Beloved Highlanders,

Happy Valentine's Day!  After centuries of celebrating this romantic holiday, it is time again to whip out the pink clothes and spend some serious time in the candy aisle at Martin's.  According to the National Confectioners Association, Americans will be dishing out about a billion dollars for candy and about 75% of that sweet stuff will be in chocolate form.  In addition, 190 million greeting cards will be exchanged (not including the cardboard Taylor Swift nes distributed in classrooms across the country.)   Some historical tid-bits?  The first Valentine's Day card was actually sent from the Tower of London, but the practice didn't gain significant popularity until the Revolutionary War.  As for the sweet stuff, chocolate has been linked to romance since the days of the Aztec Empire, when the semi-sketchy emperor Montezuma declared it to have special, seductive powers.  Regardless of your personal history with the Day, this time of year does promise to be one of tasty treats and a little extra love.  If you're looking to tap into that kind of goodness, check out what uncan Hall has going n in the next few weeks.   

Hall Election
Just a reminder for those who are interested in running for Hall President/VP, Senator, or SUB Rep to attend the info session this evening. Attached is the Application for Elected Office in Duncan Hall. Here's the rest of the timeline:
2/14: Info Session. Application opens
2/17: Applications due
2/19: Campaigning
2/21: Presidential Debate
2/22: Hall Election

Welcome Weekend Captains Application
Those who are interested in serving as Duncan Hall Welcome Weekend Captains, please fill out this application.  Ambassadors applications will be available in March.

Duncan Hall Supports Its Highlanders
Come Support our Highlander Boxers tonight starting at 6pm. Patrick Rafferty, Timothy Mikulski, Henry Davis, Joo Sung Kim, Justin Livingston, Chris Prattos, Luke Rafferty, Cam Nolan, Ali Thomas, Adam Pasquinelly, and Will Ferguson.

JPW Weekend
All juniors and your family and loved ones are invited to the Duncan Hall JPW Luncheon at noon on Saturday.  Parietals for this weekend is MIDNIGHT. Both Friday and Saturday's parietals is MIDNIGHT.

Weekly Highlights
Tuesday: Donut Mas at 9pm; Hall Council at 10pm; CoCo Party at 10:30pm
Wednesday: Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark after 9pm Mass

That's all for these week, folks.  I wish you all (regardless of your facebook relationship status) a marvelous Valentine's Day full of Russell Stover chocolates and Hallmark poetry.  In the words of the candy hearts, may you have all the love in the world.

Peace Brothers,