Men of Duncan Hall,

It's Highrise season so I have been flooding your inboxes, especially those who've signed up for the Highrise, with notifications and updates, but they are necessary. I'll keep the newsletter short-ish.

Highrise Guidelines
Sister Sue, the Rector of Badin Hall, will be on duty at Duncan Hall on Saturday Night.  ABSOLUTELY NO SOCIAL GATHERING for those not attending the Highrise. Parietals is at 2am. Duncan Hall Staff will return around that time, if not before. 

Please do not inconvenient our guest rector. Be hospitable and show her the best of Duncan Hall: Community, Brotherhood, Respect.

Highrise Details
Please review the attachments for all the details on the day of Highrise so you know what to expect. A final instruction email will be sent out to those who signed up on Thursday. A note on the menu: The Herb Roasted Chicken is not available for everyone, only for those with dietary needs.

Bus Sign Up
As mentioned, the Bus Sign Up will be LIVE after Hall Council tonight!

Dunkies Nominations
We want to highlight or lowlight our brother highlanders at the Highrise. Here's  the form for nominations. Keep it clean! Not all nominations are guaranteed. 

JPW Weekend
Just a heads up, next weekend is also Junior Parents Weekend and Parietals are at midnight all weekend. See memo for details.

For all juniors: please RSVP for the Saturday's Luncheon if you haven't already done so. You can find the form here. We want to make sure we cater enough flood.

Weekly Events Highlights
: Duncan Doughnut Mass @9pm and Hall Council @10pm
Wednesday: What I Learned at ND (Free Pizzas) @8pm, Daily Mass @9pm then Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark
Thursday: Daily Mass @9pm and Man Hour @10pm
Sunday: Community Mass with Fr. Pete

One last thing: How about that bus sign up last night? I have a lot ridding on it tonight (no pun intended!) "#notmyrector"

Respect, Brother, -hood, Community

Nhat Nguyen