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About Home

Brotherhood, Community, Respect.



Explore the History of Duncan Hall, from its construction in 2008 to today.


Explore the History of Duncan Hall, from its construction in 2008 to today.


In 2008, for the first time in over ten years, the University of Notre Dame opened a new residence hall on campus. Duncan Hall was made possible by a generous gift of Mr. Raymond T. Duncan, a 1952 graduate of Notre Dame, president of Duncan Oil Inc. in Denver, Colorado, and owner of Silver Oak Cellars in Oakville, California. With the groundbreaking taking place on March 8th, 2007, the 68,482- square-foot, three-story building housing 232 undergraduate students took only seventeen months to complete, yet it features eye-catching architectural designs that provide optimal living space for its residents. From its spacious lounges to the panoramic views, from its bay windows to the space for prayer within its breathtaking chapel, Duncan Hall will no doubt be one of the finest residence halls on campus for many years to come.

The Duncan family has enjoyed a long and storied history with the university. Raymond’s father Walter graduated from Notre Dame in 1912 and went on to serve on the Board of Trustees. Upon graduating with a degree in philosophy, Raymond not only worked in the private sector with his father in the oil business, but he also served his alma mater both as a member of the Arts and Letters Advisory Council and as a member of the advisory council of the Snite Museum of Art. Other members of the Duncan family, including two of Raymond’s three brothers as well as two of his four sons are alumni of the university.

Duncan Hall has been a collaborative effort of many within the Notre Dame family. Much input from those in the Office of Residence Life and Housing, alumni, students, Rectors, and university administrators has been gathered in attempt to put forth a hall that possesses all of the best qualities of residential life here on campus. The goal of the staff and residents of Duncan is that the hall serves as a tremendous example of the possibilities for life within a university residence hall as a place for study, rest, recreation, and prayer, a source of close friends and happy memories, and most of all, a home away from your home.


Hall Staff

Ensuring a healthy, safe, and vibrant community. Explore bios and info on all Duncan Hall Staff.

Hall Staff

Ensuring a healthy, safe, and vibrant community. Explore bios and info on all Duncan Hall Staff.

Hall Staff


Duncan Hall Staff works together to ensure that Duncan Hall is a healthy, safe, and vibrant community.  


Meet the Staff


Nhat Nguyen


Nhat Nguyen is a former seminarian who graduated with a Master of Arts in Theology from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, America’s First Catholic Seminary. He spent two years discerning the diocesan priesthood with the Diocese of Richmond and has come to realize that "there’s something about Mary." He began his theological studies at Saint Mary’s and his pastoral assignments included: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Nazareth, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Anne. He could not be more affirmed to be working at a university that carries the name of Notre Dame, Our Lady. Prior to the seminary, Nhat graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from James Madison University, where he was also a Division I student-athlete on the varsity wrestling team and a three-time All-State wrestler. He became the Assistant Catholic Campus Minister at JMU after graduation, and the following year was promoted to be the Catholic Campus Minister at Roanoke College. Nhat hails from Roanoke, Virginia, where his family of nine settled in 1993 from Vietnam. 

When asked to reflect on this invitation to serve in the formation of Notre Dame undergraduate students, Nhat answered: “It’s the ‘American Story.’ Our family is a first-generation immigrant family who came to the United States in 1993, and we identified ourselves with Notre Dame because of its Catholicity, tradition, and values. To be a part of this University is my ‘American Dream.’ I believe that my passion for service and love for ministry will prepare me to meet the rigorous demands of being Rector. My many years of ministerial work have given me a genuine empathy, which enables me to connect well and personally with others, and a deep desire to be a man for others in the likeness of Christ.”


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Connor Kirol
Assistant Rector

I am currently in my second year at Notre Dame Law School. I grew up in Columbia, SC and graduated from Notre Dame in 2015. Before beginning law school, I moved back to Columbia and worked at a prosecutor's office. I am interested in criminal law and intellectual property law. In my spare time, I enjoy, running, biking, playing board games, and watching sports, especially Notre Dame football and hockey. And my favorite TV show is The Office.







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Matthew Sachaj
Assistant Rector

Matt is in his third and final year at Notre Dame Law School. He grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and spent nine summers as a caddie. Despite his long caddie record, which included caddying for famous professionals and household names in the BMW Championship, Matt’s skills as a golfer are surprisingly underwhelming. He was an Evans Scholar in college and graduated from Northwestern University in 2014. After college, Matt moved to Atlanta for nearly two years and worked for a legal services company as he considered a career in the law. If he is not studying in the law school, you can usually find Matt hanging out in Duncan and listening to music from the greatest era of all time, the 90’s. Matt will almost always accept a challenge to a round of darts in his apartment, and is always looking for a new board game or card game to play. You should also feel free to reach out to Matt if you need help with a paper or advice crafting a resume.








Fr. Mark Thesing
Priest In-Residence

Fr. Mark Thesing, C.S.C. is Duncan’s first and only Priest-In-Residence, moving in as Duncan opened its doors in 2008.  After serving as Rector of Keenan from 2002 until 2008, Fr. Mark joined the senior staff of Student Affairs where he served as Business Manager until 2011 when he became Director of Finance and Administration for Mendoza.  He has much experience in residential life at Notre Dame.  In June 2018 Fr. Mark was appointed Assistant Provincial and Steward for the U.S. Province of Holy Cross.  He continues to serve as ND football chaplain and weekend associate at the Cathedral of St. Matthew in South Bend.  Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Fr. Mark has two brothers, two sisters, and thirteen nieces and nephews. He also sponsors a card game in his room after Mass on Wednesdays, is an avid Disney fan, enjoys photography, cooking and amazing people with card tricks. 


Daniel Massoud
Resident Assistant, 1A

Daniel Massoud was born and raised in the great—nay, incredible—metropolis that is Cincinnati, OH (specifically Anderson Township). As a Reds fan through and through, life can be difficult for Dan, but he always knows that next year is their year.
An IT Management and Television double major, you can find Dan in Giovanini Commons in Menodza or watching television (because it’s technically studying). Last summer, Dan interned at the Cincinnati ABC-affiliate television station WCPO, and
he’s always ready to talk about the beauty and tragedy of live television.

Dan takes immense pride in his multiple Duncan Hall roles, serving as the ever-so- important Cake Pop Commissioner his sophomore year and Dance Commissioner and Hall Volleyball captain last year. Dan also frequents the ping-pong table, willing
to take on any competitor, especially Nhat (though some may say he’s not really a “competitor”). His third consecutive year living in 1A, Dan is incredibly confident that the section will dominate section sports once again, looking specifically for a three-
peat in section basketball.
In his free time, Dan enjoys singing, learning every new Beyoncé dance routine, jamming out to music in general, crushing at board games, and watching movies and TV. You may be able to locate him and RA Gino Domel by listening for their Phantom
of the Opera renditions or their SNL impressions. Like the RAs of years past, Dan can’t wait to show the dorm and the world why 1A comes first both numerically and alphabetically.

If you ever have any questions for Dan about Mendoza or FTT, dance tips, Cincinnati,
or if you’d just like to talk, please reach out! His door at Duncan is always open.
Otherwise, please reach out to Dan at (513) 508-6138 or at


Gino Domel
Resident Assistant, 1B

Gino is one of the many students from the suburbs of Chicago and specifically comes from Sleepy Hollow, IL. As a Mechanical Engineering major, he spends a healthy amount of time in Fitzpatrick Hall and Hesburgh Library with RA Mark Hershey and hopes to attend graduate school for engineering after graduation. But Gino’s school work hasn’t stopped him from playing on the Duncan interhall basketball and baseball teams, as well as Duncan’s formidable interhall soccer B-team. Additionally, he hopes to win back-to-back Duncan section-basketball championships (this time with the incomparable 1B), even if it ends again with him needing a few stitches. Gino’s favorite pastime is baseball, making him a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan who spends every season hoping the Sox don’t finish in last place. In his free time, Gino can be found reading a book (most likely Lord of the Rings), playing basketball at the Rock, talking on the phone with one of his many family members, losing to Nhat in NCAA football or to RA Dan Massoud in ping-pong, or looking for someone to play Rocket League against. Gino also plans to continue hosting Duncan’s culture nights, which have ranged from poetry night to poker night to learn-how-to-swing-dance night. Feel free to reach out to Gino at any time for any reason before or after the school year starts at 224-623-7611 or at -- or just stop by room 143!

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Picture_from_Kylemore_Retreat - Zachary Huber.jpg

Zach Huber
Resident Assistant, 2A

Originally from Lebanon, OH, a small town northeast of Cincinnati, Zach is honored and extremely excited to spend his senior year serving as the RA for 2A! Academically, he majors in
physics and the Program of Liberal Studies. If you don’t know what the latter is, don’t worry; he will tell you and anyone who is curious more about it than they want to know. In addition to
classes, Zach has been involved in research in physics and chemistry labs during his time at Notre Dame and will soon begin writing a senior thesis for PLS on medievalism and the writings
of J.R.R. Tolkien. During the spring of his junior year, he fled the country to learn what it really means to be a Duncan Highlander in Scotland, where he studied abroad at the University of St.
Andrews. He hopes to bring back some authentic Scottish spirit to 2A and everyone in Duncan! Outside the classroom, Zach has worked in Student Government and with the Peer Advisor
program for the College of First Year of Studies. He also edits the physics section for Scientia, Notre Dame’s undergraduate science journal, and always loves to take advantage of the many
academic talks, artistic performances, and discussion groups available on campus. In the past, Zach has served Duncan Hall as its representative in Student Senate, worked as the dorm liaison
for NDVotes and The Bald and the Beautiful, played interhall soccer, and sung as the cantor at Sunday Mass in Duncan. When he manages to find some sliver of free time, Zach enjoys reading
across an eclectic range of genres and subjects, playing sports (especially soccer!), having long and interesting conversations about love, life, God, the universe, and anything else, and playing
around with music. Most recently, he is trying to learn to play the tin whistle, so please forgive him if you hear odd squeaks coming from his room. If you are interested in any of these things,
want to learn more about Duncan, or just want somebody to chat with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Zach by phone at (513) 444-5794, by email at, or by stopping by
Room 217 in Duncan!

Jack Bodien
Resident Assistant, 2B

Jack was born and raised in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, just across the street from Detroit with his six siblings. Ask Jack where he's from and, in typical Michigander fashion, he will proudly point out the location on his hand and offer you a "pop" followed by an invitation to play a game of Euchre. Proud to be from Metro Detroit, Jack is a passionate defender and promoter of the comeback city. A civil engineering major with a concentration in structures, Jack can frequently be seen wearing a hard hat, boots, and reflective vest around, holding up broken pieces of furniture with concrete cylinders, or freaking out over anything where the sum of forces don't equal zero. Jack is extremely excited and proud to serve as RA in the iconic and legendary 2B section of Duncan Hall. In the past years at Duncan Jack has served as the athletics commissioner and organized What I Learned @ ND talks. Additionally, he played the highly coveted center-back position on the Duncan Soccer team which has made it to the inner-hall championship game two out of the past three years. Outside of school work Jack is busy with co-curricular activities ranging from the American Society of Civil Engineers, which he served as a club officer, to the brand new TEA @ ND club (Theme Park Club) which he co-founded his Junior year. Jack founded the TEA club because he has a passion for theme parks, especially Disney, and hopes to one day work in the industry as a Disney Imagineer. In his free time he also enjoys playing pickup sports, Rocket League, and reading fantasy / sci-fi novels. Anytime someone in the dorm talks about Harry Potter, Star Wars, or anything related to Disney Parks, Jack is probably not far away. Please feel free to contact him at anytime at 313-720-3027 or for any reason!

IMG_0065-1 - John Bodien.jpg

Mark Herskey
Resident Assistant, 3A

A fast walker and a fast talker, Mark Hershey was bred in the concrete jungle. Although originally from Westchester, a New York suburb, four years of high school in Manhattan molded him into a city kid. At Notre Dame Mark studies Mechanical Engineering with a minor in interhall sports. He doesn’t take section sports lightly either. As the 3A RA Mark has high hopes for section football and basketball. As former Vice President of Duncan Hall, Mark knows the ins and outs of the one building you’ll call home. You can find him playing FIFA throughout the hall or knocking on your door holding up a pair of battered basketball shoes with one question: “ball?” Mark etched his name in Duncan Hall lore as Welcome Weekend commissioner with a fearsome Scottish accent. On the topic of accents, Mark is fluent in Spanish. As half-Spaniard Mark watches an obsessive amount of soccer and is an avid Real Madrid fan. He finds less success in his New York Sports teams (Mets and Jets) where the most excitement lives in opening day. Mark’s interests run deep in music, film, and travel. Feel free to contact Mark with any questions at (914) 920-1761, email, or stop by his room anytime.

