Men of Duncan Hall,

(I understand it is now Wednesday, but I composed this on Tuesday) Happy First Day of Classes! Happy Tuesday! While there are cultural debates regarding the popularity of this day in the week—the Greeks consider Tuesday an unlucky day (the fall of Constantinople was on a Tuesday) but the Jews think that Tuesday is particularly lucky (“it was good” was referenced twice on this day in the creation story)—the Duncan hall weekly email usually comes on Tuesday; so for better or worse, you can decide on the significance of today! Here we go...

Duncan Hall Faculty Fellow: Dr. Victoria Goodrich
First Year Students had a great intro meeting with Professor Victoria Goodrich, or just Victoria, on Monday. Here is her contact information if anyone want to reach out to her for additional resources:  Side note: Duncan Hall now has a baby shower commissioner!!!

State of Duncan Hall Mandatory Meetings
For those who did not make Monday nor Tuesday Hall meetings, we will have a make up session on Wednesday at 9:30pm in the Chapel.

Wednesday Pizza Party in the Courtyard
Hopefully the weather will hold out for our gathering tomorrow. Starting around 5pm tomorrow afternoon, all highlanders are invited to join the community in the courtyard for some fellowship. BYOYG: Bring Your Own Yard Games. IF it rains, then we'll have it in the 24. Gluten Free Pizzas will be available, just ask the Rector.

Duncan Hall ass Schedule
Duncan Hall celebrates Mass Sunday - Thursday at 9pm in the St. Walter's Chapel. Tuesday is Duncan Doughnut Mass!

pcoming Events and Initiatives
WestFest: Friday September 2nd 2pm -5pm
Duncan Ryan Week: September 3rd - September 9th
Duncan SYR Dance: Saturday September 9th
The Highlander Grillle: Grand Opening Monday  ugust 29th


Key/Card Acces: Currently your room key will open the front and parking lot exterior doors. Starting next week, you can only access the dorm via swipe card access. If your card does not let you into Duncan Hall, then let me know. You should have access to all residential dorms as well, but it will be more stable next week.

To check your PIN, go to

aint Michael's aundry - uncan Hall pick ups: hursda morning, highly recommend dropping your laundry at the bottom of the staircase Wednesday night. Delivery will be Monda mornings.

Mai - UPS and FedEx will deliver to your doors. USP will deliver to the mailroom and hall clerks will deliver packages. Remember to check your mail boxes regularly. ***If USPS gets delivered to ND after 10AM, then it will be at Duncan Hall the next day.

Tras Room and Trash ans - lease read the Trash Room Etiquette outside the trash rooms. If your room does not have a trash can or recycling bin, then let me know. We can get you one.

you can see, it takes a while to write these weekly newsletter so I would really appreciate it if you read them.  Before I go, one more thing, have you ever wondered why Noah was such a good businessman? Well, he floated his stock while everyone else was being liquidated! Have a good week!

eace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen,
Rector of Duncan Hal