Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy Super Tuesday! 

Duncan Hall Election is heating up and you don't want to miss the wholesale platforms that our candidates will be presenting tonight after hall council. Before we get there, here's a few updates for the week:

Housing Application

Housing Application is open from February 20th - March rd. I hope that everyone returns; however, even if you do not need on campus housing next semester/year, please indicate that as well so we do not have a "No Response" and then have to track you down. For more information on the housing process, visit the Office of Housing page. If you still have further questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Duncan Hall Inter-Hall Soccer

There's an interest form in the lobby for those who are interested in playing and reppin' Duncan Hall in inter-hall soccer. Season starts March 20th and Duncan Hall will have two teams.

Students with Chronic Illnesses

As a Rector, I am concerned for all students' well-being.  What keeps me up at night is the fear of not attending to someone's need. Nonetheless, issues such as mental health and chronic illnesses are not known to me unless they are self-disclosed. There's help and there's hope! Other than hall staff, Care Consultants ( are great resources. In addition, I want to point out a grassroots group of about 12 or so who've reached out to me. Here's Claire Marks' email:

I am excited and hopeful to tell you about a small but extraordinary group of students on campus. This is a small group of students, connected and backed through Scott Howland with Disability Services, who all deal with chronic invisible illness [such as autoimmune diseases (Crohn's Disease, lupus, MS, etc.) and diabetes] as well as balance daily life as a college student. There are currently about 12 members of this group, but we would like to reach out in order to connect with any other students that you may (or may not!) know of who are also trying to navigate life while being chronically ill. This group is a great opportunity for Notre Dame students with chronic illnesses to connect with others going through similar struggles. It has served as such a wonderful outlet and source of encouragement for myself and others as well as an opportunity for growth and learning through others. Students interested in learning more about this group (with no pressure to join) are encouraged to contact me ( 

Please reach out to Claire if you are curious.

Jordan Hall DVT Tour

Following up on Max and Randy's email, those who are interested in "Touring the Universe" on next Wednesday March 1st starting at 7pm are encouraged to sign up:

For more info, visit Jordan's DVT Page.

Ash Wednesday

Just a gentle reminder that next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which begins the Liturgical Season of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Duncan Hall will celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass at 9pm.

Laundry Tips

Did you know that you can add individual quarters to the washers and dryers for extra cycles? The dryers do not always dry in 60 minutes and each quarter adds 10 minutes!

That's all for this week. Hope to see you all at the Hall Election Debate tonight! Poll opens from Wednesday 12am-11:59pm. Again, here's the video from last year; it should be an entertaining evening. 

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen

Community. Brotherhood. Respect.