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About Home

Brotherhood, Community, Respect.



Explore the History of Duncan Hall, from its construction in 2008 to today.


Explore the History of Duncan Hall, from its construction in 2008 to today.


In 2008, for the first time in over ten years, the University of Notre Dame opened a new residence hall on campus. Duncan Hall was made possible by a generous gift of Mr. Raymond T. Duncan, a 1952 graduate of Notre Dame, president of Duncan Oil Inc. in Denver, Colorado, and owner of Silver Oak Cellars in Oakville, California. With the groundbreaking taking place on March 8th, 2007, the 68,482- square-foot, three-story building housing 232 undergraduate students took only seventeen months to complete, yet it features eye-catching architectural designs that provide optimal living space for its residents. From its spacious lounges to the panoramic views, from its bay windows to the space for prayer within its breathtaking chapel, Duncan Hall will no doubt be one of the finest residence halls on campus for many years to come.

The Duncan family has enjoyed a long and storied history with the university. Raymond’s father Walter graduated from Notre Dame in 1912 and went on to serve on the Board of Trustees. Upon graduating with a degree in philosophy, Raymond not only worked in the private sector with his father in the oil business, but he also served his alma mater both as a member of the Arts and Letters Advisory Council and as a member of the advisory council of the Snite Museum of Art. Other members of the Duncan family, including two of Raymond’s three brothers as well as two of his four sons are alumni of the university.

Duncan Hall has been a collaborative effort of many within the Notre Dame family. Much input from those in the Office of Residence Life and Housing, alumni, students, Rectors, and university administrators has been gathered in attempt to put forth a hall that possesses all of the best qualities of residential life here on campus. The goal of the staff and residents of Duncan is that the hall serves as a tremendous example of the possibilities for life within a university residence hall as a place for study, rest, recreation, and prayer, a source of close friends and happy memories, and most of all, a home away from your home.


Hall Staff

Ensuring a healthy, safe, and vibrant community. Explore bios and info on all Duncan Hall Staff.

Hall Staff

Ensuring a healthy, safe, and vibrant community. Explore bios and info on all Duncan Hall Staff.

Hall Staff


Duncan Hall Staff works together to ensure that Duncan Hall is a healthy, safe, and vibrant community.  


Meet the Staff


Nhat Nguyen


Nhat Nguyen is a former seminarian who graduated with a Master of Arts in Theology from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, America’s First Catholic Seminary. He spent two years discerning the diocesan priesthood with the Diocese of Richmond and has come to realize that "there’s something about Mary." He began his theological studies at Saint Mary’s and his pastoral assignments included: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Nazareth, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Anne. He could not be more affirmed to be working at a university that carries the name of Notre Dame, Our Lady. Prior to the seminary, Nhat graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from James Madison University, where he was also a Division I student-athlete on the varsity wrestling team and a three-time All-State wrestler. He became the Assistant Catholic Campus Minister at JMU after graduation, and the following year was promoted to be the Catholic Campus Minister at Roanoke College. Nhat hails from Roanoke, Virginia, where his family of nine settled in 1993 from Vietnam. 

When asked to reflect on this invitation to serve in the formation of Notre Dame undergraduate students, Nhat answered: “It’s the ‘American Story.’ Our family is a first-generation immigrant family who came to the United States in 1993, and we identified ourselves with Notre Dame because of its Catholicity, tradition, and values. To be a part of this University is my ‘American Dream.’ I believe that my passion for service and love for ministry will prepare me to meet the rigorous demands of being Rector. My many years of ministerial work have given me a genuine empathy, which enables me to connect well and personally with others, and a deep desire to be a man for others in the likeness of Christ.”


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Connor Kirol
Assistant Rector

I am currently in my second year at Notre Dame Law School. I grew up in Columbia, SC and graduated from Notre Dame in 2015. Before beginning law school, I moved back to Columbia and worked at a prosecutor's office. I am interested in criminal law and intellectual property law. In my spare time, I enjoy, running, biking, playing board games, and watching sports, especially Notre Dame football and hockey. And my favorite TV show is The Office.







