Spring Break, Retreat, Room Picks (03/07/2017)

Men of Duncan,

Happy Mid-term Week! I am sure you are enjoying the craziness that is term papers and multiple choice exams.  A few study tips from the Internet: chew gum while test-taking to pump oxygen to the brain, listen to jazz music to "relieve boredom," and turn your course material into rhymes for ideal memorization.  If you do happen to have a free moment, however, check out what's happening in Duncan in the next few weeks.  We can't promise A's on papers, but we can offer a little bit of peace of mind. 

Spring Breakers
For emergency purposes, those who are staying for spring break, please fill out this form. In addition, ARs Dom and Brian will love to hang out with you throughout break. It should be mostly stress free week! Also check out the Spring Break Special Bulletin for more details.

Basement Storage
Here's the schedule for the basement storage:

Tuesday: after hall council for 30 minutes
Wednesday: 9:30pm - 10pm
Thursday: 9:30pm - 10pm

Retreat Sign Ups
Duncan Hall Retreat is set for March 31st - April 1st. Registrations are open! The cost is $5 before spring break and $10 after spring break. Scholarships are available. Retreat to relax and refresh.

The Bald and The Beautiful
The once Duncan's signature event is now a campus-wide operation. Read the history of it in the 2-4.  Duncan Hall has always had the most participants in TBAB so let's show up this year! TBAB is April 5th, 6th, and 7th this year. Register here to shave your head for cancer research and awareness!

Master's Week
Duncan Hall Spirit Week will be on April 3rd to the 8th. Get excited! More details to come.

Welcome Weekend Ambassadors
Just a reminder that the Welcome Weekend Ambassador Applications are due arch 17th.Application here.

Room Picks and Lottery
We will have a public lottery on Tuesday March 21st after Hall Council. Duncan Hall room picks will be on Wednesday March 29th starting at 7pm until we finish, at approximately 8:30pm.  You must be present for room picks.  See the attachment for details.  The lottery list will answer a lot of questions so I'll save the specific details until the lottery list is revealed. 

Study Abroad List
In the effort you help you plan for next year's rooming arrangements, I've attached a list of those who are studying abroad so you can reach out to them.  Again, the lottery list will be more telling and clear as to how room picks will go. Be patient.

Spring break is upon us. Let's talking about spring cleaning. The housekeepers will once again be cleaning your sinks and mirrors unless you opt out by writing it on your whiteboard. Be sure to clear your belongings in the sink area.  

Also, please clean up after yourself in all public spaces. It is our home so everyone do our part to tidy up.

unnamed (5).gif

 You did it! I know it's a long email and a tough week (NO JOKE!) o give yourself a pat on the back! May God watch over your studies and your stress level. Enjoy your spring break! REMEMBER YOUR KEYS, TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, MEDICATION, ETC.

Peace brothers,




Housing, Welcome Weekend, DVT (02/28/2017)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.  Today is the last day/night of “gluttony” and “parties” before the ritual fasting of the Lenten Season, which begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. This Friday, however, is called Kissing Friday! Across the pond in England, the Friday following Ash Wednesday has traditionally been deemed as Kissing Day. Throughout the holiday, schoolboys were entitled to kiss any girl without fear of punishment or rejection.  Unfortunately for you fellas, the holiday was discontinued in the 1940s.  Ironically, the production of Hershey Kisses was also stopped in the 1940s.  From 1942-1949, no Hershey kisses were sold in order to ration the silver foil used for wrappers. While Duncan Hall might not be able to supply you with a sweetheart or endlessly satisfy your sweet tooth, we do have plenty of opportunities for you to receive and spread a little Christian Love.  Read on to see how we're ringing in the Lenten season in the upcoming weeks:

Housing Applications
The housing application is due on Friday at midnight! Please take a moment to fill it out, even if you're planning to move off campus. 

Room Picks
You must fill out the form by Friday at midnight in order to participate in the room picks process. If not, then you will be place on the waitlist.  Visit to fill out your application.

InterHall Transfer
Keep in mind that if you are transferring out or pulling someone in, then you must contact both Rectors-current and incoming-in order to complete the process. If you do not do both, then housing will void your interhall transfer application. 

Welcome Weekend Ambassador Application
Gino Domel, Daniel Massoud, and Andrew VanDieren have agreed to captain the Welcome Weekend Team. Here's the ambassador application.  It's due Friday March 17th.

Ash Wednesday
Duncan Hall will celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow at 9pm. All are welcome.

Jordan DVT Tour
Duncan, Dillion, WF, and Ryan are co-sponsoring the Tour of the Universe at Jordan Hall's DVT on Wednesday at 7pm.  Please sign up here. Lots of folks are going...Invite your friends!

Save the Dates

  • Spring Break starts next Friday!!!
  • Room Picks after Spring Break. Date: TBA
  • Duncan Hall Retreat will be on March 31st - April 1st this year.
  • Baby, Puppies and Pizzas in the Spring! (with Professor Goodrich and her children.)

That's all folks! Have a great week!

Peace Brothers,



Housing Apps, Soccer, Chronic Illnesses (02/21/2017)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy Super Tuesday! 

Duncan Hall Election is heating up and you don't want to miss the wholesale platforms that our candidates will be presenting tonight after hall council. Before we get there, here's a few updates for the week:

Housing Application

Housing Application is open from February 20th - March rd. I hope that everyone returns; however, even if you do not need on campus housing next semester/year, please indicate that as well so we do not have a "No Response" and then have to track you down. For more information on the housing process, visit the Office of Housing page. If you still have further questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Duncan Hall Inter-Hall Soccer

There's an interest form in the lobby for those who are interested in playing and reppin' Duncan Hall in inter-hall soccer. Season starts March 20th and Duncan Hall will have two teams.

Students with Chronic Illnesses

As a Rector, I am concerned for all students' well-being.  What keeps me up at night is the fear of not attending to someone's need. Nonetheless, issues such as mental health and chronic illnesses are not known to me unless they are self-disclosed. There's help and there's hope! Other than hall staff, Care Consultants ( are great resources. In addition, I want to point out a grassroots group of about 12 or so who've reached out to me. Here's Claire Marks' email:

I am excited and hopeful to tell you about a small but extraordinary group of students on campus. This is a small group of students, connected and backed through Scott Howland with Disability Services, who all deal with chronic invisible illness [such as autoimmune diseases (Crohn's Disease, lupus, MS, etc.) and diabetes] as well as balance daily life as a college student. There are currently about 12 members of this group, but we would like to reach out in order to connect with any other students that you may (or may not!) know of who are also trying to navigate life while being chronically ill. This group is a great opportunity for Notre Dame students with chronic illnesses to connect with others going through similar struggles. It has served as such a wonderful outlet and source of encouragement for myself and others as well as an opportunity for growth and learning through others. Students interested in learning more about this group (with no pressure to join) are encouraged to contact me ( 

Please reach out to Claire if you are curious.

Jordan Hall DVT Tour

Following up on Max and Randy's email, those who are interested in "Touring the Universe" on next Wednesday March 1st starting at 7pm are encouraged to sign up:

For more info, visit Jordan's DVT Page.

Ash Wednesday

Just a gentle reminder that next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday which begins the Liturgical Season of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Duncan Hall will celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass at 9pm.

Laundry Tips

Did you know that you can add individual quarters to the washers and dryers for extra cycles? The dryers do not always dry in 60 minutes and each quarter adds 10 minutes!

That's all for this week. Hope to see you all at the Hall Election Debate tonight! Poll opens from Wednesday 12am-11:59pm. Again, here's the video from last year; it should be an entertaining evening. 

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen

Community. Brotherhood. Respect.



Election, Welcome Weekend, JPW (02/14/2017)

Beloved Highlanders,

Happy Valentine's Day!  After centuries of celebrating this romantic holiday, it is time again to whip out the pink clothes and spend some serious time in the candy aisle at Martin's.  According to the National Confectioners Association, Americans will be dishing out about a billion dollars for candy and about 75% of that sweet stuff will be in chocolate form.  In addition, 190 million greeting cards will be exchanged (not including the cardboard Taylor Swift nes distributed in classrooms across the country.)   Some historical tid-bits?  The first Valentine's Day card was actually sent from the Tower of London, but the practice didn't gain significant popularity until the Revolutionary War.  As for the sweet stuff, chocolate has been linked to romance since the days of the Aztec Empire, when the semi-sketchy emperor Montezuma declared it to have special, seductive powers.  Regardless of your personal history with the Day, this time of year does promise to be one of tasty treats and a little extra love.  If you're looking to tap into that kind of goodness, check out what uncan Hall has going n in the next few weeks.   

Hall Election
Just a reminder for those who are interested in running for Hall President/VP, Senator, or SUB Rep to attend the info session this evening. Attached is the Application for Elected Office in Duncan Hall. Here's the rest of the timeline:
2/14: Info Session. Application opens
2/17: Applications due
2/19: Campaigning
2/21: Presidential Debate
2/22: Hall Election

Welcome Weekend Captains Application
Those who are interested in serving as Duncan Hall Welcome Weekend Captains, please fill out this application.  Ambassadors applications will be available in March.

Duncan Hall Supports Its Highlanders
Come Support our Highlander Boxers tonight starting at 6pm. Patrick Rafferty, Timothy Mikulski, Henry Davis, Joo Sung Kim, Justin Livingston, Chris Prattos, Luke Rafferty, Cam Nolan, Ali Thomas, Adam Pasquinelly, and Will Ferguson.

JPW Weekend
All juniors and your family and loved ones are invited to the Duncan Hall JPW Luncheon at noon on Saturday.  Parietals for this weekend is MIDNIGHT. Both Friday and Saturday's parietals is MIDNIGHT.

Weekly Highlights
Tuesday: Donut Mas at 9pm; Hall Council at 10pm; CoCo Party at 10:30pm
Wednesday: Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark after 9pm Mass

That's all for these week, folks.  I wish you all (regardless of your facebook relationship status) a marvelous Valentine's Day full of Russell Stover chocolates and Hallmark poetry.  In the words of the candy hearts, may you have all the love in the world.

Peace Brothers,



Highrise Weekend, JPW, HashTag (02/07/2017)

Men of Duncan Hall,

It's Highrise season so I have been flooding your inboxes, especially those who've signed up for the Highrise, with notifications and updates, but they are necessary. I'll keep the newsletter short-ish.

Highrise Guidelines
Sister Sue, the Rector of Badin Hall, will be on duty at Duncan Hall on Saturday Night.  ABSOLUTELY NO SOCIAL GATHERING for those not attending the Highrise. Parietals is at 2am. Duncan Hall Staff will return around that time, if not before. 

Please do not inconvenient our guest rector. Be hospitable and show her the best of Duncan Hall: Community, Brotherhood, Respect.

Highrise Details
Please review the attachments for all the details on the day of Highrise so you know what to expect. A final instruction email will be sent out to those who signed up on Thursday. A note on the menu: The Herb Roasted Chicken is not available for everyone, only for those with dietary needs.

Bus Sign Up
As mentioned, the Bus Sign Up will be LIVE after Hall Council tonight!

Dunkies Nominations
We want to highlight or lowlight our brother highlanders at the Highrise. Here's  the form for nominations. Keep it clean! Not all nominations are guaranteed. 

JPW Weekend
Just a heads up, next weekend is also Junior Parents Weekend and Parietals are at midnight all weekend. See memo for details.

For all juniors: please RSVP for the Saturday's Luncheon if you haven't already done so. You can find the form here. We want to make sure we cater enough flood.

Weekly Events Highlights
: Duncan Doughnut Mass @9pm and Hall Council @10pm
Wednesday: What I Learned at ND (Free Pizzas) @8pm, Daily Mass @9pm then Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark
Thursday: Daily Mass @9pm and Man Hour @10pm
Sunday: Community Mass with Fr. Pete

One last thing: How about that bus sign up last night? I have a lot ridding on it tonight (no pun intended!) "#notmyrector"

Respect, Brother, -hood, Community

Nhat Nguyen



Highrise, JPW, Preacher Man (01/31/2017)

Men of Duncan Hall,

I know many of you are eagerly awaiting for the Rector's Weekly Newsletter to Duncan Hall. I apologize it's so late. Here it is:

Highrise Sign Ups
All of you should have received the Highrise email already. If not, then search for it. All the details are in that email.

Highrise Payment Available On-Line
Those who are paying with a credit card can pay online at: Cash and Check payments in the lobby.

Highrise TShirts Results
Congratulations to Miles Wood for winning the Highrise TShirt Design Contest. Here are the results: 42.7% Design 3; 25.3% Design 6; 13.3 Design 9

The shirt material: District® - Young Mens Very Important Tee®. DT6000.  50/50 cotton/polyester fabrics.

Calling all juniors and their family and loved ones: if your family is coming for JPW, Duncan Hall invites you and your family to the Saturday Luncheon. Please RSVP here. 

Bengal Bout Tickets
Luke Rafferty, Duncan Hall Boxer, will be selling Bengal Bout Tickets at Hall Council tonight.

Super Tuesday
9pm Doughnut Mass and 10pm Hall Council. You do not want to miss Hall Council tonight!

Man Hour Thursday
Come join your brothers in the 24 at 10pm for some Man Hour.

One last thing, courtesy of Fr. Mark: There was a bad winter storm and a man finds himself the only one who showed up to church. The preacher says, "Well doesn't look like there's anyone else coming." The man answers, "I'm no preacher; I'm a farmer so I know a thing or two about farming. When I go out to the field and there's only one cow, I still feed it." So the preacher went on with the service and preached his regular 30 minute sermon.  At the end of the service the farmer says, "I'm no preacher; I'm a farmer and I know a thing or two about farming. When I go out to the field and there's only one cow, I don't dump the whole bucket at it!"

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Highrise Info, EM Training, Super Tuesday (01/24/2017)

To All the Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy Newsletter Tuesday! If you're following the Austrilian Open, then you are probably rooting for some vintage finals match ups for this weekend: Nadal vs. Federer and Williams vs Williams.  The world, at least the tennis world, will hopefully be set in order. To that end, Duncan Hall is bringing back some timeless events in the following weeks:

The Highlander Highrise
The Highrise is on February 11, 2017. Attached is the timeline and expectations for that day.

  • Sign Ups for the Highrise will begin on February 1st via email Google form. Form closes Sunday February 5th at midnight. We have to submit the roster to the Willis Tower the following Monday.
  • Due to fire code limit, here's the priority sign up order:
    • On Campus Highlanders with no incident
    • Off Campus Seniors with no incident
    • On Campus Highlanders with incident
    • Off Campus Highlanders with no incident
    • Off Campus Seniors with incident
    • Off Campus Highlanders
  • Payments are due Sunday February 5th.  Dates/Times for Collecting Payments: TBA
  • Cost: On Campus: $90/couple or $45/single. Off Campus: $110/couple or $55/single

Highrise TShirt Design Contest
We have some great designs this year. Cast your vote here by Friday January 27, 2017.

Duncan EM Training
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, or EM for short, Training for the spring semester is on Monday January 30th after the 9pm Mass. If you're returning from abroad or if you're interested in serving in this role for the first time, please attend the training.

Man Hour Poker Night
Man Hour resumes this week with a poker night in the 24 at 10pm. Winner gets a Duncan Hall apparel.

Super Tuesday
Again, Doughnut Mass resumes tonight at 9pm as well as Hall Council at 10pm!

That's all for this week. Below is an announcement from Jeff, but one last thing: thank you for all the condolences over the weekend, as you know Green Bay Packers were 4-6 at one point and went on an 8 game win streak and during that time, they "BEARLY" beat Chicago 30-27 in week 15!


Peace brothers,

Nhat Nguyen



Hall Council, Hall Meeting, Highrise TShirts (01/17/2017)

To All the Men of Duncan,

Happy First Day of Class! FDOC! (doesn't sound as good as LDOC but it is the FDOC.) Three Quick Items:

Hall Council
Hall Council resumes tonight at 10pm in the 24! It will be a brief hall council; nonetheless, come to be with your brothers and hear what Max and Randy have in store for the rest of their presidency. Brotherhood, Community, Respect!

Doughnut Mass
Duncan Hall Doughnut Mass resumes tonight at 9pm. All are welcome.

Hall Meeting
B-Side Hall Meeting meets tomorrow at 10pm. We moved it from 9:30pm to 10pm to avoid potential conflict with the ND vs FSU basketball game. Go Irish! Whose who missed Monday will need to attend on Wednesday.

Highrise Tshirt Contest
Winner gets free admissions to the Highrise. To Submit, drop your designs in this folder with your name as the file name. 2017 HighriseTShirts Folder.

Please submit your designs by Sunday January 22nd. Here's some samples from last year.

That's all for this week; short and sweet!

Peace brothers,



Christmas Break, Study Breaks, Candy (12/13/2016)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Many of you are in the midst of finals so here's all you need to know for the rest of the semester:


Christmas Break Check List
All of you should have gotten the Christmas Break Check List from your RAs. All roommates need to sign it and the last person to leave, stick it out on your door. Make sure you check out properly. The kitchen's refrigerator is available should you need to store anything.

Christmas Break Cleaning
Once again, the house keepers will enter your room to wash all sinks, mirrors (and private bathrooms if applicable). Please remove all personal belongings around the sink area. They will not move your belongings so if there's too much stuff around the sinks, they can not clean your them.

Housekeepers Appreciation
We are still collecting donations for our housekeepers in the lobby.

Winter Bike Storage
From the NDSP newsletter, they can store your bicycle in the stadium for the winter. 
Location: Bring bike to the Football stadium, new tunnel across from Legends parking lot
Dates: December 12th to December 16th, 3:30pm-7:30pm
Bikes will be released in the Spring. Contact will be made via email with release dates

Basement Storage Hours
The Staff will open the basement storage this week. If you can't make these hours, then ask someone to grab your stuff for you:
Tuesday 8pm-8:30pm
Wednesday 8pm-8:30pm
Thursday 8pm-8:30pm

Coming Back Early?
Sacred Heart Parish Center can put you up for a night or two if you have already booked your flight to return in January. ALL residence halls open on Sunday January 15th at 9AM.

Candy Making on Friday around 8PM
Fr. Mark continues his tradition of candy making in his apartment on the Friday of Finals.  Join us this Friday around 8pm for some candy making.


Study Breaks
Tuesday: Doughnut Mass and Pizzas at 10pm, brought you by Hall Council  
Wednesday: Snacks and Junk Food in the 24 at 10pm
Thursday: Study break in the 24 at 10pm
Friday: Candy making with Fr. Mark 8pm

Peace be with you gentlemen. (May the Force be with you!)

Nhat Nguyen



Collection, Christmas Check List, Holy Day (12/06/2016)

To All the Men of Duncan,

Happy Saint Nick's Day!  Children around the world has been celebrating this special day throughout the centuries: In Germany and Poland, boys would dress as bishops begging alms for the poor; in Ukraine, children wait for St. Nicholas to come and to put a present under their pillows provided that the children were good during the year; and in the United States, one custom associated with Saint Nicholas Day is children leaving their shoes in the foyer on Saint Nicholas Eve in hope that Saint Nicholas will place some coins on the soles, for them to awake to. Sounds a lot like Santa Claus isn't it? Well that's because Dutch settlers in the USA took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle became 'Sinterklaas' or as we now say 'Santa Claus'!  With that, here's what's going on this week!

Christmas Collection for Housekeepers
There is a box in the lobby to collect donations for our housekeepers, Bridget and Emina. Please be generous.

Reading Days and Finals Week Memo
Starting Thursday evening, the dorm needs to maintain a quiet environment conductive to studies.

Christmas Break Check-list

Attached is the check list for Christmas Break. You will receive a hard copy later this week.

Weekly Happenings
Tuesday Doughnut Mass

Today, the Catholic Church celebrates the Memorial Feast Day of Saint Nicholas.  Mass tonight at 9pm, followed by Doughnuts in the 24.

Daily Mass at 9pm followed by Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark

Thursday -LDOC
Christmas Celebration with Lewis Hall @Lewis Hall 7pm.
Holy Day of Obligation: The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Regular 9pm daily Mass at Duncan Hall

That's all I have gentlemen. Two more days of classes! The light at the end of the tunnel is almost here. Good luck!

unnamed (4).gif


Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Munchkin, O'Leary Cup, Christmas (11/29/2016)

Men of Duncan,

Happy Tuesday of the First Week of Advent.  T'is the season when the days are shorter and the nights are longer.  T'is the season of waiting and anticipating. For many of us, that's finals and exams! For the Catholic Church, it's the advent, or 'coming,' of Christ. For all of us, here's what's "coming" up in Duncan Hall:

Duncan Munchkin

Professor Goodrich and Baby Beatrice are safe and sound.  Professor Goodrich sends her regards:

Name: Beatrice Aurora Goodrich
Date of Birth: November 22, 2016
Time of Birth: 5:45 pm
Weight: 7 lbs, 7 oz
Length: 19.5 inches
Hair Color: Brown (currently - but my blonde Josie also had brown hair at birth)
Eye Color: Very dark blue (I think they are going to turn brown)


s for the guess that baby competition, minus Professor Victoria Goodrich's entry (which were the closest in all catorgories), here are some winners:

  1. Thomas O'Boyle: Closest Date: 11/19/2016
  2. Alex Ju: Closest Time: 5:33pm
  3. Alfonse Murphy: Closest Length and Weight: 19 inches 7lb 8oz
  4. Cameron Hunter: Closest Hair and Eye Color: Brown and Bluish Brown
  5. "What Were You Thinking Award": Michael Guarnuccio
    1. Weight: 7lb 6 oz but Length: 29 inches!!!
  6. "Rounder Upper Award": Rachel Thome
    1. Time: 6pm, Length: 20inches, Weight: 8lbs
  7. Honorable mention for closest overall guesses: Elise Paietta
    1. Date: 11/18, Time: 3:20, Length: 19inches, Weight: 7lbs 14 oz, Hair: Brown, Eye: Brown

Basketball Teams

The basketball team rosters are attached. It is also posted in the lobby. Those interested in Ice Hockey, contact Garrett Schwartz <>.

O'Leary Cup

I want to call your attention to RecSport's O'Leary Cup, awarded to the best InterHall Sports dorm. Duncan Hall is in second place behind Siegfried at the moment but we are in striking distance because Duncan has always been a strong spring InterHall Sports dorm.  Every game, every sport matters! Let's Goo Duncan!!! Here's the standings.

Christmas Decorations Contest

Thursday at 9:30pm. If you are around Thursday, it is worth sticking around for the show! Walk through the sections for performances and entertainment. It will be a great evening in the dorm!

Super Tuesday
Duncan DOnut Mass at 9pm
Hall Council at 10pm

Odds and Ends

Christmas Closing

Just a reminder as you plan your Christmas Travels, all residence halls close at 2pm on Saturday December 17th and reopen on Sunday January 15th at 9am.


As the weather gets colder, remember that smoking is prohibited within 25 ft from any building on campus. Please do not smoke under the Duncan Hall archway.

That's all gentlemen, but one more thing, There are 3 fundamental truths about religion: Jews don't recognize Jesus as the Son of God, Protestants don't recognize the Pope as the Vicar of Christ, and Baptists don't recognize each other at the bar on Saturday nights.

Peace brothers,

Nhat Nguyen



Championships, CARE, Thanksgiving (11/15/2016)

Men of Duncan,

Happy Ides of November! In case you haven't heard, Duncan Hall is playing its best football this November! Basketball season begins after Sunday!

