To All the Men of Duncan,

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Happy Tuesday. I hope that your rainy day gear is serving you well and keeping you dry. The "Dorm Plague" is upon us; 232 guys carry a lot of germs and bacteria. But it comes and it will go; your immune system will get used to it. Here's a few tips to stay healthy: avoid hooking up with too many people, wash your hands frequently, boost your immune system-plenty of sleep, diet, exercise, vitamin C, reduce stress, and cut back on alcohol consumption-AND attend Duncan Events:

West Quad Mass at 4PM Sunday
All the West Quad Dorms are coming together this Sunday to celebrate Mass in the Basilica at 4PM. It is a unique opportunity for all the dorms to gather and pray together. All R WKOMD! (Ryan WF Keough O'Niell McGlinn Duncan)!!! Green Blazers encouraged

WestFest this Friday
The West Quad Dorms are hosting a campus-wide WestFest event this Friday from 2pm-5pm on West Quad! It is a carnival atmosphere with Dunk Tank, Human Bowling, Hot Dog Eating Contest, and much more. 

Duncan Ryan Week
The Best of the West Week begins Sunday with West Quad Mass and then Notre Dame Football Season Opener vs. Texas game watch in Ryan Hall.  T-Shirts and Tanks will be available on a "first come first serve" basis. 

Here's the brief schedule for the rest of the week. More details to come as we get closer:
Monday 9/5: Cookout and Section Volleyball
Tuesday 9/6: Duncan Ryan Dinner are the Dinning Hall; Duncan Donut Mass
Wednesday 9/7: Breakfast in Duncan 24; Ryan Waffle Mass
Thursday 9/8: Bowling from 7pm-9pm
Friday 9/9: Duncan SYR

Duncan SYR (Setup Your Roommate) Dance
Save the "Date": Friday 9/9 at The Rock! 10PM-1AM. Details to come.

Duncan Apparel and Green Blazers
The Apparel Order page is live! To place your order, visit: Deadline is Sunday September 4th. Please share with family and friends. Contact the Rector if you have trouble getting payment in by Sunday 9/4 and needs a deferment.

Green Blazer Order Form: Deadline: Sunday 9/4. Cost: $60
If you don't know your size, then write "Needs To Be Sized" and a commissioner will find you. Collecting payment later this week next week TBA. Rector Fund available to those who qualified.

Duncan Donut Mass
Donut Mass resumes tonight at 9pm in the Saint Walter's Chapel. Invite your friends! We will be praying for Emina's Mother tonight. Emina is our beloved housekeeper. Please sign the card for her tonight after Mass.

Hall Council at 10pm in the 24

Congratulations of making to the end of the email! However, there's one more thing: I bet Jesus drives a Christ-ler!  Best wishes on staying dry and cool. GO IRISH!!!

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen, Rector