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Sadat Donkor
Assistant Rector

I am in my second year at the Notre Dame Law School and I grew up in the Bronx, NY. Upon graduating from Boston College in 2015, I worked as a litigation paralegal for three years. I am interested in International Arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. I enjoy playing and watching soccer on my spare time and wouldn't mind a game a ping-pong either.








Fr. Mark Thesing
Priest In-Residence

Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C. is Duncan’s first and only Priest-In-Residence, moving in as Duncan opened its doors in 2008.  After serving as Rector of Keenan from 2002 until 2008, Fr. Mark joined the senior staff of Student Affairs where he served as Business Manager until 2011 when he became Director of Finance and Administration for Mendoza.  He has much experience in residential life at Notre Dame.  In June 2018 Fr. Mark was appointed Assistant Provincial and Steward for the U.S. Province of Holy Cross.  He continues to serve as ND football chaplain and weekend associate at the Cathedral of St. Matthew in South Bend.  Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Fr. Mark has two brothers, two sisters, and thirteen nieces and nephews. He also sponsors a card game in his room after Mass on Wednesdays, is an avid Disney fan, enjoys photography, cooking and amazing people with card tricks. 

aUgWCdVcQ9ige5DGK5G%jg - John Paul Ferguson.jpg

John Paul “Jack” Ferguson
Resident Assistant, 1A

Born in the great state of New Jersey, but now a resident of the Washington DC, area, Jack Ferguson claims a dual identity as a son of both regions. Jack will be returning to Duncan Hall this fall after a semester abroad in London, where to his dismay he has found himself using the phrases "cheers" and "lads" unironically. Academically, Jack is in the Program of Liberal Studies, Notre Dame's great books major, and is interested in all things liberal arts, especially literature. He's always willing to discuss the merits of the under-appreciated Victor Hugo. On campus, Jack is involved with the Tocqueville Program, the Center for Ethics and Culture, and perhaps most importantly, the Notre Dame Squash Team, which he has played on since freshman year. He will likely host movie and TV watches this year for Les Miserables, Bojack Horseman, and anything directed by Christopher Nolan. Come by his room whenever, especially if you like the Boston Red Sox, Bruce Springsteen, U2, or Ed Sheeran. Other ways to contact him: 301-346-2103 or Reach out anytime!


IMG_6520 - Christopher Florimonte.jpg

Chris Florimonte
Resident Assistant, 1B

Born and raised in Ocala, Florida, Chris is not your average ‘Florida Man’. He is a Finance and Economics major, meaning that he picked the two majors that are basically identical, just with different names. Chris can be found in one of three places on campus: taking a nap on his futon at 3pm, roaming the halls of Duncan at 4am because he has no regard for a healthy sleep schedule, or posted up in the Mendoza basement trying to deceive everyone around him into thinking he is being productive. As RA of 1B Chris has the intentions of making 3A RA Kyle Tomshack public enemy #1. He plans on exposing Kyle in every way imaginable. Chris has participated in the Duncan Hall community in the past by serving as Vice President last year, which consisted of helping organize dorm activities and helping win Men’s Hall of the Year. Outside of Duncan he acts as the Mendoza representative on the University Committee for the Academic Code of Honor. In his time at Notre Dame, Chris has studied abroad on two separate occasions, so if you are considering going abroad swing by his room and he will be more than happy to share his experiences with you. If you are looking for an excuse to get away from schoolwork or just have some free time, Chris’s room is the place to be. As the self-proclaimed King of Procrastination he will have a variety of things for you to do. If you want to ‘catch these hands’ in Modern Warfare 2 or if you share in his love for Imagine Dragons, then look no further; he is your man. Despite looking like one of the most unathletic humans ever birthed, he does play tennis on the weekends, and he is always looking for a doubles partner. Feel free to reach out to Chris at any time if you have questions about dorm life, or if you just want to introduce yourself. He can be reached at 352-615-9334,, or room 143. The door is always open!

