Men of Duncan,

Happy Mid-term Week! I am sure you are enjoying the craziness that is term papers and multiple choice exams.  A few study tips from the Internet: chew gum while test-taking to pump oxygen to the brain, listen to jazz music to "relieve boredom," and turn your course material into rhymes for ideal memorization.  If you do happen to have a free moment, however, check out what's happening in Duncan in the next few weeks.  We can't promise A's on papers, but we can offer a little bit of peace of mind. 

Spring Breakers
For emergency purposes, those who are staying for spring break, please fill out this form. In addition, ARs Dom and Brian will love to hang out with you throughout break. It should be mostly stress free week! Also check out the Spring Break Special Bulletin for more details.

Basement Storage
Here's the schedule for the basement storage:

Tuesday: after hall council for 30 minutes
Wednesday: 9:30pm - 10pm
Thursday: 9:30pm - 10pm

Retreat Sign Ups
Duncan Hall Retreat is set for March 31st - April 1st. Registrations are open! The cost is $5 before spring break and $10 after spring break. Scholarships are available. Retreat to relax and refresh.

The Bald and The Beautiful
The once Duncan's signature event is now a campus-wide operation. Read the history of it in the 2-4.  Duncan Hall has always had the most participants in TBAB so let's show up this year! TBAB is April 5th, 6th, and 7th this year. Register here to shave your head for cancer research and awareness!

Master's Week
Duncan Hall Spirit Week will be on April 3rd to the 8th. Get excited! More details to come.

Welcome Weekend Ambassadors
Just a reminder that the Welcome Weekend Ambassador Applications are due arch 17th.Application here.

Room Picks and Lottery
We will have a public lottery on Tuesday March 21st after Hall Council. Duncan Hall room picks will be on Wednesday March 29th starting at 7pm until we finish, at approximately 8:30pm.  You must be present for room picks.  See the attachment for details.  The lottery list will answer a lot of questions so I'll save the specific details until the lottery list is revealed. 

Study Abroad List
In the effort you help you plan for next year's rooming arrangements, I've attached a list of those who are studying abroad so you can reach out to them.  Again, the lottery list will be more telling and clear as to how room picks will go. Be patient.

Spring break is upon us. Let's talking about spring cleaning. The housekeepers will once again be cleaning your sinks and mirrors unless you opt out by writing it on your whiteboard. Be sure to clear your belongings in the sink area.  

Also, please clean up after yourself in all public spaces. It is our home so everyone do our part to tidy up.

unnamed (5).gif

 You did it! I know it's a long email and a tough week (NO JOKE!) o give yourself a pat on the back! May God watch over your studies and your stress level. Enjoy your spring break! REMEMBER YOUR KEYS, TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, MEDICATION, ETC.

Peace brothers,