Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.  Today is the last day/night of “gluttony” and “parties” before the ritual fasting of the Lenten Season, which begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. This Friday, however, is called Kissing Friday! Across the pond in England, the Friday following Ash Wednesday has traditionally been deemed as Kissing Day. Throughout the holiday, schoolboys were entitled to kiss any girl without fear of punishment or rejection.  Unfortunately for you fellas, the holiday was discontinued in the 1940s.  Ironically, the production of Hershey Kisses was also stopped in the 1940s.  From 1942-1949, no Hershey kisses were sold in order to ration the silver foil used for wrappers. While Duncan Hall might not be able to supply you with a sweetheart or endlessly satisfy your sweet tooth, we do have plenty of opportunities for you to receive and spread a little Christian Love.  Read on to see how we're ringing in the Lenten season in the upcoming weeks:

Housing Applications
The housing application is due on Friday at midnight! Please take a moment to fill it out, even if you're planning to move off campus. 

Room Picks
You must fill out the form by Friday at midnight in order to participate in the room picks process. If not, then you will be place on the waitlist.  Visit to fill out your application.

InterHall Transfer
Keep in mind that if you are transferring out or pulling someone in, then you must contact both Rectors-current and incoming-in order to complete the process. If you do not do both, then housing will void your interhall transfer application. 

Welcome Weekend Ambassador Application
Gino Domel, Daniel Massoud, and Andrew VanDieren have agreed to captain the Welcome Weekend Team. Here's the ambassador application.  It's due Friday March 17th.

Ash Wednesday
Duncan Hall will celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow at 9pm. All are welcome.

Jordan DVT Tour
Duncan, Dillion, WF, and Ryan are co-sponsoring the Tour of the Universe at Jordan Hall's DVT on Wednesday at 7pm.  Please sign up here. Lots of folks are going...Invite your friends!

Save the Dates

  • Spring Break starts next Friday!!!
  • Room Picks after Spring Break. Date: TBA
  • Duncan Hall Retreat will be on March 31st - April 1st this year.
  • Baby, Puppies and Pizzas in the Spring! (with Professor Goodrich and her children.)

That's all folks! Have a great week!

Peace Brothers,