To All the Men of Duncan Hall,

While we were caught up in the ND Texas game, Sunday was a great day for the Church. Mother Teresa, a tiny nun from Calcutta, was canonized a saint by Pope Francis in the Vatican. Saints are real people living among us, and we are all called to be saints! Below are opportunities to be "Christ for others."

GameDay Weekend
Due to Game Day Protocol, only Duncan residents can access the building through the front and parking lot doors only. (Sorry B-Side, you cannot use  the side door facing McGlinn!). You will have to escort your guest into Duncan as well; they cannot swipe in.  Friday 5pm-Sunday 9am.

To check your PIN, go to

Duncan Ryan Week Continues
The Best of the West Week continues today with the section volleyball tournament and cook out in the Duncan Courtyard.  Wednesday is Mass and late night breakfast at Ryan Hall. Thursday is off campus bowling night. Friday is the Duncan Hall SYR.

Cookout and Section Volleyball Match Ups
Free Food will be available around 5pm in the Duncan Courtyard. 
Here are the volleyball match ups:
1A vs 1B will play to 5:00
2A vs 2B will pay at 5:40
3A vs 3B will play at 6:20

Each section team is collectively made up of Duncan and Ryan residents.

Free Bowling Thursday Interest Form
Duncan and Ryan Halls are providing a 24-passenger shuttle to and from Chippewa Bowl. Please let us know if you are interested in the event by filling out this google form!

Duncan Gatsby SYR Sign Ups
Please refer to the attached guidelines and visit to sign up for the SYR. It's only appropriate to bring two dates to a Gatsby Dance!

Fire Drill
Every residence halls are required to conduct two fire drills each semester-one announced and one unannounced. The first fire drill for Duncan Hall is Tuesday TONIGHT at 7:45pm. Please plan accordingly. 

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist and Lector Training
Those interested in serving at Duncan Hall Mass, please attend the training TONIGHT at 8pm or after the fire drill.

InterHall Sign Ups
Just a reminder that Interhall Football sign-ups are posted on the white board outside the 24. We'd like to have a final headcount by Wednesday afternoon to determine our roster size/if we need to have try-outs. No matter how much experience you may have playing football, we'd love to have you on the squad. -Love, Tommy Staffieri

Cross Country Sign Ups are posted in the lobby!

Key and Card Access
Starting next week, the exterior doors will be re-cored and you can only access the building via swipe access. To check your PIN, visit

Hall Council at 10pm Tonight! Come one, come all!
Here's the FIFA brackets from last week, random seeding. Find your opponent--room numbers next to their names--to play on your own time. Please get your games in within 24 hours of a new match ups.  The goal is to play the championship game after Hall council next week. Good luck men!
Inline image 2

That's all the announcements for this week, but one more thing, remember that every  saint has a past and every sinner has a future! Make good decisions this first GameDay weekend! Go Irish!

Nhat Nguyen