Welcome back from fall break! I hope you were able to get the R&R that you needed. Only four more weeks until Thanksgiving break! So for better or worst, the second half of the semester will go a lot faster than the first few months. Campus, however, is as beautiful as ever so remember to stop and "smell the roses..." Meanwhile, Duncan Hall is fun as ever.

Duncan Donuts Mass
All are invited to attend Duncan Donuts Mass on Tuesdays at 9pm. After mass in the chapel, all are invited for fellowship with donuts in the 24.

Duncan Apparel and Blazers
Most apparel are in and can be picked up at Hall Council tonight. The Green Blazers will be in sometime next week and we will hopefully have it for the last football game against Wake Forest, which is also senior night and Duncan Hall Parents Weekend. Green Blazer Ceremony TBA.

Check Your Mailboxes
Remember to check your mailboxes. The mail clerks delivered a lot of small packages in your mailboxes over fall break.

Nhat's Office Hours
Here's my November schedule to make myself available to you. You can always drop in as well. 

Man Hour
We will have our social event on Thursday evening at 10pm: Men and Poker, with Thursday Night Football. Come for some fellowship and win a Duncan Apparel item. 

That's all for this week. Welcome Back!

Peace brothers,