It is with sympathy that I inform you that Fr. Mark's father, Dr. Jack Thesing, died at 11:15pm last night with his wife of 62 years and children at his bedside.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers. As a community, we have had a few losses of loved ones this year, but know that you are not alone; we are stronger together. If I can be of any support to you, please let me know. In addition, Campus Ministry offers Grief Support should you need support during times of sorrow.  As a brotherhood, we can share with each other our highs and lows; and here's how we are celebrating the season of Advent:

Pray for the Thesings
Fr. Mark has generously been praying for us daily; thus, please take a moment to sign the signature frame in the lobby to return our prayers to him and his family.

Adopt a Family
We are still collecting donations for our adopted family, The Campbells. It ends tonight after Hall Council. Donate what you can but please sign the card for them.

Duncan Donut Mass
The Donut Commissioners are purchasing "donut holes" for tonight and the money saved will be donated to the Adopt-a-Family collection. Fr. Mark Demott, CSC, will be our presider; he was with us a few weeks ago.

Games Night with Professor Goodrich
Duncan Hall's faculty fellow, Professor Goodrich, will come to Duncan Hall on Thursday at 8:30pm to play some board games with us. Come for study break, stress relief, FREE FOOD and ask her how to best prepare for finals. Thursday starting at 8:30pm.

Fr. Ted Talks: Ed Hums
All are invited to join Campus Ministry for the first in a series of "Fr. Ted Talks" on Dec. 3 at 8:30 p.m. at Reckers. This first talk will feature Mendoza professor and Lyons Hall faculty-in-residence Ed Hums. Professor Hums will share a reflection on a personal litany of saints who have served as models and guides in his life. As a respected voice in business and a long-time Notre Dame faculty member, professor Hums brings a great deal of experience and wisdom to our campus about living an integrated life of faith. Smoothies will be served.
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Daily Mass Schedule for the first week of Advent
Tuesday Donut Mass: Fr. Mark Demott, CSC
Wednesday: Fr. Kevin Grove, CSC
Thursday: Fr. Terry Ehrman, CSC

Don't forget, Hall Council tonight at 10pm.

That's all for this last full week of the semester! Peace be with you throughout the month of December!

Peace brothers,


Special Announcements:


It's that time of year again--the time where we show campus how damn good we look padded from head to toe in gear which is merely an extension of the rock-hard bodies we sport underneath. That's right, it's Highlander Hockey season. If you enjoy the smell of sweat and the taste of victory, make sure you sign up here ASAP:


For freshmen who aren't familiar with interhall hockey here are some of the basics: full hockey equipment is required (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, shin guards, gloves, skates, and protection for the family jewels), there is no contact, we have SICK jerseys, and we're pretty frickin' good (read: we're bringing home the ship this year.)

If you have any questions, contact me <jdempsey@nd.edu> or Will Niermeyer ,niermeyer.2@nd.edu>.

Your fearless leader,
Josh Dempsey