Happy Texas Week! The state of Texas is known for a lot of things, mainly for its size: "everything is bigger in Texas" referencing its geographic. Texasian is also known to be Texas-tough: "Don't Mess with Texas." Finally, football! Fight Night Lights originated in Texas, and legend has it that high school football in Texas is just as big as college and pro football. "Football is a religion in Texas," some would say. We will find out just how big and tough Texas is when the University of Texas visits Notre Dame Stadium this weekend. NBC will broadcast the game, and SportCenter will bear witness. Duncan Hall has some pretty big happenings this week as well:

Football Weekend
Please see attachment regarding GameDay Weekend. Remember to use good judgement this weekend. Hopefully there will be a lot of this for us on Saturday (BYU is in the same "Independent" non-conference as ND so I am liking our chances):

Duncan Ryan Week
Tentative schedule: Sunday-Breakfast (possibly at Duncan); Monday - Volleyball and Lawn Games; Tuesday (9pm-10pm) - Scavenger Hunt; Wednesday(8pm-9pm) - $3 Skate Rentals at Compton Family Ice Arena; Thursday  - Field Events?; Friday (6pm-8pm)- BBQ; and ending the week with a Duncan SYR Dance.

SYR Guidelines
Sign Ups (up to two Ryan dates or one non-Ryan date) and detailed directives will be available next Tuesday, but here's what you need to know:
Parietals at Duncan Hall begins at 10pm on Saturday (9/12): No female guests nor social gatherings after 10pm, (ie go to the dance!). Dates may arrive in Duncan Hall at 8:30pm; and only those attending the dance may host or participate in a social gathering before the dance. Otherwise, no social gatherings on Saturday. Once you leave the dance, you cannot re-enter the ballroom. Again, parietals start at 10pm; therefore, you cannot bring your dates back to Duncan. Hall Staff will be at front desk on Saturday. If you have questions, please ask. Your Highlander Highrise participation in February is contingent on your behavior at the SYR.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion & Lector Training
Want to help with the Duncan mass?  We are looking for new ministers of holy communion & Lectors.  Join us next weekend for EM and Lector training for BOTH new and returning members of the Duncan community.  There will be two training sessions:
- Sunday (9/6) at 5PM
- Monday (9/7) at 9:30PM (following daily mass)
If you miss these two sessions and still wish to help out, you can attend one of the official Basilica training sessions in lieu of the in house session at Duncan.  Email Dom at ddascoli@nd.edu with questions.

Expectation of Responsibility
To follow up the floor meetings, attached is the written language for the new duLac policy. Please take care of one another, get help where help is needed. Let me know if you have any further question about the policy.

Floor Meeting Make Up
For those who missed the mandatory floor meetings last week, please come to the make up session on Sunday (9/6) at 10:15pm in the Chapel. We took attendance so those who did not make it, be sure to come on Sunday. Let me know if you have any conflict.

Inter-Hall Football Try Outs
Duncan Hall football tryouts will be on Wednesday at 7PM. Please report to the 24 lounge at that time with sneakers/cleats/whatever else you may need. Registration is open on IMLeagues until 11PM tomorrow. If you would like to try out, it is necessary that you sign up prior to this time. Hope to see you all there, and as always, please feel free to contact Stephen Treacy <Stephen.T.Treacy.6@nd.edu> with any questions!

Hall Council at 10pm

Come to Hall Council tonight to hear some more big happenings this week, like: Duncan Brotherly Competitions
-Fantasy Football

-Pool Tournament

I cannot stress the importance of making good decisions this weekend surrounding GameDay.  Everyone is excited; we've been waiting all spring and summer for this weekend so make sure you celebrate it appropriately.  Without sports, there isn't much to talk about so here are the all-time series between Texas and ND. 

Peace brothers,

Nhat Nguyen