Championship Sunday
Duncan Hall Football plays Stanford Hall on Sunday at 4pm in the Notre Dame Stadium for Duncan's first ever Interhall Tackle Football Championship! It's kind of a big deal! Here's the semifinals highlights.

CARE with Annie Eaton
Wednesday at 5pm in the 2-4: Annie Eaton, a Care Consultant, will be in Duncan Hall to help you navigate stress and anxiety. There is no concern or problem too small or insignificant. We want to become involved early so that concerns can be assessed and addressed. Come one, come all. Chick-fil-A will be served.

Thanksgiving Breakers
Those who are staying for Thanksgiving Break, please fill out this form so we know who's in the building. In addition to security reasons, I will host some events and do not want you to miss out.

Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra
Several Duncan Highlanders are in the ND Symphony Orchestra and they are performing in DPAC on Friday at 8pm. It is free for all students! Come support your Highlanders.


  • Check Your Mailboxes - Remember to check your mailboxes regularly, especially before all the breaks.
  • Christmas Break - Residence Halls Close from Saturday 12/17/2016 at 2pm until Sunday 1/15/2017 at 9am. Plan your travels appropriately.
  • Smoking - Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of any buildings on campus. You cannot smoke under the Duncan archway. 
  • Duncan Hall Kitchen - Wash the dishes after you use them!

Super Tuesday
Doughnut Mass at 9pm
Hall Council at 10pm: Pool Tournament Championship!!!

That's all gentlemen.  In light of the smoking announcement, here the last thing: two Jesuit novices both wanted a cigarette while they prayed. They decided to ask their superior for permission. The first asked but was told no. A little while later he spotted his friend smoking and praying. "Why did the superior allow you to smoke and not me?" he asked. His friend replied, "Because you asked if you could smoke while you prayed, and I asked if I could pray while I smoked!"

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Dates, Thanksgiving, Man Hour (11/08/2016)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy Election Day! Why early November? The Weather and Farmers! In the 1800s, the agrarian economy was an important factor, and farmers weren’t able to travel easily until the harvest was over. Also, the onset of winter conditions in areas that had winter conditions made travel a problem, so elections happened in the late fall.  It was 70 degrees yesterday! As we anticipate the next President of the United States, here are some things that you know will be happening in Duncan Hall:

Save the Dates
Many have been asking questions about the following dates so here they are:

  • RA Application Opens: November 23rd
  • Winter Break: Hall Closes Saturday December 17th at 2pm. Opens Sunday January  15th at 9am. You will not have access to the dorm during these dates. Avoid coming back early because no one will be here to let you in until Sunday January 15th.
  • Duncan Highrise: February 11, 2017 in Chicago!!

Thanksgiving Breakers
Those who are staying for Thanksgiving Break, please fill out this form. You will get to hang out with the Rector!

Man Hour
This Thursday, Matthew Heeder will lead a walk-over to Dillon Hall's Milkshake Mass. Meet in the 24 at 9:40pm.

CARE with Annie
Next Wednesday at 5pm, Annie Eaton, a CARE Consultant, will host an event at Duncan Hall. At Notre Dame, we care about the health and well-being of our students.  CARE provides early intervention in a principled way to support members of the Notre Dame community who are experiencing stressful or difficult situations. There is no concern or problem too small or insignificant.

Donut Mass and Hall Council Tonight!

That's all for this week and in light of the election, Hillary dies and goes to Heaven where she meets St. Peter. She notices that there are clocks everywhere. She asks St. Peter why are there so many clocks here.  St. Peter tells her that each clock represents a person on earth and that every time a person tells a lie, the clock ticks off one-second.  Puzzled, Hillary asks, "Where is Bill's clock?" St. Peter answers, "Bill's clock is in Jesus' office. He's using it as a fan."

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Holy Days, RA Info, Pool Tourney (11/1/2016)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy November! Sunshine and 73 degrees do not feel like November but enjoy it while it's here.  As for those of you still juggling crazy workloads, please focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and remember that we are in the short stretch before Thanksgiving Break!  Whether you are in need of a party or a breather, Duncan Hall has surely got something to fill your soul for the next few days. 

All Saints Day and All Souls Day
Today is the Solemnity of All Saints and it is a Holy Day of Obligation, aka Holy Day of Opportunity (to pray to with saints). Duncan Hall will celebrate our usual Duncan Doughnut Mass tonight at 9pm.  The Basilica is also celebrating Mass at 5:15pm for those who cannot make it to the 9pm Mass. 

Tomorrow is All Souls Day and again, Mass at Duncan Hall will be celebrated at 9pm. We will also have the Book of Remembrance out throughout the month of November to pray for our beloved dead. The book has been a Duncan Tradition for eight years. Feel free to inscribe anyone you want us to pray for throughout the month.

RA Info Session
The current RAs will hold an informational session this Sunday after our 9pm Community Mass for those interested in learning about the RA position and the application process. 

Study Abroad
Once again, for those who needs a study abroad reference or a recommendation in general, please sign up to meet with me so we can discuss your plans.  Here's my calendar or stop by the office.

Man Hour
Thursday Man Hour will feature RA Lukas O'Donnell presenting on Men and Politics. Discussion starts at 10pm in the 24.

Duncan Hall Annual Pool Tournament
The much anticipated pool tournament is starting this week. Sign up at Hall Council tonight! There are hard deadlines to get your games in: Sweet 16 must be filled by 11/8/2016 and Final Four by 11/13/2015. The Championship Game will be played in two weeks!

Interhall Updates
Duncan Hall Football is in the playoffs!!! Quarterfinals vs. Alumni this Sunday at 2:30pm.

Duncan Hall Volleyball is UNDEFEATED!!! Next game is Monday at 8pm. Playoffs 

Shower Survey
If you have a moment, please take this survey:

Men, this is White Ribbon Against Pornography Week. Please take advantage of these opportunities throughout the week. 

As always, should you have any general or random questions, please feel free to send them my way. My inbox is always open. One more thing, three jokes today from a fellow highlander: 1. Why did the balloon go near the needle? He wanted to be a pop star!
2. Why is music coming out of the printer? It must be jamming again.
3. When I see lovers' names carved in a tree, I don't think it's sweet. I just think it's surprising how many people bring a knife on a date.

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Fall Break, Hall Pictures, Study Breaks (10/04/2016)

To All the Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy October! Many of you have heard that one of the greatest things about Notre Dame is all it has to offer and one of the worst things about Notre Dame is all it has to offer. This week alone is Respect Life Week, Energy Week, Graduate/Professional Students Appreciation Week, Mental Health Awareness Week, and a very busy week before midter!  The month edicated to Mary Our Lady, National Cyber Security Awareness, Dental Hygiene, Right to Life, and Squirrel Awareness has just begun, yet it seems overwhelmingly packed with everything. If you are excited about the awesome-ness that is October, keep reading and see how uncan hall is celebrating the first seve-is days of the month (which just happens to be No-Salt Week): 

Everything Fall Break
Fall Break technically starts on next Friday 10/14/2016 at 5pm; however, with the Stanford game, we anticipate that many students will stay until Sunday morning.  All are welcome to stay as long as you wish.  If you are staying in Duncan Hall over Fall Break (Sunday 10/16 - Saturday 10/22), then let us know so we know who's in the dorm. Please fill out this form.

Fall Break Parietals
Starting Friday 10/14/2016 until Saturday 10/22/2016, parietals are at MIDNIGHT! This is next weekend! Not this weekend.

Basement Storage Access for Fall Brea
all Staff will open the basement storage during these times: 
Next Wednesday 10/12:  9:30pm-10:00p
Next Thursday 10/13:  9:30pm - 10:00pm
If you can't make these times, then send a friend or roommate. If you need access outside these times, then we will encourage you to give $5 to the Sunday collection.

House Keeping
Men, please respect our spaces. The bathroom trashcan is not the trash room; it cannot hold pizza boxes nor large items, take them to the trash room.  It is down the hall way, not that far of a walk. The trashcan is too small to even hold all of the weekend's paper towel, so be considerate of others and take your trash to the trash room; it's not that far of a walk. Let me know if you have any concerns.

Moreau First Year Experience
Your Integration Project is due on October 10th at midnight. Nothing this week nor next week after the Integration project.

Blazer and Hall Pictures
Jimmy Kane has generously took and edited the pictures from the green blazer ceremony and the hall picture. Check them out here.

Study Break Opportunities in Duncan This Week
As Previously Announced by our Hall President Mr. Max Towey:


  • uncan Donut Mass at 9p. All are welcome! Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. Peace!
  • all Council at 10pm, followed by Ping Pong Championship. Michael Heeder vs Michael Kusznerko/Ryan McAndrews
  • Free Smoothies after hall council! Somewhat surprisingly, smoothies are actually one of our best edible defenses against typical winter illnesses.  Within one clear, plastic glass of blended fruit and milk, you can receive some of the most essential nutrients for your body (which, we should recall, was beautifully and wonderfully made.)  Calcium offers strong teeth and excellent blood clotting.  On the fruity side of things, bananas boost brain power, strawberries clear skin, and raspberries contain more antioxidants than broccoli.  Aside from the health benefits, slurping a small smoothie generally qualifies as being both tasty and entertaining.


  • 9pm Daily Mass, followed by cards and snacks with Fr. Mark


  • 9pm Daily Mass
  • 10pm Man Hour: Men and Cars--maintenance and emergency skills


  • $3 Ice Skating at Compton Family Ice Arena from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. Bring your friends from any dorms, tell them you're with Duncan/Ryan Event for the free admittance. $3 skate rentals.


  • Game Night at Howard Hall from 9pm-11pm.

I hope that your October gets off to a marvelous star nd in honor of the tenth month of the 016, you are reducing your salt consumption and brushing your teeth.  ctober is also when baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey and other sports overlap so here's the one more thing: one can assume that athletes stay cool by staying close to the fans!

Peace Brothers!
Nhat Nguyen,



Blazer Ceremony, Hall Picture, Baby Shower (9/27/2016)

o All the Men of Duncan,

Can you believe that we are still in September?!  "Wake Me Up When September Ends!"  The 2005 Green Day's hit single is not about returning to school nor the end of summer, it is about loss. Notre Dame and Duncan Hall football programs suffered crushing loses over the weekend. Like all things, we learn more from the loses and defeats than we do from the wins and victories.  All is grace! Nothing is ever lost! Read on to see how you can win some great experiences this week at Duncan Hall.

Green Blazer Ceremony
This Thursday 9/29 at 7:30pm in the chapel. Those who ordered a green blazer are encouraged to attend the Green Blazer Ceremony on Thursday at 7:30pm in the chapel.  Jimmy Kane will be taking pictures.

unnamed (2).gif

Duncan Hall Picture
Following the Green Blazer Ceremony, ALL are encouraged to come to the chapel at 8:15pm for the Duncan Hall Picture for the yearbook! Green Blazers Encouraged.

Baby Shower Saturday at 12pm.
We finally have an away game! Duncan Hall will host a Baby Shower Game Watch with Professor Goodrich on Saturday at 12pm.  We'd originally scheduled our Baby Shower for Professor Goodrich at noon, then the game got scheduled to noon so we'll just combine the event. All are welcome!

Free Flu Shots Week
Free Flue Shots at Stepan Center this week: Wednesday 12pm-9pm; Thursday: 9am-7pm; and Friday 9am-5pm. See flyer for details.

Bike Registration TONIGHT 10:30PM
NDSP Officer, Anthony Clark, will be in the lobby tonight after Hall Council to register all bikes on campus. Highly recommend registering your bike so that in the event that it gets stolen and NDSP finds it, they know who owns it.

Hall Council and FIFA
The FIFA Championship will finally be played after hall council tonight ! Connor Hogan is awaiting the winner of Ben Anderson and (Jack Bruck/David Odun-Ayo). Game should only last 10-15 minutes. Come see who wins!

