Today marks the two-week stretch before Thanksgiving Break!  14 more days until we are released from the binds of syllabus deadlines and midterms.  While that time frame may seem a tad daunting, keep in mind that 14 is a actually a most spectacular number.  Historically speaking, this number has been associated with tons of random fun.  In 1914, a feminist used a meat chopper to destroy a famous painting, Mother's Day became an official national holiday, and Henry Ford sold over 200,000 automobiles.  As for the future, in 2024, there will be a total solar eclipse, Mars One hopes to establish the first human settlement on Mars, and the Earth's population is expected to reach eight billion.  Therefore, throughout the next 14 days, Duncan Hall is pulling out all the stops to make sure that we all have some historically good times.  

Happenings This Week:

9pm: Duncan Donut Mass
10pm: Hall Council
10:30pm: RA Info Session

8pm: Green Blazer Ceremony: Those who ordered a green blazer are encouraged to come. Suggested Dress Code from the Commissioners: slacks, button up shirts and perhaps a tie. All are welcome. Come support one another.
9pm: Mass, then Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark.

5pm: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner with Pangborn in the Duncan 24.
9pm: Mass
10pm: Man Hour with Nhat on Healthy Relationships. There will be food.

Parents Weekend -- Everyone is invited!
Green Blazer Friday!
12pm: Lunch with Professor Victoria Goodrich, Duncan Hall's faculty fellow.
5pm: Cookout in the Duncan Courtyard
7:30pm-9pm: Adoration in the Duncan Chapel

11am: Brunch in the Duncan 24 for families to mingle
3:30pm: Gamewatch in the 24 for those who are not going to the game. Wear your Green Blazers!

11am: Family Mass Sunday morning followed by coffee and donuts in the Duncan 24.
NO 9PM Mass!

It's a busy week but I wish you all an enjoyable and low-stress week. Have a happy fortnight!!!

Peace brothers,