Men of Duncan Hall,

Ten days until spring break!!! I am sure you are enjoying the craziness that is term papers and multiple choice exams.  A few study tips from the Internet: chew gum while test-taking to pump oxygen to the brain, listen to jazz music to "relieve boredom," and turn your course material into rhymes for ideal memorization.  If you do happen to have a free moment, however, check out all the Duncan Happenings this week.  We can't promise A's on papers, but we can offer a little bit of peace of mind. 

Make Duncan Great, Again
Following Hall Council, Vice President Emeritus, Sean Himel, and two-time VP candidate, Radoslaw Nabrzyski, will moderate the Duncan Hall Election debate. It should be a great evening. Pizza will be served.

Election Ballots
The election ballots will be emailed to your inbox after the debate and close within 24 hours. All current members of the community are eligible to vote, please exercise your civil duty.

Blood Drive Wednesday
Please sign up to donate blood if you are able. Later in the semester, Duncan Hall will participate in The Bald and the Beautiful to raise money for cancer research. Cancer patients in chemo treatment need lots of blood. Walk ins are welcome but sign ups are encouraged. 

Housing Updates

  • Housing Applications close THIS Friday! We have 112 guys who have not responded.
  • Public Lottery will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd.
  • Pull-ins will drop to the bottom of the lottery list; however, your lottery number will not be affected unless you are applying for a specialty room (5/6 man, quads, or triples) with more than one pull-ins.
  • Room Picks has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th from 7pm-9pm.

Spring InterHall Sports
Soccer Try Outs: Tomorrow, Wednesday at 10:30pm in Loftus!
Tomorrow night, Wednesday 2/24, @10:30pm on Loftus Sports field, Duncan will be holding the first session of Interhall Soccer tryouts. We will have a walk over from Duncan @10:15pm so be in the lobby a little before that time. Duncan has had a history of being one of the best dorms for Interhall Soccer so come out and bring your A-game. There will be two teams, an A and a B team that we will form after tryouts. This means that no one will be cut. This year, Cornelius McGrath and Matthew Millay will be your captains. Please come out and attend the first night of tryouts so we can look to win a championship this year! Bring cleats, shinguards, and whatever else you need to play soccer. "Cheers mates" - Cornelius (and Matt).

Lacrosse Sign Ups end Wednesday
Interhall Lacrosse signups are now available on IMLeagues. Interested players simply need to sign up for "Duncan Hall" under "IHM-3" 

Spring Breakers
For security and emergency purposes, if you are staying for spring break, please let us know by filling out this form.

That's all for us this afternoon, but one more thing, many chapels around campus have bat problems. The rectors have called the exterminator several times but can't seem to get rid of them. (True Story!) Here at Duncan, we don't have any bat problems because Fr. Mark confirmed them all so they quit coming! Come to Mass! Sunday - Thursday at 9pm.

May God watch over your studies and your stress level.

Peace Brothers,