Hall Staff pic edited - Cameron Hunter.jpg

Cam Hunter
Resident Assistant, 2A

Cameron was born and raised in a town in rural Ohio called Fostoria. He is a Biochemisty major with a minor in Bioengineering, and he plans to attend medical school upon graduation. Being from Ohio, he is obsessed with Euchre (the quintessential Midwestern card game) and poker, and will gladly neglect all other responsibilities to play a quick game. As a passionate Star Wars fan, he loves the prequels and will debate with anyone and everyone who disagrees, since the sequels don't even make sense. When he's not huddled in the chemistry library (ha) Cameron likes to read and play various video games from his childhood. Organizations he is involved in on campus include being a mentor for the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club, and serving as an advisor and recruiter for an education access nonprofit called Matriculate. If you are interested in learning about Euchre, his crazy opinions about Star Wars, or chatting about anything else you can reach Cameron at 419-672-0684,, or his room in 217 Duncan.

Angel Rodriguez
Resident Assistant, 2B

Born and raised in the great North that is Cudahy, Wisconsin Angel is used to dealing with weather in the single digits and below. Always down to smash Angel can found frequently in his room with a GameCube controller and a record playing, usually to the wide variety of music; including and not limited to, Queen, Kendrick Lamar, ELO, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Lil Dicky, and a plethora of video game soundtracks. As RA of 2B Angel plans on keeping his superiority over the 3A RA Kyle Tomshack by beating him in ping pong every chance he gets. Once called the “meme master” by Peter Bui, Angel enjoys wasting time looking at memes, which made him the writer of “S#it’s and Giggles” (stall notes) sophomore year. No stranger to all nighters you can frequently find Angel up during the graveyard shift of the night spending time with all the people who don’t follow normal sleep schedules. If so, feel free to stop by and have a conversation with him, he’s always down to hanging out with the 3rd shift crew. He also can be seen outside at times playing pickup games of basketball (poorly), random matches of tennis, or running at people in section football. A champ outdoors and on the dancefloor you can see him dancing and going to Salsa night to spice it up, and is looking forward to the Highrise RA dance. A key way to tell if Angel is in the section is if there is the Hamilton soundtrack blasting from the showers, you may even find him singing (poorly) random parts of the musical with Thomas Plummer from time to time. 

If you ever need to reach out to Angel feel free to call or text him at 414-326-5507, or reach out to him on steam, snapchat, groupme, discord, skype, kik, smoke signals, telegram, fax, email (, carrier pigeon, mail via the Pony Express, flag signaling, landline telephone (lol), radio, or youtube.

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IMG952678 - Kyle Tomshack.jpg

Kyle Tomshack
Resident Assistant, 3A

Kyle is from the small town of Vermilion, OH which lies directly on the shores of Lake Erie near Cleveland. He is a Chemical Engineering major with minors in Energy Studies and Engineering Corporate Practice, which means he can often be found late at night working in Fitzpatrick Hall or Stinson-Remick Hall. Kyle enjoys playing interhall sports, having represented Duncan Hall in football, basketball, and dodgeball. Having lost two football championships in three years, Kyle hopes to help Duncan Hall make it back to Notre Dame Stadium to finally win a champions shirt. Kyle is looking forward to this year’s NFL season where he hopes that he can finally watch his Browns have a winning season. In his free time, Kyle can usually be found either in his room, watching a movie or reading a book, or in the Rock playing some pick-up basketball. He also seems to enjoy losing in ping-pong, or at least that is the only reasonable explanation for why he constantly challenges Angel, the 2B RA, to play. Having served as Duncan Hall’s Student Union Board rep and president, Kyle understands the ins and outs of Duncan Hall. He is looking forward to a great year as the 3A RA! Feel free to contact Kyle at any time for any reason before or after the school year starts at 440-787-6890 or at Be sure to stop by Room 317 to say hi once the year starts!

