Before we all put South Bend out of sight and out of mind for the rest of the week, here's some very important information I think you would like to know that 1) turkeys actually originated in the Eastern United States and Mexico; 2) the long piece of skin that dangles from a turkey's neck is known as its "wattle"; and 3) Americans will consume 675 million pounds of this white meat on Thursday (vegetarians, I apologize).  Of course, we should all remember that there is more to the holiday than gravy and cranberry sauce.  For that reason, I wish you all a most safe, rejuvenating, and exciting holiday season with good family and friends.  Before you peace out, though, I suggest that you read on:

Thanksgiving Breakers
Again, if you are here for Thanksgiving, please fill out this form. Also see Thanksgiving Break Security memo.

Dining Hall Hours
North Dining Hall will host a festive Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday and operates on limited hours over break. SDH will be closed until Sunday.

Windows and Doors
Remember to shut your windows and lock your doors over break. With the winter settling in, remember to shut your windows to prevent pipes from freezing thus causing floods. Also, remember your keys when you return!

Adopt a Family
We will extend the collection for Adopt-a-Family until Tuesday after break.

Board Games Night
Mark your calendar for Thursday December 2nd for Game Night with Professor Victoria Goodrich, Duncan Hall Faculty Fellow.

Duncan Mass
Mass resumes Sunday at 9pm. Our numbers have been a little low in recent weeks so hopefully Thanksgiving Break will enkindle in us a renewed spirit as we celebrate a new liturgical year.

Okay, all done.  Have a joyous break celebrating Thanksgiving.

Peace brothers,