October is just around the corner and if you're an MLB fan, the "hunt for October" is almost over; people will soon start to care more about baseball again.  Speaking of caring, October is Awareness Month: everything from Breast Cancer Awareness to Mental Health, Energy, Sexual Violence, to Squirrel Awareness.  The month of Rosary happens to be October (and May) as well--Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary is October 7th! Lots to celebrate and pray for in National Popcorn Popping Month and here's how Duncan Hall is doing that:

Wellness and Mental Health Awareness
This Friday at 4pm, Annie Eaton, a University Care Consultant, will join us in the 24 to offer resources for dealing with mental health and wellness.  Everyone of us knows someone who is effected by mental health so please come to help yourself, help others. Chick-fil-A always make people happy so we'll get some Chick-fil-A. Invite your friends from other dorms as well. All are welcome.

Friday Adoration
Also on Friday from 7:30pm-9pm, there will be adoration in the Duncan Hall Chapel and confessors will be available during adoration.  It is a beautiful and peaceful hour and a half and all are welcome to join the ND community in prayer and meditation. 

As part of the Man Hour rotation, Friday Adoration is this week's Man Hour; thus, no Man Hour meeting on Thursday but all are encouraged to attend adoration on Friday.

Clemson Outdoor Gamewatch
Saturday at 8pm in the Duncan Courtyard. Free food, entertainment, and POPCORN! BYOBAC (Bring Your Own Blankets and Chairs! We will sing YouTube karaoke in between commercials. It'll be fun! Invite your friends.

Adventures with Nhat
I have blocked out "one on ones" time slots in my calendar to make myself available for you. Feel free to utilize it however you wish: meeting to talk about study abroad, sports, hike, lunch, dinner, or whatever. I want to spend time with my boys.

Study Abroad
If you are thinking of studying abroad, please fill out this google form so I can better write your letter of recommendation.

Looking Ahead:

Catholic All Star Week!!!
Sunday's Mass attendance was the lowest I've seen at Duncan Hall. So as a reminder, we have Mass from Sunday through Thursday at 9pm:
Tonight: Feast of the Archangels: Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
Wednesday: Memorial of Saint Jerome
Thursday: Memorial of Saint Therese of the Child of Jesus
Friday: Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels
Duncan Hall Dorm Wide Rosary
Wednesday October 7th at 8:30pm in the Chapel as we celebrate The Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Energy Week Next Week
See attachment for all the events and celebrations.

Free Flu Shots Next Week
Supplies are limited so get your shots in. See attachment.

Hall Council 10pm tonight:

  • Apparel Roll Out Tonight! Promise!

  • Duncan Stories
  • Pool Tournament Championship
  • Sign up for Ping Pong Tournament
  • Fellowship

That's all boys. I hope you have a great week! Go Irish, Beat Clemson!

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen