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About Home

Brotherhood, Community, Respect.



Explore the History of Duncan Hall, from its construction in 2008 to today.


Explore the History of Duncan Hall, from its construction in 2008 to today.


In 2008, for the first time in over ten years, the University of Notre Dame opened a new residence hall on campus. Duncan Hall was made possible by a generous gift of Mr. Raymond T. Duncan, a 1952 graduate of Notre Dame, president of Duncan Oil Inc. in Denver, Colorado, and owner of Silver Oak Cellars in Oakville, California. With the groundbreaking taking place on March 8th, 2007, the 68,482- square-foot, three-story building housing 232 undergraduate students took only seventeen months to complete, yet it features eye-catching architectural designs that provide optimal living space for its residents. From its spacious lounges to the panoramic views, from its bay windows to the space for prayer within its breathtaking chapel, Duncan Hall will no doubt be one of the finest residence halls on campus for many years to come.

The Duncan family has enjoyed a long and storied history with the university. Raymond’s father Walter graduated from Notre Dame in 1912 and went on to serve on the Board of Trustees. Upon graduating with a degree in philosophy, Raymond not only worked in the private sector with his father in the oil business, but he also served his alma mater both as a member of the Arts and Letters Advisory Council and as a member of the advisory council of the Snite Museum of Art. Other members of the Duncan family, including two of Raymond’s three brothers as well as two of his four sons are alumni of the university.

Duncan Hall has been a collaborative effort of many within the Notre Dame family. Much input from those in the Office of Residence Life and Housing, alumni, students, Rectors, and university administrators has been gathered in attempt to put forth a hall that possesses all of the best qualities of residential life here on campus. The goal of the staff and residents of Duncan is that the hall serves as a tremendous example of the possibilities for life within a university residence hall as a place for study, rest, recreation, and prayer, a source of close friends and happy memories, and most of all, a home away from your home.


Hall Staff

Ensuring a healthy, safe, and vibrant community. Explore bios and info on all Duncan Hall Staff.

Hall Staff

Ensuring a healthy, safe, and vibrant community. Explore bios and info on all Duncan Hall Staff.

Hall Staff


Duncan Hall Staff works together to ensure that Duncan Hall is a healthy, safe, and vibrant community.  


Meet the Staff


Nhat Nguyen

Nhat Nguyen is a former seminarian who graduated with a Master of Arts in Theology from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, America’s First Catholic Seminary. He spent two years discerning the diocesan priesthood with the Diocese of Richmond and has come to realize that "there’s something about Mary." He began his theological studies at Saint Mary’s and his pastoral assignments included: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Nazareth, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Anne. He could not be more affirmed to be working at a university that carries the name of Notre Dame, Our Lady. Prior to the seminary, Nhat graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from James Madison University, where he was also a Division I student-athlete on the varsity wrestling team and a three-time All-State wrestler. He became the Assistant Catholic Campus Minister at JMU after graduation, and the following year was promoted to be the Catholic Campus Minister at Roanoke College. Nhat hails from Roanoke, Virginia, where his family of nine settled in 1993 from Vietnam. 

When asked to reflect on this invitation to serve in the formation of Notre Dame undergraduate students, Nhat answered: “It’s the ‘American Story.’ Our family is a first-generation immigrant family who came to the United States in 1993, and we identified ourselves with Notre Dame because of its Catholicity, tradition, and values. To be a part of this University is my ‘American Dream.’ I believe that my passion for service and love for ministry will prepare me to meet the rigorous demands of being Rector. My many years of ministerial work have given me a genuine empathy, which enables me to connect well and personally with others, and a deep desire to be a man for others in the likeness of Christ.”


Brian Stoyell-Mulholland
Assistant Rector

Brian is a 3rd Year Mathematician in the PhD program, but don't hold that against him. Brian has lived a variety of places including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, and Washington State. He considers himself a Jersey boy cause he pumps his fist, but not his gas. Besides Notre Dame football, he is hoping for Eli Manning to take the Giants to the Super Bowl this year. He graduated in 2013 from West Chester near Philadelphia. Brian was training to become a police officer, until mathematics arrested his mind. As you might be able to tell from the previous sentence, he also likes bad puns. As an avid competitor, feel free to challenge Brian to any board game or sport. Brian also wishes to bring back the Glory Days of NBC Thursday Nights, meaning Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock.






Matthew Sachaj
Assistant Rector

Matt is in his second year at Notre Dame Law School. After graduating from Northwestern University in 2014, he worked for a legal services company as he considered a career in the law. Matt grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and spent many summers as a golf caddie. He enjoys the company of friends and family and exploring new places.






Fr. Mark Thesing
Priest In-Residence

Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C. Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C. is serving as the first In- Residence Priest for Duncan Hall. Formerly the Rector of Keenan Hall for six years, Fr. Mark has much experience in residential life at Notre Dame. During the day, he will work as Business Manager for the Mendoza College of Business. Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Fr. Mark has two brothers, two sisters, and thirteen nieces and nephews. He also sponsors a weekly game of poker in his room after daily Mass.


Scott Williams
Resident Assistant, 1A

Scott Williams was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. No, it was not named after him. A mechanical engineering major, you can find Scott in the Nieuwland Library, or deep beneath Fitzpatrick Hall. On campus, Scott was part of the First Year Engineering Council, and was a tutor for the Learning Resource Center. 

Within Duncan Hall, Scott served as section sports commissioner, and works as a hall clerk. He can be found posted up in the section study, or playing NCAA on Xbox with Nhat. His devotion to section sports will hopefully result in a repeat section-basketball championship, which he affectionately referred to as “the best day of his entire life” and “the worst day of Chris Woods’s life”.

Scott will not hesitate to sit down and talk about the semester he spent abroad in Ireland, and how it’s easy when there’s no homework but hard to wake up at 3am to go travel. 

In his free time, Scott enjoys reading fantasy books, playing video games, listening to just about any type of music and playing any sport he can. Basketball is his first love, and he shows it by teaching Chris Wood how to play. Scott can’t wait to show the world why 1A is first both alphabetically and numerically.

If you have any questions about engineering, studying abroad, or general dorm life, feel free to reach out to Scott at (480) 861-0468 or at


Michael Krebs
Resident Assistant, 1B

Likely never to quit reminding his residents that the Royals won the 2015 World Series, Michael (or “Krebs,” “Krebs Cycle,” or whatever differentiates him from one of the most common first names on Notre Dame’s campus) is from Olathe, Kansas, and, at this point in his college career, is fully aware that “we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Despite popular belief, Michael does not live on a farm, did not drive a tractor to high school, and did not grow up encountering tumbleweeds on a daily basis. Michael is a self-proclaimed “fun” Accounting major, Theology minor, and is very excited to lead the men of 1B to greatness during the 2017-18 school year. When he not busy puzzling over debits and credits and/or being the token business major of Duncan Hall staff, you can find Michael working with Notre Dame Right to Life, talking about Kansas City barbeque, listening to country music, or training for his fourth and final season as a member of the Duncan B2 interhall basketball team. Michael served as a small group mentor for Notre Dame Vision during the summer of 2016 (alongside 2B RA Randy!), and interned at Deloitte this past summer. That said, if you ever have questions about the Mendoza life, Randy’s leadership skills, the Midwest, or want to chat about anything, hmu; the door to 143 Duncan is always open. Otherwise, please reach out at (913) 568-3371 or!!


Christian Wood
Resident Assistant, 2A

Christian hails from the town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania! Being an hour from both Philadelphia and Amish country, Phoenixville has prepared Christian for both the country atmosphere seen throughout most of Indiana as well as the fast-paced environment found in the bustling metropolis of South Bend. He is majoring in biochemistry and economics, and is extremely proud to spend his third consecutive year in the best section in Duncan (and therefore Notre Dame), 2A! Within Duncan Christian has served as the Green Blazer commissioner for the past two years, ensuring that Highlanders are the most well-dressed men on campus. He also plays interhall basketball and has served as the goalie of the defense that brought Duncan its first ever interhall lacrosse championship! Outside of Duncan, Christian spends his time mixing strange chemicals together in his research lab (he’s writing a thesis on it this year), and has been fortunate enough to be a leader on a variety of service trip to the Appalachia region as well as various cities along the east coast.
In his free time, Christian enjoys beating his friend and co-RA Scott in section basketball, section football, and whatever pickup sport is on the agenda for that day. When he isn’t beating Scott in sports, Christian likes running, reading, freaking out about his chances of getting into medical school, and cheering on New England sports teams (it’s okay, he lived there before he moved to Pennsylvania) with his former roommate and now next-door neighbor Garrett. He is extremely excited to be an RA and very happy to help however he can, so please contact him at 610-850-5721 or at for any reason!


Randy Balletta
Resident Assistant, 2B

Born and raised in a big Italian family spread throughout the New York area, Randy Balletta is beyond excited to be living with his Duncan brothers in his Irish family for one final year as 2B’s esteemed RA. A mechanical engineering major and theology minor, Randy spends most of his time buried beneath textbooks studying or working on projects, but absolutely loves what he studies. Outside of academics, Randy served as the Vice President of Duncan last year, captain of the #1 seeded Duncan dodgeball team, and co-director for Campus Ministry’s Freshman Retreat. 
Randy spends his limited downtime designing roller coasters and theme parks, a lifelong passion that brought him to Orlando this summer where he worked as an intern in the Design Studio of a themed construction company (his work will soon debut for Universal Studios). He also enjoys watching the New York Yankees, listening to The Beatles and Coldplay, doing Batman and Bane impressions, and marathoning Disney-Pixar movies. 
Standing at 5’8” with a career 0.3 PPG and 1.4 APG in section basketball, Randy’s prowess on the court has oft been compared to South Dining Hall’s pizza quesadilla: doesn’t look like much at first, but half-decent once you give it a try. As such, he hopes to end his two-year winless streak in all section sports, and draw comparisons to South’s lobster quesadilla (really really good, but clearly not authentic lobster/skill). People sometimes call him “Chief,” but you can call Randy at any time for any reason at (201)-414-6946, email at, or tweet at @TheRealMichaelKrebs.