David Kronenberger
Resident Assistant, 3B

fullsizeoutput_2300 - David Kronenberger.jpeg

A proud resident of the great state of Indiana with its beautiful dunes, flourishing cities, the beautiful university we all call home, and yes, lots of cornfields, David grew up in Fishers, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. David is a Science Preprofessional and Psychology double major hoping to go attend medical school after graduation and can frequently be found working on his pancreatic cancer research at Harper or studying late in McCourtney, hoping that simply being in the proximity of science research can help him absorb knowledge. As a four-time third floor resident, David can tell you firsthand that you don’t need leg day when you take the stairs up to your room every day. He is confident that the great section of 3B will sweep section sports and that his section will once again take home the section cup. He is not in the slightest worried about fellow RA Kyle Tomshack’s extensive football experience or slight size advantage. David has been honored to serve as the Service, Health and Wellness, and South Bend Commissioners of Duncan Hall in the past, helping the great community of Duncan Hall share our talents and livelihoods with others in the community. He has also been involved in student government, the Neuroscience Club, and interhall sports on campus. Around the dorm, David tends to be looking for a new ping pong challenger, procrastinating work, talking about beaches, sports, movies, or the summer he spent in London, but more likely he’s somewhere losing in FIFA, hoping that he will one day wake up with the skills that he must be so close to reaching. An avid tennis and soccer player and a competitive person, David is always ready to play a familiar sport or try out a new one. With his red hair, you will never have trouble spotting him around campus. Feel free to reach out to David at (317) 937-9400,, or by stopping by his room 343 Duncan at any time!

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Hall Council

Check out the latest news from our most recent Tuesday Night gathering in the 24 and look up resources for hall commissioners and past presidents.

Hall Council

Check out the latest news from our most recent Tuesday Night gathering in the 24 and look up resources for hall commissioners and past presidents.

Hall Council

Check this page throughout the year for all the news discussed during weekly Hall Council! This will include events and promotions happening within Duncan and across campus. Hall Council takes place every Tuesday night at 10:00pm in the Duncan 24-Hour Lounge!

2014-2015 Hall President Luke Kiefer, VP Sean Himel, and Rector after the Student Activities Leadership Banquet.

2014-2015 Hall President Luke Kiefer, VP Sean Himel, and Rector after the Student Activities Leadership Banquet.

Hall Commissioners

Alumni: Max Cooper with help from James Marvin

Apparel: Garrett Verfurth

Athletics: Mason Sponem

Section Cup: Joe Weas

Masters/Green Blazers: Emmanuel Lazarro, John Paul Becker, Will Jones (emeritus)

Director of Memes: Bryan Dorval

Dance: Ish Sewid, Steven “Stove” Lanasky, Matt Hawkins

South Bend: David Kronenberger

Brother-Sister: Kevin Gallagher

Cultural: Jimmy Sheehy

Academic: Joey Mullen, Chris Prattos

Service: Tyler Dann

Liturgical: James Libbey

Sustainability: Aidan Murphy

Grille: Ethan Utley, Sharbik Dutta, Jack Harness, Jack Irwin, Joey Mullen, Danny Liggio, Thomas Moynihan

Previous Hall Presidents

Previous Presidents

Duncan Hall Constitution

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Hall Olympics

Find out info about upcoming events and check which section is in the lead in the Duncan Olympics. 

Hall Olympics

Find out info about upcoming events and check which section is in the lead in the Duncan Olympics. 

Section Olympics

Current Section Standings

Scoring System

Hall Council: 5 points per person + 20 points for most represented section
Section Sports: 5 points per person + 50 points for win [400 points for champion]
Duncan Events (by other commissioners): 5 points per person + 20 points for most represented section

Section (minimum 10 people): 
Meeting: 5 points per person 
Dinner: 5 points per person + 10 points + 30 points if off campus OR 20 if non-dining hall
Event: 5 points per person + 10 points 
SECTION Mass: 5 points per person + 10 points

Duncan Olympics Events
Weekly Event: 60 points for 1st, 40 points for 2nd, 20 points for 3rd 
Monthly Event: 180 points for 1st, 120 points for 2nd, 60 points for 3rd

In order to make the chart on the website accurate, reps have 3 days to report an event after it occurs.