Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy November! Sunshine and 73 degrees do not feel like November but enjoy it while it's here.  As for those of you still juggling crazy workloads, please focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and remember that we are in the short stretch before Thanksgiving Break!  Whether you are in need of a party or a breather, Duncan Hall has surely got something to fill your soul for the next few days. 

All Saints Day and All Souls Day
Today is the Solemnity of All Saints and it is a Holy Day of Obligation, aka Holy Day of Opportunity (to pray to with saints). Duncan Hall will celebrate our usual Duncan Doughnut Mass tonight at 9pm.  The Basilica is also celebrating Mass at 5:15pm for those who cannot make it to the 9pm Mass. 

Tomorrow is All Souls Day and again, Mass at Duncan Hall will be celebrated at 9pm. We will also have the Book of Remembrance out throughout the month of November to pray for our beloved dead. The book has been a Duncan Tradition for eight years. Feel free to inscribe anyone you want us to pray for throughout the month.

RA Info Session
The current RAs will hold an informational session this Sunday after our 9pm Community Mass for those interested in learning about the RA position and the application process. 

Study Abroad
Once again, for those who needs a study abroad reference or a recommendation in general, please sign up to meet with me so we can discuss your plans.  Here's my calendar or stop by the office.

Man Hour
Thursday Man Hour will feature RA Lukas O'Donnell presenting on Men and Politics. Discussion starts at 10pm in the 24.

Duncan Hall Annual Pool Tournament
The much anticipated pool tournament is starting this week. Sign up at Hall Council tonight! There are hard deadlines to get your games in: Sweet 16 must be filled by 11/8/2016 and Final Four by 11/13/2015. The Championship Game will be played in two weeks!

Interhall Updates
Duncan Hall Football is in the playoffs!!! Quarterfinals vs. Alumni this Sunday at 2:30pm.

Duncan Hall Volleyball is UNDEFEATED!!! Next game is Monday at 8pm. Playoffs 

Shower Survey
If you have a moment, please take this survey:

Men, this is White Ribbon Against Pornography Week. Please take advantage of these opportunities throughout the week. 

As always, should you have any general or random questions, please feel free to send them my way. My inbox is always open. One more thing, three jokes today from a fellow highlander: 1. Why did the balloon go near the needle? He wanted to be a pop star!
2. Why is music coming out of the printer? It must be jamming again.
3. When I see lovers' names carved in a tree, I don't think it's sweet. I just think it's surprising how many people bring a knife on a date.

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen