Happy New Year. Now that Notre Dame is on most people's mind (kicks off in t-minus 15 minutes and Nick Watskins is making his first ND start at cornerback), let's talk about Duncan Hall. A few reminders as we start the new year!

Highrise in Downtown ChiTown
Highlander Highrise is on Saturday Feb. 13th. Tickets are $90 for couples and $45 singles. In addition, we are having a Highrise T-Shirt design contest! Winners get free admission to the Highrise.  Submission due Monday January 25th and voting will occur that week.  Drop your submission in this shared folder.(Your name as file name.)

TownHall Meeting
Once again, we will start the new semester with an all-hall meeting in the chapel.

A-Side: Tuesday, January 12th at 8pm
B-Side: Wednesday, January 13th at 8pm

Attendance is required. Tell your RAs if you have a conflict. We will make it worth your while.

Residential Halls open at 9am on Sunday January 10th.
You will not have card access to the dorms until Sunday Jan. 10th at 9am so please avoid coming back early. 

Remember your Keys

Happy New Year and Go Irish!!!

Live Large and Prosper Brothers,
Nhat Nguyen