Highlanders (Remember to "load all images" on mobile for the gifs),

Welcome home. Thank you to all those who made meetings last night and earlier tonight.  I believe we had good conversations and clear expectations as we start the second semester. Those who had conflicts or did not make it, I will email you shortly for a make up.  Anyways, one thing that will not change this semester is the Duncan Hall weekly emails, now I know they traditionally go out on Tuesdays so many of you may be waiting in vigil, but I wanted to wait until after our Hall Meeting this week. Here it is:

Semester Highlights
Here are some dates that I mentioned at the Hall Meeting so mark your calendars:

  • Jan 18th: MLK Celebration
  • Feb 10th: Ash Wednesday
  • Feb 13th: Highrise
  • Feb 21st: JPW
  • Feb 23rd: Hall Election
  • Feb  25th: Invite your Favorite Professor Dinner
  • March 5th-13th: Spring Break
  • March: Room picks
  • March 25th-28th: Easter Break
  • April 1st/2nd: Duncan Hall Retreat
  • April: Bald and the Beautiful
  • April 16/17th: Duncan Classic
    • Masters Week (10th-17th)
  • April 27th: Last Day of Class

These don't even include the weekly events like Masses, Tuesdays Duncan Donut Mass, Hall Council, Wednesdays Cards & Snacks with Fr. Mark, Thursdays Man Hour, Interhall/Section Sports, and Mini-Tournaments.  Lots going on second semester.

MLK Celebrations-Sunday Midnight
Why is diversity important? I believe it is because we live in America-the most diverse country in the world, and that's something to be proud of and to celebrate! Thus, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day offers us an opportunity to celebrate our US history and heritage.  Please join the Notre Dame Community on Sunday for a midnight candle light service and a march from the Hesburgh Library to the Grotto to the dining hall. Weather is going to be pretty bad, but we will be in solidarity with one another. Two words: Free Food! Worth it!

Highrise Update
The Highlander Highrise will be on Saturday February 13, 2014.  That's four weeks away. You can start signing up next week and we will collect money starting February 1st: $90 for couples and $45 for singles. (I went solo last year, no shame; I had a great time!)  If you are eligible for Rector Funds, then let me know so we can get you on the list. Here's pictures from last year so get excited!!! http://duncan.nd.edu/highrise-2015

Highrise T-Shirt Contest
Remember to submit your Highrise t-shirt designs to the google drive by Monday, February 18th. Voting begins next week from Tuesday (2/19) - Friday (2/22). Winner will get free tickets to the Highrise ($90 value), not to mention your design will be worn all over campus. Addition info: (Duncan Hall)Highlander Highrise or simply Highrise. Date: Feb. 13, 2016. Location: 99th floor of Willis Tower with 103rd SkyDeck in downtown Chicago. (Best dance on campus, off campus)

Duncan Hall Belt
The apparel commissioners are planning to roll out some more apparel for the spring semester. One item they have in mind is Duncan Hall Belt and they want to survey the hall for interest as well as designs.  Check it out! http://goo.gl/forms/ZdU4tSjyZy


Side Doors: All the side doors (parking lot, McGlinn, and the field) tend to drag snow as they open and close during the snowy months; thus, if you could pull or push them shut before proceeding so the door alarms do not go off, that would be most helpful. Thank you for your cooperation.
Shoes in the Hallways: We understand that it is wet outside so feel free to dry your shoes in the hallways but remember to clear the hallways by final rounds.  If your shoes are out during final rounds, hall staff will move them in your room or in front of your doors so be careful when you exit your rooms in the morning. 

That's all for this week boys. I hope you got your POWERBALL tickets.  The jackpot is an insane $1.5 billion! I didn't win over the weekend so I did what a sane person did, I played again hoping for different results!

Peace boys,
Nhat Nguyen, Rector