Nicholas Carroll
Resident Assistant, 3A

Nick Carroll was born in a small suburb of Toledo, OH, where he spent his time camping, hiking, building Legos, and of course, playing video games. His interests in computers and Legos quickly matured into a love of engineering, and eventually settled on computer engineering. When he was in high school, he spent every Sunday driving to Cleveland to watch the Browns play, and occasionally win. Because of this, he finds it refreshing to root for Notre Dame. For fun, Nick participated in various coding competitions, hackathons, and pitch events, resulting in prototypes for an automatic class note summarizer, a dining hall rating platform, and an Award Winning "Netflix & Chill?" app with fellow RA and partner in crime James Marvin. Nick most recently participated in the first ever Notre Dame Silicon Valley Semester, where he acted as a guinea pig by taking classes and interning in Palo Alto, California. In his spare time, he plays and reviews video games, listens to classic rock, and watches weird films with the film society. He loves to sell ideas and tell stories. Make sure to stop by his room this year for Super Smash Bros!







James Marvin
Resident Assistant, 3B

James is from the backwoods of Central Florida in a town called Chuluota (Choo-loo-oh-ta). His house abuts a swamp but don't worry you won't need subtitles to understand what he says because he spent the first ten years of his life living in Boston, Massachusetts. You wouldn't know by looking at him, but he was a varsity weightlifter in high school. In addition to picking things up and putting them down he had a brief stint in the marching band and was a member of JROTC. In college, he is a cadet in Air Force ROTC so he'll be happy to show you pictures from that one time he flew in jet trainer. In his free time he likes to play football and basketball with friends, and making a fool of himself on the dance floor. Besides amateur athleticism he participates in events that stimulate the mind as well. He and his best friend, Nick "The Quick" Carroll the 3A RA, started an event series called Thirsty for Culture Thursday where they would see plays, go to trivia nights at the Snite museum, read poetry, and woo women. They plan to tap into the University's "don't go to Feve" money to make the events dorm-wide. James plans on taking 3B to section championships in both football and basketball. He really wants to beat 2A in sports because his younger brother, Steven, is a resident there. James also wants to have as many section events as we can afford so if you think of one let him know. If you need anything else from him, he'd love to talk it out in his room or via his mobile (617-515-2348) or email at 

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Hall Council

Check out the latest news from our most recent Tuesday Night gathering in the 24 and look up resources for hall commissioners and past presidents.

Hall Council

Check out the latest news from our most recent Tuesday Night gathering in the 24 and look up resources for hall commissioners and past presidents.

Hall Council

Check this page throughout the year for all the news discussed during weekly Hall Council! This will include events and promotions happening within Duncan and across campus. Hall Council takes place every Tuesday night at 10:00pm in the Duncan 24-Hour Lounge!

 2014-2015 Hall President Luke Kiefer, VP Sean Himel, and Rector after the Student Activities Leadership Banquet.

2014-2015 Hall President Luke Kiefer, VP Sean Himel, and Rector after the Student Activities Leadership Banquet.

Hall Commissioners

Brother Sister : Jerry Mathis and Quentin Colo
Service : David Kronenberger
Apparel  :  Patrick Rafferty
Athletics : Jack Bodien
Alumni  : Will Niermeyer
Masters  : Will Jones and Max Cooper
Highrise  :  Daniel Massoud and Steven Lanasky
Academic  :  Steven Marvin and Bryan Dorval
Tech  :  Eric Biscocho
Cultural :   Gino Domel
Liturgy:  John Cresson
Hall Secretary  :  Angel Rodriguez

Previous Hall Presidents

Previous Presidents

Duncan Hall Constitution

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Hall Olympics

Find out info about upcoming events and check which section is in the lead in the Duncan Olympics. 

Hall Olympics

Find out info about upcoming events and check which section is in the lead in the Duncan Olympics. 

Section Olympics

Current Section Standings

Scoring System

Hall Council: 5 points per person + 20 points for most represented section
Section Sports: 5 points per person + 50 points for win [400 points for champion]
Duncan Events (by other commissioners): 5 points per person + 20 points for most represented section

Section (minimum 10 people): 
Meeting: 5 points per person 
Dinner: 5 points per person + 10 points + 30 points if off campus OR 20 if non-dining hall
Event: 5 points per person + 10 points 
SECTION Mass: 5 points per person + 10 points

Duncan Olympics Events
Weekly Event: 60 points for 1st, 40 points for 2nd, 20 points for 3rd 
Monthly Event: 180 points for 1st, 120 points for 2nd, 60 points for 3rd

In order to make the chart on the website accurate, reps have 3 days to report an event after it occurs.