IMG_2667 - Mark Hershey.jpg
IMG_3174 - Matthew Heeder.JPG

Matt Heeder
Resident Assistant, 3B

Matthew “Heeds” Heeder is a Mathematics and Spanish double major who hails from the great state of Michigan. His predominant hobby is sports and he particularly enjoys basketball, spikeball, and frisbee, though he is always up for a game of any sort. Contrary to Mark Hershey’s illusions, Matt is confident that 3B will sweep section sports for the year. Matt thinks that video games peaked in the era of the PS2, and he will gladly welcome anyone to his room for a round of Star Wars Battlefront II or NFL Street. Matt also loves to read, from spiritual masterpieces to great poetry, and never goes to sleep without journaling about the day. Previously Matt served as the sacristan and liturgical commissioner in Duncan Hall before he split for the equator to spend a summer in Honduras volunteering at a children’s home and school through Notre Dame’s ISSLP. After briefly returning to the States he headed across the pond for study abroad in Toledo, Spain. Matt is convinced he was born speaking the wrong language, entonces si quieres pasar un rato con otro idioma, ¡ven a 343! Matt loves getting to talk to people about most anything, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to him with questions, comments, or complaints at (517) 898-3073,, or in 343 Duncan.

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Hall Council

Check out the latest news from our most recent Tuesday Night gathering in the 24 and look up resources for hall commissioners and past presidents.

Hall Council

Check out the latest news from our most recent Tuesday Night gathering in the 24 and look up resources for hall commissioners and past presidents.

Hall Council

Check this page throughout the year for all the news discussed during weekly Hall Council! This will include events and promotions happening within Duncan and across campus. Hall Council takes place every Tuesday night at 10:00pm in the Duncan 24-Hour Lounge!

2014-2015 Hall President Luke Kiefer, VP Sean Himel, and Rector after the Student Activities Leadership Banquet.

2014-2015 Hall President Luke Kiefer, VP Sean Himel, and Rector after the Student Activities Leadership Banquet.

Hall Commissioners

Alumni: Max Cooper with help from James Marvin

Apparel: Garrett Verfurth

Athletics: Mason Sponem

Section Cup: Joe Weas

Masters/Green Blazers: Emmanuel Lazarro, John Paul Becker, Will Jones (emeritus)

Director of Memes: Bryan Dorval

Dance: Ish Sewid, Steven “Stove” Lanasky, Matt Hawkins

South Bend: David Kronenberger

Brother-Sister: Kevin Gallagher

Cultural: Jimmy Sheehy

Academic: Joey Mullen, Chris Prattos

Service: Tyler Dann

Liturgical: James Libbey

Sustainability: Aidan Murphy

Grille: Ethan Utley, Sharbik Dutta, Jack Harness, Jack Irwin, Joey Mullen, Danny Liggio, Thomas Moynihan

Previous Hall Presidents

Previous Presidents

Duncan Hall Constitution

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Hall Olympics

Find out info about upcoming events and check which section is in the lead in the Duncan Olympics. 

Hall Olympics

Find out info about upcoming events and check which section is in the lead in the Duncan Olympics. 

Section Olympics

Current Section Standings

Scoring System

Hall Council: 5 points per person + 20 points for most represented section
Section Sports: 5 points per person + 50 points for win [400 points for champion]
Duncan Events (by other commissioners): 5 points per person + 20 points for most represented section

Section (minimum 10 people): 
Meeting: 5 points per person 
Dinner: 5 points per person + 10 points + 30 points if off campus OR 20 if non-dining hall
Event: 5 points per person + 10 points 
SECTION Mass: 5 points per person + 10 points

Duncan Olympics Events
Weekly Event: 60 points for 1st, 40 points for 2nd, 20 points for 3rd 
Monthly Event: 180 points for 1st, 120 points for 2nd, 60 points for 3rd

In order to make the chart on the website accurate, reps have 3 days to report an event after it occurs.