Weekly Occurrences
Tuesday Donut Mass at 9pm, Hall Council at 10pm
Wednesday Daily Mass followed by Cards and Snacks with Fr. Mark
Thursday Night Man Hour at 10pm

Many opportunities for you to win this week! I hope you take advantage of all the happenings, but there's one more thing: a picture says a thousand words:

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Family Weekend, Man Hour, Zootopia (9/20/2016)

Men of Duncan,

Many students claim that there are only two seasons at Notre Dame: football and winter; however, Thursday officially begins the autumn season, or aka fall--the fall of leaves! Both fall and autumn are acceptable; American writers are indiscriminate, using both fall and autumn, usually depending on which sounds better.  Read on to see how you can fall into the autumn season at Duncan Hall:

Parents and Family Weekend
This weekend is Family Weekend at Duncan Hall! All are welcome weather your family is coming in your not. We're all family here!
Friday 9/23: 5:30pm Cookout in the Courtyard.
Saturday 9/24: 10am Brunch in the 24
Sunday 9/25: 11am Mass followed by Coffee and Doughnut. NO 9PM Mass.

Please RSVP at so we have an estimation on how many to plan for.

For all the gameday events, visit to plan your weekend.

Overnight Guest Form
We have transistion to an online overnight guest form. It can be found on the website or with this direct link. Bookmark it for future reference.

Man Hour Thursday
Duncan Hall weekly programs are starting up again. The first Man Hour of the year is this Thursday at 10pm in the 2-4.  Theme is game night! Come for some free food and fellowship.

Wednesday Cards and Snacks
Fr. Mark hosts Cards and Snacks in his room every Wednesday after 9pm daily Mass. All are welcome, invite your friends.

Free Flu Shots
University Health Services are offering free flu shots starting next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the Stepan Center. See flyer for details.  Mark your calendar. Another reminder next week.

Duncan's First Babyshower
The men of Duncan is hosting a babyshower for our faculty fellow, Professor Victoria Goodrich, on October 1st.  We need your help to design the Onesie. Submit ideas here.

InterHall Football
Duncan Hall Football opens the season on Sunday against Stanford Hall at 1pm in the LaBar Field (football practice field). Invite your family to come support our Highlanders. 

Super Tuesday
Doughnut Mass at 9pm. Invite all your friends; it's campus wide event.
Hall Council at 10pm. 
Play your FIFA and Ping Pong games.

Debate Watch
Next Monday, the Highlander Grille is sponsoring a Debate Watch starting at 9pm in the 24.

That's all for this week! Enjoy the fall weather while it's still here; campus glows autumnal this time of year! One last autumn/fall reference, I promise: what did one autumn leaf say to another? "I'm falling for you (as it literally falls off the branch)!"

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen

A message from RA Frank the Tank!

Hey dudes! Frank the Tank here. I'm leading a walkover to the SUB Movie ZOOTOPIA this Thursday. We'll be leaving the 2-4 Lounge at 7:45pm. Movie starts at 8PM. All Duncan guys are welcome to join! We'll be meeting up with the lovely 'pyros' of Pasquerilla East Hall. #dates
Please sign up on the sheet attached so I have a better idea how many tickets to buy. See you at the movie!! 🐒



Ping Pong, Parents Weekend, Lost and Found (9/13/2016)

Men of Duncan Hall,

Happy First Gen Chem Test Day. With craziness of term papers, meetings and exams, here are a few study tips from the Internet: chew gum while test-taking to pump oxygen to the brain, listen to jazz music to "relieve boredom," and turn your course material into rhymes for ideal memorization.  If you do happen to have a free moment, however, check out all the happenings at Duncan Hall this week.  We can't promise A's on papers, but we can offer a little bit of peace of mind. 

Hall Council at 10pm
All are encouraged to attend hall council at 10pm every Tuesday Nights. There's a sense of camaraderie when we get together! Community Brotherhood Respect.

Ping Pong Tournament
Sign up for Ping Pong Tournament tonight at Hall Council.  Once the field of 64 is filled, then that's it. No email sign ups.

FIFA Tournament
If you signed up, then find your opponent to play your game(s). The goal was to play the championship tonight but that's not happening because the bracket is not updated!

GameDay Weekend
I'm sure you all know that it's Michigan State Week! GameDay Weekend Protocols remain the same as last weekend. See Attachments.

Parents and Family Weekend: DUKE
If your family will be in town for the DUKE Game, we encourage you to invite them to Duncan Hall throughout the weekend so we can host them in our home. Invitations have been sent home, but if you know that they're coming, then RSVP at so we know how much to plan.

Duncan Ryan Shirts
We still have a few Duncan Ryan TShirts and Tanks left. They are $10. See Rector to purchase one.

Lost and Found
There is a lost and found box in the Duncan Staff Office. It comprises of items turned into staff members or picked up from various events. Rector picked up a TOYOTA Key with Mei Fitness and another fitness membership on it.

Picked up from SYR: Black Jos A. Bank blazer, Cream CK blazer, Pink "FOREST" hoodie, Blue and Yellow North Face raincoat. 

Missing from SYR: Navy Blue Jos A. Bank blazer - Could very well be the case that the Blue and Navy blazers were mixed up. 

Green Blazers
On the topic of blazers, the green blazers are at the embroidery shop so hopefully we will get them by the DUKE weekend so our parents can see them. Pencil your calendar for Friday 9/23 7pm-8pm for the Green Blazer Ceremony.  We will know early next week if they will be ready.

If you lose money from laundry service downstairs or to report any issues, contact ND Vending at or call 574-631-7777. No hassle policy! They're great!

To see if the machines are available before you drag your laundry to the basement, check out:

Saint Michael's Laundry picks up on Thursday mornings. Highly recommend that you drop off Wednesday nights. 

That's almost all for us this afternoon; here the one more thing: if "can't" is short for "cannot," then what is "don't" short for? DOUGHNUT! Duncan Doughnut Mass at 9PM. All are welcome! May God watch over your studies and your stress level.

Peace Brothers,
Nhat Nguyen



Volleyball, SYR, FIFA (9/6/2016)

To All the Men of Duncan Hall,

While we were caught up in the ND Texas game, Sunday was a great day for the Church. Mother Teresa, a tiny nun from Calcutta, was canonized a saint by Pope Francis in the Vatican. Saints are real people living among us, and we are all called to be saints! Below are opportunities to be "Christ for others."

GameDay Weekend
Due to Game Day Protocol, only Duncan residents can access the building through the front and parking lot doors only. (Sorry B-Side, you cannot use  the side door facing McGlinn!). You will have to escort your guest into Duncan as well; they cannot swipe in.  Friday 5pm-Sunday 9am.

To check your PIN, go to

Duncan Ryan Week Continues
The Best of the West Week continues today with the section volleyball tournament and cook out in the Duncan Courtyard.  Wednesday is Mass and late night breakfast at Ryan Hall. Thursday is off campus bowling night. Friday is the Duncan Hall SYR.

Cookout and Section Volleyball Match Ups
Free Food will be available around 5pm in the Duncan Courtyard. 
Here are the volleyball match ups:
1A vs 1B will play to 5:00
2A vs 2B will pay at 5:40
3A vs 3B will play at 6:20

Each section team is collectively made up of Duncan and Ryan residents.

Free Bowling Thursday Interest Form
Duncan and Ryan Halls are providing a 24-passenger shuttle to and from Chippewa Bowl. Please let us know if you are interested in the event by filling out this google form!

Duncan Gatsby SYR Sign Ups
Please refer to the attached guidelines and visit to sign up for the SYR. It's only appropriate to bring two dates to a Gatsby Dance!

Fire Drill
Every residence halls are required to conduct two fire drills each semester-one announced and one unannounced. The first fire drill for Duncan Hall is Tuesday TONIGHT at 7:45pm. Please plan accordingly. 

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist and Lector Training
Those interested in serving at Duncan Hall Mass, please attend the training TONIGHT at 8pm or after the fire drill.

InterHall Sign Ups
Just a reminder that Interhall Football sign-ups are posted on the white board outside the 24. We'd like to have a final headcount by Wednesday afternoon to determine our roster size/if we need to have try-outs. No matter how much experience you may have playing football, we'd love to have you on the squad. -Love, Tommy Staffieri

Cross Country Sign Ups are posted in the lobby!

Key and Card Access
Starting next week, the exterior doors will be re-cored and you can only access the building via swipe access. To check your PIN, visit

Hall Council at 10pm Tonight! Come one, come all!
Here's the FIFA brackets from last week, random seeding. Find your opponent--room numbers next to their names--to play on your own time. Please get your games in within 24 hours of a new match ups.  The goal is to play the championship game after Hall council next week. Good luck men!
Inline image 2

That's all the announcements for this week, but one more thing, remember that every  saint has a past and every sinner has a future! Make good decisions this first GameDay weekend! Go Irish!

Nhat Nguyen



West Quad, Apparel/Blazers, Donut Mass (8/30/2016)

To All the Men of Duncan,

Remember to "load all images"

Happy Tuesday. I hope that your rainy day gear is serving you well and keeping you dry. The "Dorm Plague" is upon us; 232 guys carry a lot of germs and bacteria. But it comes and it will go; your immune system will get used to it. Here's a few tips to stay healthy: avoid hooking up with too many people, wash your hands frequently, boost your immune system-plenty of sleep, diet, exercise, vitamin C, reduce stress, and cut back on alcohol consumption-AND attend Duncan Events:

West Quad Mass at 4PM Sunday
All the West Quad Dorms are coming together this Sunday to celebrate Mass in the Basilica at 4PM. It is a unique opportunity for all the dorms to gather and pray together. All R WKOMD! (Ryan WF Keough O'Niell McGlinn Duncan)!!! Green Blazers encouraged

WestFest this Friday
The West Quad Dorms are hosting a campus-wide WestFest event this Friday from 2pm-5pm on West Quad! It is a carnival atmosphere with Dunk Tank, Human Bowling, Hot Dog Eating Contest, and much more. 

Duncan Ryan Week
The Best of the West Week begins Sunday with West Quad Mass and then Notre Dame Football Season Opener vs. Texas game watch in Ryan Hall.  T-Shirts and Tanks will be available on a "first come first serve" basis. 

Here's the brief schedule for the rest of the week. More details to come as we get closer:
Monday 9/5: Cookout and Section Volleyball
Tuesday 9/6: Duncan Ryan Dinner are the Dinning Hall; Duncan Donut Mass
Wednesday 9/7: Breakfast in Duncan 24; Ryan Waffle Mass
Thursday 9/8: Bowling from 7pm-9pm
Friday 9/9: Duncan SYR

Duncan SYR (Setup Your Roommate) Dance
Save the "Date": Friday 9/9 at The Rock! 10PM-1AM. Details to come.

Duncan Apparel and Green Blazers
The Apparel Order page is live! To place your order, visit: Deadline is Sunday September 4th. Please share with family and friends. Contact the Rector if you have trouble getting payment in by Sunday 9/4 and needs a deferment.

Green Blazer Order Form: Deadline: Sunday 9/4. Cost: $60
If you don't know your size, then write "Needs To Be Sized" and a commissioner will find you. Collecting payment later this week next week TBA. Rector Fund available to those who qualified.

Duncan Donut Mass
Donut Mass resumes tonight at 9pm in the Saint Walter's Chapel. Invite your friends! We will be praying for Emina's Mother tonight. Emina is our beloved housekeeper. Please sign the card for her tonight after Mass.

Hall Council at 10pm in the 24

Congratulations of making to the end of the email! However, there's one more thing: I bet Jesus drives a Christ-ler!  Best wishes on staying dry and cool. GO IRISH!!!

Peace brothers,
Nhat Nguyen, Rector