o All the Men of Duncan,

Can you believe that we are still in September?!  "Wake Me Up When September Ends!"  The 2005 Green Day's hit single is not about returning to school nor the end of summer, it is about loss. Notre Dame and Duncan Hall football programs suffered crushing loses over the weekend. Like all things, we learn more from the loses and defeats than we do from the wins and victories.  All is grace! Nothing is ever lost! Read on to see how you can win some great experiences this week at Duncan Hall.

Green Blazer Ceremony
This Thursday 9/29 at 7:30pm in the chapel. Those who ordered a green blazer are encouraged to attend the Green Blazer Ceremony on Thursday at 7:30pm in the chapel.  Jimmy Kane will be taking pictures.

unnamed (2).gif

Duncan Hall Picture
Following the Green Blazer Ceremony, ALL are encouraged to come to the chapel at 8:15pm for the Duncan Hall Picture for the yearbook! Green Blazers Encouraged.

Baby Shower Saturday at 12pm.
We finally have an away game! Duncan Hall will host a Baby Shower Game Watch with Professor Goodrich on Saturday at 12pm.  We'd originally scheduled our Baby Shower for Professor Goodrich at noon, then the game got scheduled to noon so we'll just combine the event. All are welcome!

Free Flu Shots Week
Free Flue Shots at Stepan Center this week: Wednesday 12pm-9pm; Thursday: 9am-7pm; and Friday 9am-5pm. See flyer for details.

Bike Registration TONIGHT 10:30PM
NDSP Officer, Anthony Clark, will be in the lobby tonight after Hall Council to register all bikes on campus. Highly recommend registering your bike so that in the event that it gets stolen and NDSP finds it, they know who owns it.

Hall Council and FIFA
The FIFA Championship will finally be played after hall council tonight ! Connor Hogan is awaiting the winner of Ben Anderson and (Jack Bruck/David Odun-Ayo). Game should only last 10-15 minutes. Come see who wins!

Weekly Occurrences
Tuesday Donut Mass at 9pm, Hall Council at 10pm
Wednesday Daily Mass followed by Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark
Thursday Night Man Hour at 10pm

Many opportunities for you to win this week! I hope you take advantage of all the happenings, but there's one more thing: a picture says a thousand words:

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen