilling! We will be grilling on Thursday evening for Man Hour. Join us in the Duncan Courtyard at 10pm.

Parents Weekend
If you are going home for Fall Break, please invite your parents to Duncan Hall Parents Weekend during the Wake Forest weekend November 13-15, 2015. We will be sending out invitations through the mail, but remind them to RSVP at if they are planning to attend.

Dining Options Survey
Student Government is conducting a survey about potential healthier options to replace Burger King in LaFun as well as a few questions about going trayless in the dining hall, all very important steps forward for a more sustainable campus! Please fill out this survey.

If you have questions, concerns or feedback, then let your Senator know via this google form sent by Hall President earlier this evening.

Board Games
We are still taking suggestions for board games so let us know what you want with this google form.

Good luck with the rest of the week and please know of my prayers for all of you. Fall Break is just around the corner and we can't wait until the Fighting Irish runs out of that tunnel on Saturday evening under the lights! GO IRISH!!!

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Prayers, Puppies, Surveys (10/06/2015)

Congratulations! You have made it halfway through the fall semester--got a huge applause on Sunday at Mass. Apparently, Duncan Hall is a big fan of Bon Jovi: "WOOAHH We're half way there...WOOAHH, Livin' on a prayer... Take my hand, we'll make it I swear. WOOAHH, Livin' on a prayer."  If you're not a fan, that's ok. At least we know Bon Jovi is a fan of Notre Dame, his son went to ND, and Duncan Hall is what makes Notre Dame great! Here's all the greatness that is happening this week:

Daily Mass
The B side RAs invite their sections to attend daily mass this evening, Tuesday 10/6 at 9pm.  All are welcome! Daily Masses are celebrated Monday - Thursday at 9pm. It's about 21-24 minutes and it's very intimate.  So if you find yourself needing a bit more prayer this week and next week, come to mass.

Wednesday Rosary
In honor of the Rosary month and the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, we will have a dorm-wide Rosary in the Chapel at 8:30pm on Wednesday evening.  Bring your beads, prayers and petitions so we can pray together.  Then, Mass at 9pm followed by Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark. Come as your time permits.

Man Hour Thursday
This Week's Man Hour topic will be Men and Family. As most of you are getting ready to go home for Fall Break, we will spend some time talking about Men and Family on Thursday evening.

Apparel Purchases Due this Friday
Reminder that all apparel purchases are due this Friday. Use to access the website. Contact Hodges Markwalter ( or Matthew Williams ( if you have any questions or recommendations.

Puppies with Pizzas
I have heard your outcry for a Duncan Puppy; NO! However, on Monday from 3pm-4:30pm, the Pet Refuge will bring some puppies to the Duncan Courtyard to entertain you and our guests. It's a good stress reliever, very therapeutic.  Again, it's Puppies with Pizzas, not to be confused with Pizzas with Puppies or Puppies Pizzas. All are welcome.

Forms and Surveys:
Bible Study

There have been interests in starting a bible study group so if you are interested, please fill out this survey.

All Fun and Games
We want to stock the Duncan 24 with some board games and fun stuff. Let us know what you want with this survey.

Study Abroad
Those planning on studying abroad, please find some time to meet with me. Here's my calendar. In addition, if you haven't had the chance to fill out the study abroad recommendation form, here it is.

Fall Breakers
If you are staying in Duncan for Fall Break, please fill out this form. Dinning Services will operate on limited schedule over Fall Break. Good news is NDH will be open throughout break!

Odds and Ends

Get your flu shots
Hall Council at 10pm Tonight

Phew, I think that's long enough. If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you; you've earned a pat in the back from the rector!  Best of luck with midterms and papers.

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen