Congratulations! You have made it halfway through the fall semester--got a huge applause on Sunday at Mass. Apparently, Duncan Hall is a big fan of Bon Jovi: "WOOAHH We're half way there...WOOAHH, Livin' on a prayer... Take my hand, we'll make it I swear. WOOAHH, Livin' on a prayer."  If you're not a fan, that's ok. At least we know Bon Jovi is a fan of Notre Dame, his son went to ND, and Duncan Hall is what makes Notre Dame great! Here's all the greatness that is happening this week:

Daily Mass
The B side RAs invite their sections to attend daily mass this evening, Tuesday 10/6 at 9pm.  All are welcome! Daily Masses are celebrated Monday - Thursday at 9pm. It's about 21-24 minutes and it's very intimate.  So if you find yourself needing a bit more prayer this week and next week, come to mass.

Wednesday Rosary
In honor of the Rosary month and the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, we will have a dorm-wide Rosary in the Chapel at 8:30pm on Wednesday evening.  Bring your beads, prayers and petitions so we can pray together.  Then, Mass at 9pm followed by Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark. Come as your time permits.

Man Hour Thursday
This Week's Man Hour topic will be Men and Family. As most of you are getting ready to go home for Fall Break, we will spend some time talking about Men and Family on Thursday evening.

Apparel Purchases Due this Friday
Reminder that all apparel purchases are due this Friday. Use duncanhall.squarespace.com to access the website. Contact Hodges Markwalter (Rmarkwal@nd.edu) or Matthew Williams (Mwilli41@nd.edu) if you have any questions or recommendations.

Puppies with Pizzas
I have heard your outcry for a Duncan Puppy; NO! However, on Monday from 3pm-4:30pm, the Pet Refuge will bring some puppies to the Duncan Courtyard to entertain you and our guests. It's a good stress reliever, very therapeutic.  Again, it's Puppies with Pizzas, not to be confused with Pizzas with Puppies or Puppies Pizzas. All are welcome.

Forms and Surveys:
Bible Study

There have been interests in starting a bible study group so if you are interested, please fill out this survey.

All Fun and Games
We want to stock the Duncan 24 with some board games and fun stuff. Let us know what you want with this survey.

Study Abroad
Those planning on studying abroad, please find some time to meet with me. Here's my calendar. In addition, if you haven't had the chance to fill out the study abroad recommendation form, here it is.

Fall Breakers
If you are staying in Duncan for Fall Break, please fill out this form. Dinning Services will operate on limited schedule over Fall Break. Good news is NDH will be open throughout break!

Odds and Ends

Get your flu shots
Hall Council at 10pm Tonight

Phew, I think that's long enough. If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you; you've earned a pat in the back from the rector!  Best of luck with midterms and papers.

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen