As of today, there are 39 days until Christmas, 8 days until Thanksgiving, and 7 days until Thanksgiving break!.  All of these numbers add up to 1 crazy conclusion: there are 32 days left in the fall semester.  While that number (which translates to 768 hours) may seem like both an eternity and a mere moment, there is no need to fear.  Duncan Hall has plenty of activities to distract you from homework, inspire you in faith, and help you make the most of the remaining days of autumn at Notre Dame.

Thanksgiving Breakers
Those who are staying for Thanksgiving, please fill out this form so we know who's in the dorm in case of an emergency.

InterHall Basketball Tryouts
Coach Jay LaFave and Coach Emmett Wilmes will be hosting tryouts for Duncan Hall Interhall Basketball  A-Team on Saturday at 1pm in The Rock. We will have multiple teams so all are invited to try out.

What I Learned at ND
The series continue this Friday featuring Duncan's very own Michael Wajda!

Ballroom Dancing (Wo)Man Hour
The Ballroom Dancing Club will host a ballroom dance lesson here at Duncan Hall on Thursday at 10pm. No experiences necessary and invite your lady friends. It's also never too early to prepare for the Highlander Highrise, Feb. 13, 2016.

"Themed" Masses
Tuesday Donut Mass and Wednesday Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark after Mass. Come for Jesus and stay for fellowship.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy the remaining hours of World Peace Day!  Please pray for France.

Peace brothers,